Xiaomi's 200W charging degrades 20% of battery capacity in 800 cycles

11 June 2021
Depending on your usage that could be several years of charging, however.

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  • Anonymous

Kevinv, 11 Jun 2021I find 30W to charge the most optimal and only have 5% batt... moreSony fans will tell you to charge at 7.5 W instead. Only loss of 100 mAh in 2 years lmao

  • Anonymous

Akinaro, 11 Jun 2021Its not only about number of cycles, but stage of battery w... moreWhat are you talking about? 1 cycle means from 0-100%.

Duck of death, 11 Jun 2021Sure it is. Marketing departments loves providing worse dat... moreAnd people, this is how quickly you would lose your credibility if you mixed an intense hate and xenophobia into your personal opinion.

  • S.Truman

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2021You have to add double percentage and half the cycle when X... moreExactly

ok thanks xiaomi for answering my curiosity.

[deleted post]You might wanna read my post again ... as I am not defending Apple, I am criticizing it ...

[deleted post]Don't ask me,never owned an Apple device in my life,pour Android me fella,your Barking up the wrong Tree šŸ˜ 

well theres the point to choose

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Duck of death, 11 Jun 2021Sure it is. Marketing departments loves providing worse dat... moreWhat lies are you talking about? I believe their claims of battery degradation until proven false. Xiaomi has a good reputation so far. I'd believe what Xiaomi says more than Apple or Samsung.

Its not only about number of cycles, but stage of battery when start charging, do you charge it fully or from 1-10% to top or from 40-60% do you keep your charger plugged in whole night, do you often do quick charges(phone is plugged for less than 5min) etc etc.
But overall it was proven many times that quick charging destroy battery quicker than normal one and its not only about heat, but also material degradation due to higher energy input and just normal limitations of li-ion/poli batteries that just lose quality every time you charge them.

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2021The lab results are probably more extreme. Now think of the... moreSure it is. Marketing departments loves providing worse data than needed. That's a fact, in communist China, at least. Where lies are the law.

What, 11 Jun 2021Or a lot better. It's all about temperature within and... moreI'm pretty sure, that's the opposite of how physics works.

Hildr, 11 Jun 20212 years of Xperia 1 use, with what I call fast charging (30... moreYou are delusional. The accurate battery only counts charge times, but not real the battery capacity!

  • Anonymous

lord5, 11 Jun 2021800 cycles are equal in 2 yearsBut if they use their $2000 flagship like a sub-$500 midranger, they can extend the battery longer and flex over removable battery fans how their 5 year old sealed battery they never replaced still has whole-day charge. :)

[deleted post]Me Apple šŸ˜±never fella just saying it how it is , keep your crap with someone else šŸ‘

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[deleted post]Everyone from all walks of life are able to buy anything from any company. Iphone used to be a "status symbol" but not anymore. Same applies to high-end Androids.

And everyone wanted fast charging,be careful what you wish for šŸ˜±

800 cycles are equal in 2 years

  • Samy

Charge and discharge power is always inversely proportional to battery lifetime. There's no way the quick 200W charger will result in the same lifetime as that of a lower wattage charger.

YUKI93, 11 Jun 2021Apparently, charging the battery from 0 actually increases ... moreI already know that.