Infinix phone with 160W charging leaks in renders

17 June 2021
It features a curved display with a punch-hole cutout and a triple cam setup around the back.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jun 2021We can reach 3600 Watts lets go and all's good100w is sufficient for me

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jun 2021That's literally non-sense Mi 10 ultra with its graph... moreWe can reach 3600 Watts lets go and all's good

  • Anonymous

Pro Me, 17 Jun 2021So What with 160W Charging on a measly 4000 Mah Battery (by... moreThat's literally non-sense
Mi 10 ultra with its graphine enchanced battery doesn't lose even 10% of its battery after 2 years of use with 120w as xiaomi state
You can say 85 or 80 or even 75, but saying loosing 50% is just an argument to justify purchasing iphones with 20w so you feel happy about your purchase decision or even samsung with 25w,I understand that you are trying to justify it, but just wake up, justifying it will just make apple and samsung reducing more and more just like samsung reduced from 45w to 25w wich is damn super slow for 2021
A lot of people have 65w and they are very happy, they don't cry because their battery health is better than a phone wich needs much longer time to charge so heating for a much much longer period, and with exynos even at 10w it will heat just like if it is 65w
And what you don't know is that whenever the heat is above 40 degree, the phone can easily reduce the wattage to less than 65w for example to reduce the heat,
40 degre is very normal, when I play pubg on max settings it easily goes to 42 degree so don't try to justify that 20w or 25w especially with exynos because it will heat just like if you have 65w or 120w, and guess what, you won't be able to charge your phone while playing with this 20 or 25w because its already slow and with exynos and high settings it will already become hot, so enjoy your charging speed, and I am sure you will come back and comment after 2 years of use, when your normal battery will have less health than the graphine enhanced battery on the mi 10 ultra despite the 100w difference

Anonymous, 17 Jun 2021By the law of science ? Are you some scientist to know tha... more(Lithium-ion batteries are, in essence, continuously degrading from the moment they are first used.

This is as a result of the fundamental chemistry of the battery, which gives rise to unavoidable chemical reactions which take place inside the battery during runtime.)


Get some knowledge before you argue with someone knowledgeable.

Anonymous, 17 Jun 2021By the law of science ? Are you some scientist to know tha... morewhat kind of logic is this? I am no scientist .. but that doesn't and shouldn't stop anyone from understanding basic science theorems. I am currently studying in Msc chem , so yes I do know a little. You don't have to be newton to understand the newton laws. ridiculous statement from your side.. And we are not yet that advanced that we have achieved >5% battery degradation per year. The faster you charge, the faster the battery degrades.. there's no way around it. Its a fact . not a myth.. show some legitimate proof otherwise. Even Sony with best lithium cell technology claims 5-10% degradation(fast charging 30w0 with their inbuilt battery saver technology, which charges phone from 20-90% only. This is in the very nature of lithium battery.

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ni6hant, 17 Jun 2021If the company can give a warranty on the battery or at lea... moreWhy would they? The purpose of this is to make you come back in 12 months for new battery and pay them for the service.

  • Anonymous

TEtech, 17 Jun 2021So you agree with me It is called irony.
Person is mocking you ..

  • Anonymous

Come on guys we can reach 3600W on AC let's go

  • Anonymous

Hello Life, 17 Jun 2021It is definitely more harmful by law of science. Sure comp... moreBy the law of science ? Are you some scientist to know that ? While scientist are developing the batteries and everything. While your still here talking about some mythical law of science

  • Anonymous

Hello Life, 17 Jun 2021more than fast charging, i think we should have the option ... moremy redmi note 5 pro have 18W fast charger and is over 3 years old while i always charge with fast charger from around 10-15% And my phone battery have lost only 16% of battery capacity in that over 3 years used. Now in this 3 years all the charging and battery technology have advanced a lot so i dont think the battery will degrade faster with even more faster charging. Probably would not be good for batteries that are like 10 years old as they dont support the fast charging then i understand the argument

  • An0n

That's huge battery. I don't think it's just merely 5000mah. It's way around or above 7000mah.

  • Anonymous

looks very chunky

Anonymous, 17 Jun 2021It's not harmful It is definitely more harmful by law of science. Sure companies are increasing the amps to keep the temps down, but that also means more sectors in battery cell, which are bound to get heated because they are charging in parallel. This kind of battery with this rapid fast charge will lose capacity at the rate of 30-40% per year

So What with 160W Charging on a measly 4000 Mah Battery (by today's standards) that will lose half it's capacity in less than a year.. Maybe they can come up with a solution for that.. Even Leader in safe fast charging SuperVOOC does 65W At max 4500Mah And 120W At 4000.. So I Don't Think Infinix will go above 4500..

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

NikiDroid, 17 Jun 2021160W? Hmmm, interesting, but I still doubt for Infinix qual... moreThey offer them unlike some brands... ;p

  • Anonymous

This Phone Looks Sexy As well as Awesome!!!!!
But Still......Infinix Doesn't Have Experience in The Flagship Market and Their UI Is Bad as well as fitted with ads..... So, I Am Hoping that Infinix can succeed...🤞🤞

  • Prinxe Arslan

Wao its very nice i want to buy this smart phone

160W? Hmmm, interesting, but I still doubt for Infinix quality of the phone they offer. They also lag of software update.


finally main (maybe 108mp)+ultrawide (maybe 13mp)+ periscope telephoto (maybe 8mp) rear camera no more useless 2mp macro and depth in flagship phones.

Anonymous, 17 Jun 2021It's not harmful So you agree with me