Leitz Phone 1 is a Leica-branded phone exclusive to Japan

17 June 2021
Pre-orders in Japan begin tomorrow.

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Muzik, 17 Jun 2021One inch camera sensor. OMG, price is $1700. Why only to Ja... moreIf people can widely complain about the price of current Sony Xperia smartphones, I see no chance for that Sharp smartphone to have a different treatment. Let's not forget that there used to be a smartphone with a 1" sensor all the way back in 2014 with the Panasonic Lumix CM1, but hardly anybody bought one because of the rather steep price. When that Panasonic phone was sold in the US, it cost $1,000*. Even in Europe, it cost €899**.


One inch camera sensor. OMG, price is $1700. Why only to Japan! It should be launched globally. I really like the design of this phone. Specs are top notch. Camear would be the main highlight. Great!

  • Anonymous

All right people, time to use gcam port on this big boi :)
Should make this phone a lot more competent in the camera segment!

  • Mat

Rebranded phone adds extra for leica theme

So this is basically the same exact phone as the Sharp Aquos R6 but with a circular rear camera island, Leica branding, and exclusive to SoftBank. To be honest, Sharp's rectangular rear camera island is still my favourite. But that $1,700 price tag for a phone with such a hardware spec does look tempting for sure. Makes me wonder how much Sharp is selling the Aquos R6 without the Leica branding and SoftBank exclusivity. It could be way cheaper than this Leitz Phone 1.

240 Hz..?
World's first may be.?

Is Leitz a smartphone brand? I only know them as a german ring binder company.

Take my money please