Weekly poll: the OnePlus Nord CE 5G is optimized for value for money, but do you want one?

13 June 2021
Its price - and that of its competition - in Europe and India may lead to different answers to our poll.

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Oneplus nord ce more like downgraded oppo reno 5k

  • Spaceboy

Anonymous, 13 Jun 2021No, Poco X3 better (SD 870), besides I already got a signif... moreNope, most phones come with sd card at this price. But oneplus's hatred of sd cards is ridiculous. Plus why should an extra 128 gb be £70 more expensive?

It's just a big con to make you buy the 256 GB version

I'm expecting a better phone like Asus Zenfone 8 with little less power for little less money.#ilovezenfone8

One plus has settled.

No micro SD = trash

  • ValueForMoney

Why would I pay 349 euros for a Snapdragon 750G when I can get Redmi Note 10 Pro China with Dimensity 1100 for $240USD?

  • Anonymous

It was actually a good phone... But providing one 5g band and saying its 5G is actually not good, in India. They provided as many as 12 bands in EU and 1band in India... Since 5G hasn't arrived in India, providing only 1 band is not good for a customer looking for a 5G phone and its definitely not future proof!!!! So am not recommending this phone in India.

  • Raamu kaka

rizki1, 13 Jun 2021except realme, i am xiaomi fan but realme is better than ot... moreWell the old oxygen Os 10 is still better than all of the rest be it realme , miui , or whatever you name it in (Performance). Almost at a same level of pixel

I agree with Oxygen Os 11 they have caused a hell lot of problems with the older phones like the 7 series and new ones .
They are super buggy looks like they have not tested properly before public release .

They are moving away from the track on how their image was and how they are now

oneplus nore ce 299€
poco F3 319 €
so F3 is the best deal with sd870

No. "Never Settle" for second best is the motto.

OnePlus has been contaminated by Oppo

  • Anonymous

I’d buy in in America for $399 but we only get Samsung and Apple as usual

  • Anonymous

My honor 20 pro was 333 euros and the processor is way better

Anonymous, 13 Jun 2021No gorilla glas 5, no ingress protection, not even basic sp... moreSee mrwhosetheboss video, OP guy mentioned that it has basic spill protection

Anonymous, 13 Jun 2021sadly only a52-4g in india, so bad5G held back due to chip shortage :(

Vic4BBM, 13 Jun 2021Anything from BBK ( be it OPPO VIVO Realme One+ iQOO ) is a... moreexcept realme, i am xiaomi fan but realme is better than others BBK.

you cant win if xiaomi still alive, nothing value for money except xiaomi.

Anything from BBK ( be it OPPO VIVO Realme One+ iQOO ) is always something that I will NOT suggest anyone to go for.
Absolutely crappy stuff hyped up for buyers ,specially in the name of stock Android and clean UI.

One+ are the same guys who denied being part of BBK family in past and now are under OPPO company. Someone who denies facts about itself can never be trusted.

CompactPhones5ever, 13 Jun 2021"And all of that might be a moot point as at €300, the... morePoco F3 is a great phone (Snapdragon 870, stereo speakers…), but it’s too heavy (196 g), if you want something lighter, you can buy Mi 11 Lite 5G with 159 g, 5nm Snapdragon 780G and stereo speakers. But many people don’t want MiUI, and they prefer 170g OnePlus Nord 5G without dual speakers, but with OxygenOS.

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 13 Jun 2021For someone who deeply values the stock AOSP UI look, this ... moresadly only a52-4g in india, so bad