Windows 11 revealed in leaked screenshots

16 June 2021
New Start Menu and UI design await.

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  • Alboooz

I got today this win11, and i will test it later.

  • Amidu

It doesn't look that nice as WIN 10 to me.
CENTERD taskbar icons?
I need those live tiles.
What evs, people will get the hang of it anyway

Spike, 19 Jun 2021I don't like iOS look. I don't know why on earth ... moreiOS? I don't see how it looks like this. If you meant MacOS, you may want to read the article again.

"There's also a setting that moves the Start Menu and icons to the left where they've always been if you don't really like the change."

Or is it that you dislike options now?

  • petet

Spike, 19 Jun 2021I don't like iOS look. I don't know why on earth ... moreIts done to keep humans endlessly wanting their minds to be satiated on instantly wanting updates.

  • Spike

I don't like iOS look. I don't know why on earth would Microsoft wants to mimic that!

  • Macedonia

On June 24, will unveil: Personal Windows 11.

Cyberchum, 18 Jun 2021Yeah, Facebook employ usage data for targeted ads. I'm... moreAdvork started on October 23rd, 2000.
Android bought on July 11th, 2005.

Akinaro, 18 Jun 2021Are you serious? Do I need to remind you that Zuckerberg w... moreYeah, Facebook employ usage data for targeted ads. I'm sure I said that in my response. And, like I said then, you'd do same as well if you run a company like that. Common sense should tell you that nothing offered by a for-profit establishment is ever entirely free. Every non-subscription social media platform probably do the very same, or, at least, similar! None of the links you shared showed that they *sell* users' data.

But I digress—Facebook has nothing to do with any OS. Google was fined by the EU and US for what? *Selling* user data? Lol. EU or its likes fining Google isn't same as Google *selling* user data.

You have nothing!

I reiterate: every modern commercial OS collects user data. It all boils down to which dev you trust with your data.

And wrong, Google was into ads before they bought android. How exactly does a search engine make them that much money??

Cyberchum, 18 Jun 2021First, Facebook isn't behind any OS—out of the equatio... moreAre you serious?
Do I need to remind you that Zuckerberg was in front of US congress because of selling and sharing data? Do I need to remind you about Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal? or Leaked emails( ) related to sharing and selling user data, or simple earning data ( ) that show Facebook EARN average of over $300 per US/Canada user by selling access to your data and your News Feed since January 1, 2015, or Cambridge Analytica that harvested data via facebook scripts and special quiz app. Or data from Wall Street Journal that show facebook want to fully sell user data legally from back of 2014 where, quote: "the company considered offering continued access to data in return for financial compensation". That mean that they wanted to not only sell batches of user data, but give continious access to it. Not to mention LOOOTS of not public deals that we dont have access yet.
You think that huge company like facebook can maintain their FREE services and servers just by having few adds and giving others bump in post listing?
Do I need to remind you also 2013 while the company struggled to generate revenue after its IPO? And magically they recovered without any major visible income changes?

As for Google.... or rather Alphabet Inc. they where search engine, not advertising company. Or rather quiet opposite: Google was advertise as search engine that dont have any advertising and focus on providing fast and easy search results and only later they added text-based adverst on search page.
As for Google data selling.... just look up how many times they where fined in EU and US for that.... Im not gonna spam all links here, you have your own head and hands, search it by yourself :]

  • Anonymous

Used Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 on my laptop. Windows 10 is the best. Works better and never faced any serious issues. Nvidia driver never crashed. Never faced any blue screen of death or similar issues. Animations are very smooth. Windows 8.1 worked good but 10 is better. My laptop came with Windows 7. It was really easy to use but otherwise it was a horrible operating system with many issues. Also opening and closing windows was laggy and slow. Waiting for Windows 11.

Akinaro, 18 Jun 2021""which is needed to polish the user experience&q... moreFirst, Facebook isn't behind any OS—out of the equation! It's a for-profit social media platform that makes bulk of its profit through advertising. Second, Google was an advertising company before it bought android. Google still makes bulk of its profit from advertising. Yes! Both Facebook and Google, in this context, collect usage data to create advertising profiles for targeted ads. You would do just same if you were either of them. Get me one credible proof that Google or Facebook *sells* user data. Just one would do. For the record, I stopped using Facebook actively 4 years, simply because social media no longer interests me.

