Weekly poll: the OnePlus Nord CE 5G is optimized for value for money, but do you want one?

13 June 2021
Its price - and that of its competition - in Europe and India may lead to different answers to our poll.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jun 2021Any current oneplus owners?? i wud like some feedback if w... moreOP2 owner here, don't bother with Nord 2 it will have Mediatek chipset. I remember back when OnePlus (Chinese company) started as flagship killer, now they have turned into communists wanting all our money. Never buy a Chinese phone.

  • Anonymous

P-CHM, 13 Jun 2021They said the N10/N100 would only get one update. Since the... more2y software and 3y security.

  • John

CompactPhones5ever, 13 Jun 2021"And all of that might be a moot point as at €300, the... moreWhile Poco F3 sounds like a good choice, not everyone would want to live with build-in ads that have to be disabled manually as GSMArena themselves mentioned in the review of that phone.

  • Woohoo

Wereweeb, 13 Jun 2021Terrible. OIS "for cheap" was the attractive of t... moreThe exact reason I pushed my dad to get a Nokia 8.1 for himself 2 years back!!
And still after 2 years, just a very tiny number of midrange phones have it, while the ones which did have it earlier have dropped it in favour of "multi-cam" shitty setups.

Phones with OIS to my knowledge under 30k--Nokia 8.1, Reno 2 (still incredible value-3.5mm jack, mSD slot, notchless display, USB 3.0, proper triple cam, beautiful/unique design w/ no camera bump, glass/metal build; it just needs a SoC upgrade), G8X, A52, Nord, Note 10 Lite, Pixel 4a (but not worth it in India due to price & especially non-existent service) and I think some Vivo phone I can't remember the name of, that's it!!

  • Anonymous

P-CHM, 13 Jun 2021They said the N10/N100 would only get one update. Since the... moreOneplus officially said its gonna have 2 years of software and 3 years of security updates

  • Wereweeb

Terrible. OIS "for cheap" was the attractive of the Nord for me, the rest being just OK for the price range. Might as well get a Xiaomi if I can't get an energy-efficient phone with OIS.

DroitwichGas, 13 Jun 2021Thought it was 2 major updates for the Nord's, if so, ... moreThey said the N10/N100 would only get one update. Since the CE is supposed to be a cheaper version of the Nord, it might also have the support of the cheaper Nords.

  • Ram

We have POCO F3 in the name of MI 11X in india and the price was 29,999

  • Marco

The gorilla glass 5 for the front and the lack of OIS basically kills it for me, was really looking forward to it, and am happy about the plastic back swap (have a cover anyways, no glass means nothing can shatter there, and lowers the weight).

Guess I am going to wait for prime day in a week and get the Nord 5G, Xiaomi (Poco phones) has the issue that the software is just terrible, it's made to sell the ecosystem, that's why you get the hardware for cheap, you're the product.

  • Anonymous

Any current oneplus owners??
i wud like some feedback if waiting for Nord 2 would be worth it instead of going with X7max?

Rumours suggest the original Nord has been discontinued by OP in readiness for the Nord 2's arrival next month, if so, then the article is wrong to suggest that's an option. what's the betting the Nord 2 increases in price to make the Nord CE's price look more attractive?

Surprised the article made no mention of the large number of OP Nord users who are unhappy with the lack of software updates.

P-CHM, 13 Jun 2021Also, it has monthly security patches for 3 years with a 4t... moreThought it was 2 major updates for the Nord's, if so, then I think most users can survive with bi-monthly updates.

Vic4BBM, 13 Jun 2021Anything from BBK ( be it OPPO VIVO Realme One+ iQOO ) is a... moreWhen did OP ever deny they were part of BBK, from day one it was obvious who their parent company was.

  • Woohoo

Raj5225, 13 Jun 2021I'm expecting a better phone like Asus Zenfone 8 with ... moreI too would love to see a ZF8-dim 1200 version or SD780G version!!
888 isn't a good match for that phone imo unless they further optimise it (maybe underclock a little like older Pixels or Find series)

  • More competition

I don't want another stinking big Android phone. I want a small midprice smartphone

YUKI93, 13 Jun 2021For someone who deeply values the stock AOSP UI look, this ... moreAlso, it has monthly security patches for 3 years with a 4th year of quarterly updates, versus one major update for Nord devices and 3 years of bimonthly updates.
It's shocking to know that Samsung makes better value devices than OnePlus. Seriously, five years ago, that statement would have been derided as a fanboyism. Well, "Never Settle".

Please fix the large polls on mobile app, the vote button at the bottom is almost gone.

  • Anonymous

The Galaxy F62 is similarly price and much better overall, in India.

  • fos

this specs
Micro sd slot
don't need third camera
will buy for 299$

  • Anonymous

f3 is the true benchmark for price and performance :)