Chinese app stores remove virtual keyboard apps

13 June 2021
Developers Sogou and Iflytek got their apps removed due to violations of personal data collection.

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Anonymous, 12 Jun 2021It's tough to handle childhood issuesWanna talk about it little man?

  • Anonymous

notafanboy, 12 Jun 2021You haven't discovered anything new. Mr Sherlock Holmes.It's tough to handle childhood issues

sq2013, 11 Jun 2021Why? What harm have the communist party of China ever done ... moreYupp.
I totally agree.
Collecting your data is pretty much useless.

They want to spy on people who matter.

  • AlienKiss

I've got nothing against honorable, decent chinese people. But when it comes to their politics, as a free and gay European person, I hope the aliens invade them!
The US gvt is not sending it's population into concentration camps for being part of the LGBTQ community or for having different religions/beliefs. It is not working innocent children to death! PERIOD!
If for a few dollars less you are willing to support such a monster, go ahead. We don't care, but in the end Karma will get you good!
Like a silly sympathizer said a few lines down, I'd rather use a flying pigeon or a 30 year old dumbphone than a chinese phone!
Fk nationalism, F communism, F fascism!
Live long and prosper! 🌈😊🖖
Strive for UTOPIA and the Galactic Empire!

  • Carol

Wereweeb, 11 Jun 2021Use open-source apps whenever possible, and you'll hav... moreYou talk not to shut it, to include Microsoft in this is like crashing a car into a wall and call it art. Microsoft does not make money, like google, out of peoples data, they actually make money out of products, a lot of products still beeing one of the most inovative Companies out there. P.s most of their money come from enterprise businesses. Azure being a cash cow. In comparison to google that has everything "free" microsoft might be an angel.

  • Carol

sq2013, 11 Jun 2021Why? What harm have the communist party of China ever done ... moreAnother one for whom ignorance is the new knowlege. I bet you would never walk around in your birthday suit outside, but you claim you have nothing to hide? The most funny part is that i bet you hide them people around you a lot of stuf you do not want them to know, but is ok for stranger to know you more then your parents, right? Shoking how ignorance has become an excuse. Anyway, the last but not the least, you buy chinese crapp a lot you say, and they value you say? Well the only value they have is to bring more electro-garbage in the dumpster then ever before, why would you care about that, right? Is good that you live.

  • Anonymous

sq2013, 11 Jun 2021All apps and manufacturers collect information about everyo... moreNot ALL collect information about everyone. Your one sided defense is a bit strange I've got to say

  • Anonymous

the App Store by Apple is Chinese?

  • Carol

Too late, all m...s proudly use chinese tracking devices like specs have a better value then life.

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2021You're so naive. And I'm not mocking you in any w... moreYou haven't discovered anything new. Mr Sherlock Holmes.

  • Wayne Morellini

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2021You're so naive. And I'm not mocking you in any w... moreYep, a lot of people "think" that they have good intentions, but are already manipulated to have bad intentions they think are good. It's part of advanced manipulative thinking to condition people to think the way you want. As pointed out, we get some odd statements here, pro certain things. Marketing agencies are hired to monitor forums and whatever. On a deeper level, other groups can too. By presenting doctored "proof" one can adjust other's interpretation and stance in the world. Even by presenting a montage of bits of undoctored proof, or just by select articles. The most startling to thing is, just about everybody on the planet regularly exposed to media is modified by this process. One must second and third guess themselves, but we just believe and state instead.

  • Anonymous

Sonu4678, 11 Jun 2021What has Taliban ever done to you and people around you? ... moreIn your town, in your home, in your bed room, in your head! Don't you know about the differences between group leaders and regular people?

  • Anonymous

sq2013, 11 Jun 2021Why? What harm have the communist party of China ever done ... moreYou're so naive. And I'm not mocking you in any way.
All the data collected is used for profiling. Currently, the most common use cases are brand placement, market segmentation, customer behavior. About the last point, that's where things get interesting. With some clever predictive algorithms, one can get manipulated extremely easy and he/she won't even notice it. The more data you feed in, the more precise the outcome is. Sure, it can make our lives easier, as long as the 'tool' is in good hands (but what defines 'good'?). The topic is way too comprehensive for such a forum.
Tldr, you should be careful about what you share with others because not everyone has good intentions, and what you think is meaningless for you it may be gold for them.

what is this again, a keylogger ?

sq2013, 11 Jun 2021Why? What harm have the communist party of China ever done ... moreWhat has Taliban ever done to you and people around you?
You should make friends with them. They'll be great to you as long as you say what they want to hear and do what they say.

All apps and manufacturers collect information about everyone. They only do it so they can try and target you more accurately to buy products and services. It's an inevitable consequence of the digital age. If y"all don't like it, you can always go back to sending messages by carrier pigeon. Look guess what, like me, you're all not that interesting. They don't care what you do with you're life. This paranoia about the Chinese Communist party is such nonsense. These comments border on xenophobia.

JustSomeRandomGuy, 11 Jun 2021I'd rather have the US Military collect my data rather... moreWhy? What harm have the communist party of China ever done to you or anyone around you? I'm in Ireland. I use Chinese phones, laptops, android boxes, TVs and tablets all the time. I use a number of apps developed by China. I order products regularly from China. I save myself a fortune and I get unbelievable. I couldn't care less what they collect about me. Why would I? What do I care. How can they possibly affect m

hmm, will i get arrest when i use my DOB: 06/04/89? with this forced system?

redmi5a, 11 Jun 2021App companies collecting data for national security. Wow.Such a lame excuse to bully everything! Tyrant will always use one excuse to solve everything!

Sonu4678, 11 Jun 2021Let's consider 2 similar scenarios - 1. Criticize US... moreBefore tanks had limited reach! But now biochemical warfare can cover the world!