Razer’s RGB face mask Project Hazel set to arrive in Q4

16 June 2021
The Chrome RGB mask will be available exclusively from Razer.

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It’s ridiculous

  • Anonymous

Why the heck would you need RGB on a face mask

I might consider this if invited to a rave party

and I want to sound like Vader or Batman

[deleted post]😂😹😹😹

  • Aye

Finally, an RGB mask that allows you to breathe competitively at ±165fps!

  • Anonymous

AljeanT, 16 Jun 2021Gonna release them by the time everyone stops wearing masks... moreOh boy, we're gonna keep hearing someone say this in the next 5 years.

this is stupid

  • Anonymous

Finally I can breathe 4K/60Fps

This is getting ridiculous!

  • Anonymous

No rgb no buy

  • Dan

Facemasks are going to be a thing of the future anyway so this is more than welcome.
Also these devices needs to have separate reviews as well. Like if they really filter stuff and comfort levels, design lol

Reminds me of their toaster

Gonna release them by the time everyone stops wearing masks. Brilliant.