Xiaomi's 200W charging degrades 20% of battery capacity in 800 cycles

11 June 2021
Depending on your usage that could be several years of charging, however.

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  • Anonymous

Xiaomi isbthe second worst phone I ever owned.
I always buy mid-range phones
I bought the note 9 pro Max it has been 5 months now, the battery drains so fast although I only have the basic apps installed

Sounds decent, but honestly I think majority of people would be much more fine with 100W, less degradation and possibly slightly bigger battery.

Still, I am glad companies are pushing tech, sooner or later 200W will have even less degradation.

What, 11 Jun 2021Or a lot better. It's all about temperature within and... moreFats charging is already the present.

  • omzig

"so whether you keep your phone tethered to a 5W charger for 5 hours or 200W charger for 10 minutes, it's the amount of heat that your battery deals with that will diminish its charge the fastest.."
i don't think that is accurate. it's like saying keeping your finger in 40 celsius water for 1 hour will make it as burn as putting it for 1 second in boiling water.
it's peak temperature which deteriorates a battery principally, not just any prolonged temperature.

ispitonyourgravy, 11 Jun 2021Does it mean that charging an iPhone up to 80% counts as on... moreNo. Both charging from 0 to 100% and discharging from 100% to 0% equals to one cycle of battery wear. However, charging from 20% to 80% or discharging from 80% to 20% does significantly less wear. Usually, people get through a cycle in about 2 days. If you want to preserve the battery, make sure to not reach the extreme highs or lows but I read that the higher numbers deteriorate more due to constant high voltage and decrease of current which is why charging becomes a lot slower at the end.

  • 786

ispitonyourgravy, 11 Jun 2021Sauce? Tomato or mayonnaise..?

This is why the Red Magic phones are the only ones so far, to me, that can get away with using fast chargers because they have a literal fan inside the phone so it doesn't heat the phone while charging.

I think 30W with battery customizations is plenty for the common person. My wife has 40W with the Mate 20 Pro and it doesn't take long to get to at least 80% without the heat going nuts.

yep,, that's what happen when you Force something above max capacity

but, what about BBK battery dual-cell fast charging (???)
2 x 33watt = 65watt

That's one of benefit of having large battery. Even if it degrades, you're still left with high capacity. Especially those 5000 or 6000mAh ones.

  • SandSanta

If the heat is that bad during charging then perhaps we could get charging stations with built in fans n what not to cool the phone during charging?

Bigmeme, 11 Jun 2021And which phone doesn't degrade over time? its the speed of how fast it degrades my point being.

  • Anonymous

ispitonyourgravy, 11 Jun 2021Does it mean that charging an iPhone up to 80% counts as on... moreNo, it means apples target is 80% health after 2 years

Yes kinda agree with this article.
I'm experiencing charging my s20 and mi10U with 10W brick, and my phone heated as hot as when using 22,5 W power brick. The temperature I felt is okay and comfortable.

But, when using 120W charger brick from xiaomi, it is hotter than the smaller charger. Hot like playing mobile game under the sunlight.
And the hottest charger will degrade the phone faster.

[deleted post]Sauce?

DrakeX, 11 Jun 2021That's pretty impressive considering my 4000mAh Xiaomi... moreDoes it mean that charging an iPhone up to 80% counts as one charge cycle?

So a phone's battery lifespan will depend on its manufacturer?

cyber, 11 Jun 2021samsung and apple baterries can last that on 5 to 20w charg... moreI think u never had a Chinese flagship like the Huawei Mate series 😅 because you obviously saying the wrong things here.
My old Huawei Mate 8, 10, 20x and 30 beat for example my old Samsung Note 9, S9 and S10 BIIGG time after some years and I really can see the same here with my trashy S21u (SD powerplay).
And then we after this can talk about how bad most of Samsung phones are optimized with their batteries, again Huawei beat Samsung big times... Mostly... And then we had all the other Chinese brands.
Honor doing really good to sndXiaomi, doing good sometimes to... So they all are good sometimes and sometimes not, have absolutely nothing to do which country we talk about... Unless we talking about America who are under deep pressure from China in the tech, soon they will be beaten we all can see 💨

Duck of death, 11 Jun 2021These are lab numbers. Controlled temperatures, environment... moreOr a lot better. It's all about temperature within and the room temperature. If you live in a hot climate then fast charging will be most beneficial cos you won't subject your device to extreme temperature for long. Either way, fast charging is the future.

  • Anonymous

This just feels like a gimmick like fast charging is nice but you don't need a 200 watt charger unless your a super heavy user but even then it's better to go for bigger battery capacity 65 Watts is plenty fast

Exusiai, 11 Jun 2021Super fast charging sounds dope, as long as its works well ... moreAnd which phone doesn't degrade over time?