Xiaomi's 200W charging degrades 20% of battery capacity in 800 cycles

11 June 2021
Depending on your usage that could be several years of charging, however.

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[deleted post]Lol please, I'd rather use Android instead of iOS. Keep your anti-Apple comment to yourself, I never use any Apple products.

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Sounds like dubious claim from Xiaomi. It’s a marketing stunt and not tested properly. I trust BBK’s fast charging more than Xiaomi.

Kevinv, 11 Jun 2021I find 30W to charge the most optimal and only have 5% batt... moreI can agree with you. The lower the charging wattage, the lower the heat it produces. Of course, there is also the battery optimization algorithm to count into the equation, but that depends on how well-optimized the whole software in the first place.

It's not Apple after all. It feels like on every phone but an iPhone, battery degradation is not such a big issue ... guess what, bigger capacity helps to mitigate this issue.

What if I never charge my mobile to 100% so it never completes a cycle

DroidBoye, 11 Jun 2021People should note that a "cycle" in battery pers... moreApparently, charging the battery from 0 actually increases the battery degradation. There is some research* that has gone into this. Even AccuBattery themselves link those research on the Tutorial page.


I find 30W to charge the most optimal and only have 5% battery loss after 2000 cycles.

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Duck of death, 11 Jun 2021These are lab numbers. Controlled temperatures, environment... moreThe lab results are probably more extreme. Now think of the 800 cycle of charging. How they get the battery empty fast so it be charged again. Now if it stay on stand by the battery last like 3-4 days or even more then it will take like 5 plus years to test this charging of 800 cycles

I am not impressed at all. I think that 20% will be reached sooner than 800 cycles! This is measured in the most optimal scenarios, something that in practice always differs enormously.

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You have to add double percentage and half the cycle when Xiaomi or any chinese company states these things.

So 40% capacity loss after 400 cycles.

People should note that a "cycle" in battery perspective is 100 to 0% discharge and 0 to 100% charging (which is one cycle). OFC, as already shown in this comment section, people with the least knowledge about batteries were the noisiest regarding the negative implications. lol.

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Such chargers should also come with a connection for a water hose.. after all, Mi 11 Ultra is IP rated, isn't it !

RanX, 11 Jun 2021This is just lab experimentation and it sounds very bad sin... moreYou're on about screen on time and deterioration in that department can be the factor of multiple things. Lab tests are kept scientifically so it's more accurate.
Plus 4000 mAh degraded by 20% over the 800 cycles should equal more than 2 years of charging before it gets to 3200 mAh. That is assuming one charge a day.

I use my S10e for almost 2 years now, 95% of all time I was using slow charge (like 5W wireless or 5V max 2A wired, I also tried to keep the battery within the 40-80% window, BUT STILL feel like my battery degraded a lot...
The very same useage pattern got me from 1,5 day to max. 1 day.
It seems like it doesn't really matter how 'careful' you want to be with your battery, you'll need to change it after 2-3 years...
If so, this 20% degradation Xiaomi claims is really nothing extreme.

This is crazy 200W 😳 but it is still slow 200W should be able to charge full a 4000mah battery within 2 min,8 min is too slow

This is just lab experimentation and it sounds very bad since it gets away from real life and everyone's use, a person who charges 2-3 times will cry after 7 months. Having used an MI9T Pro the battery performance deteriorated after just 4 months, even my XZ1C bought in 2018 is doing better, and that's what I'm feeling with the mighty MI11U. For me Xiaomi has yet to prove itself on the battery, showing big numbers is not enough.

YUKI93, 11 Jun 2021I might take this with a pinch of salt. I do think that the... moreI too felt that. It seems a lot of things are missing. My assumption is that this is rapid charging and discharging cycle under a constant load. In real life taking into consideration the aging of battery, usage pattern, different work load etc, it would most likely be worse.
I'll be glad if I'm wrong but this seems too good to be true.

  • Rahul

That's pretty impressive. My OnePlus 6 degraded to 72% after 2 years when I replaced the battery.

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My 4 years XZ1 still have 2600mAH

I might take this with a pinch of salt. I do think that there is more than just battery degradation and heat. I do wonder what would happen after the 800 cycles of charging. Maybe the battery would go all swollen, we never know.