That' said, you are yet to actually address my comment: that all modern OS collect usage data, and that they use it to improve the platform. App devs even do that, or how did you think predictive typing got so good?

Samath N8 808 owner, 18 Jun 2021So, we're not entitled to argue against it? and there ... moreWho said you are not entitled to argue against it? Would like it for you to show me.

By all means do! You might as well head over to their support forums and flood them with such. But nothing you said here addressed my comment!

  • Anonymous

Samath N8 808 owner, 18 Jun 2021You're confused. I never said Windows 10 is slow. Now... moreWhy remove animations? Just use Windows 10. Its animations are miles better. And I've used both 7, 8.1 and 10.

  • peter

That blue wavy flowery picture in the mid screen looks awful. Hope one can change it in settings.

  • JeanMichael

Why u didnt posted all apps start menu pictures of windows 11 in this website?

For some reason I just hate most things MS does with Windows. I hated how jarring and minimalistic W10 was from W7, yet I hate how soft W11 looks. It feels like it's copying every other OS. I think I simply don't like UI overhauls

Looks proising but i dont like lots of bloatware and by the way rounded corners looks great on cars maybe planes not on a laptop or monitor which doesnt have rounded corners.

Also it looks likes they are out of ideas and dont know what to make or people will like.
If i could make my own OS using something like Vurtual helmet and my mind where by just thinking on it i can make whathewer i want and it will be created, i will and i would make an OS far different and far better than anything else ever made but thats me. Or at least redesigned windows. Many its features are just NO and a good spyware,
Those people dont think as i do and they think people will like and love what they thing is good for them or simple and simplistic.
Like that rounded corners.
Fat people and citizens, english or americans for example they would love rounded corners. But in my case i would make something trully different and beyound believe where you look at it and say wow this is it.
Such as Andy Warhol art which is completely unique compared to other artists.
Or like Antonius Stradivary Violins which are far better and much more unique than any other
Or like Oldsmobile Rocket V88 from 1949 first ever muscle car made. Mx OS would be this much different.

  • Anonymous

Samath N8 808 owner, 18 Jun 2021No, its also about keyboard spying and all. A way lot of s... moreAll I'm saying is that telemetry doesn't consume anywhere near 500 MB of bandwidth. That's the work of Windows update delivery optimization.

Akinaro, 18 Jun 2021Im totally with you on that, but I need to say that Win10 b... moreCompletely Agreed with both of your comments, except for shut down part.
Yes, the painfully slow boot up is the only major issue I face with my work and gaming laptops, both on Win7. Now, we can choose to hibernate and standby too, but they aren't proper shutdown.
But there's one secret about Windows 10:- its shut down is also not a proper shutdown, its more like "hibernate", where it doesn't even boot properly. To properly shut down Windows 10 machine, you need to press Shift+Shutdown click, then it will shut down like older days. But again, then the startup takes ages.
So, its basically just clever trickery by Microsoft, calling program close+hibernating process as shutdown. If we always choose to hibernate only in Windows 7, roughly same start up speeds can be achieved.

Yes, most compatibility issues are fake.
We can prove it by running Windows 7 on a modern machine with a modern processor (AMD and Intel once said that their new processors won't support Win7).
My gaming machine is on Core i7 7th gen, the last supported gen was 6th gen. Using a workaround, I even managed to get all security updates for Win7. I only had problem with drivers, specifically the Intel HD 630 driver, but youtube helped a lot. ;)
So, its all a big company playing politics with innocent customers. Everyone wants our data, that's it.

Samath N8 808 owner, 18 Jun 2021So, we're not entitled to argue against it? and there ... moreIm totally with you on that, but I need to say that Win10 boot faster than win7 :D :D Beside that, its all truth: we can do everything on win7 and most of "compatibility" issues are forced/fake just to make users jump to win10