Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 rumored to be pricier than Mi 11 Ultra and have UD camera

18 June 2021
And super-thin bezels all-around.

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Miss the days when i paid around 400usd for the Mi 8...which while it probably missed a thing or two against proper flagships it was WAY cheaper than the "equivalent" Samsung, the S9 was a more premium device, now the Mi 11 lineup shares the same price as Samsung, Huawei or Apple flagships, without the brand recognition or the software experience, just the price.

  • frocito

the first MIX was *the* real masterpiece because it was a usable concept without compromise, it saw the future coming from nowhere with its class in an era of design with frames.
Since then too many missteps and compromises followed; an uncertain foldable ''Mix'' of which the world has lost tracks, is just an example.
The Mix brand is the best Xiaomi can do and must be revived as soon as possible and without other mistakes ..

  • PK

Demongornot, 19 Jun 2021Yeah, no one bought the Mi 10 Ultra, Mi 10S and Mi 10 Pro, ... moreI was willing to buy the Mix Alpha even above retail price if need be. Unfortunately it was never released. Heck, I offered a guy with some connections to Xiaomi $1000 on top of the price of the phone to get me one. Alas, still Alpha less.

If the Mix 4 isn't some crap slider I'll probably buy it.

  • Anonymous

Just another gimmick marketing only

  • MasEnha

Mi lineups getting pricier. I missed for Mi 6 price point, the real flagship with affordable price.

Well, yes but no. I'm quite interested with Mi 10u since they cost around $600 in my country, and the competitors available are the S20 FE 4g, Vivo X60, Oppo reno 5 pro. Mi 10u looks interesting esp with the camera performance, great display, SD 865 chip and flagship features for that price tag.

Tbh, just wait for a few months, and the price will drop drastically. Once Mi 10 was sold for $480 less than 6 months after it was released.

Anonymous, 19 Jun 2021No one is gonna buy an expensive Xiaomi.Yeah, no one bought the Mi 10 Ultra, Mi 10S and Mi 10 Pro, so much that they tried again to sell phones and again no one bought the Mi 11 Ultra and Mi 11 Pro.
Also, no one was willing to buy the Mi Mix Alpha despite its price, no one bought the Mi Mix Fold...

There is a right balance between hating and staying in touch with the reality.
Expensive Xiaomi DO sell well, exactly like expensive Apple and Samsung do sell well, regardless what haters of X or Y brands say.
Even the Xperia 1 Mk3 did sell well despite the price, the niche aspect and haters.

  • Hozella

Demongornot, 18 Jun 2021The slider was much better and unlike the UDC who will floo... moreTotally agree.. the slider needs to be brought back.. my mix 3 is a bit heavy but it makes my forearms stronger. Another thing is the privacy aspect, you are always sure that the front camera is inactive when the slider is tucked in.

  • K

They should have made this with pop up and made another phone with UDC. Demand for sliders still exist.

That said somebody said QHD is too much for phone and FHD+ is enough. I agree with them. QHD consumes more battery life.

  • Spike

Call me once they can put an USC with QHD screen. Till then...

  • Anonymous

No one is gonna buy an expensive Xiaomi.

John Wayne, 18 Jun 2021Is a 2021 phone with pop up camera?Sadly, only the Lenovo Legion 2 Pro and Legion Duel 2 are a/the true pop up camera phone released in 2021 (should it count as one or two though?).
If you are willing to accept a wider description, then the Zenfone 8 Flip with its flip up can count.
And slider have been missing since even longer with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G from May 2019, though the original (non 5G) is from November 2018.
Same with the Honor Magic 2 3D from March 2019 but with the original (non 3D) also from November 2018.
The Lenovo Z5 Pro GT is from January 2019 but the Lenovo Z5 Pro is from November 2018 too.
So it is hard to tell which one is really the last as it depend on if we count those other variant as their own or as separate phones.
And this is the full extent of slider smartphones, 6 of them total but half being the same in two variant with little changes...

It greatly contrasts with 2020 pop up phones, who include :
*Poco F2 Pro, K30 Pro, K30 Pro Zoom, K30 Ultra.
*Honor X10.
*Lenovo Legion Duel, Lenovo Legion Pro.
*Vivo NEX 3S 5G.
*LG Wing.
*Motorola One Fusion+.
*Honor Enjoy 20 Plus 5G.
*Huawei Y9a.
*Tecno Camon 15 Pro, Tecno Camon 15 Premier.
*Coolpad Cool 6.
*Infinix S5 Pro (multiple camera variants).
*Umidigi S5 Pro.
*Elephone PX Pro.
And some even more obscure brands too.

Considering that many still had a headphone jack and that in 2020 we had much less 2MP Macro + Depth thingy and more phones (even within the limited members of the pop up family) like the Vivo NEX 3S 5G who had the holy trinity of Wide + Ultra-Wide + Telephoto with none being under the industry standard 12Mp while nowaday only 1000$+ MAY have this.
2020 was truly the golden age compared to 2021 where we have almost nothing interesting, it is as if 2021 phones were just "copy and paste + few random but small changes".

Anonymous, 18 Jun 2021I am talking about the design of mi mix. It is copy of Sh... moreI knooww, and still you can't see what I'm talking about...

Anonymous, 18 Jun 2021it just makes the phone so heavy and its unecessary when th... moreRead my comment, it can be done quite easily and not adding any significant amount of weight.
Also, it has the advantage of ONLY lifting when you want/do it, which some people prefer.
And those who goes with pop up and sliders usually accept that the device is heavier as a result, so it isn't an issue.

  • Anonymous

MzBan, 18 Jun 2021Sharp neither, Sharp, Samsung, Apple etc etc are all copyca... moreI am talking about the design of mi mix.
It is copy of Sharp Crystal, same way Mi8 is copy of iphone X.

Anonymous, 18 Jun 2021Mix was copy of Sharp phone. Has never been first of anything. Sharp neither, Sharp, Samsung, Apple etc etc are all copycats then... They all made a copy of the first IBM smartphone Simon then...
BTW in my country we call this innovation, there will always be somthing different when "they" make some copycat junk.

You know what... All our cars is copycat version to, made of the first car "Benz Patent-Motorwagen" made in Germany in 1886...

Please try think about things before u made this boring copycat comment you made or??

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Jun 2021And yes, it proves you never held them, otherwise you'... moreMix announced in 2016 with same design Sharp used in 2014.
But Xiaomi gets the credits, despite Crystal was sold in USA and Europe.

Mi Mix would not exist if Sharp had never created Crystal.

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 18 Jun 2021Instead of banking on the under-display front camera, maybe... moreit just makes the phone so heavy and its unecessary when there is a small pop up camera

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1003038, 18 Jun 2021Mi Mix seems to always be some sort of experimental device.... moreWhy would mi 11 Ultra be cheap?? This ain't Apple overcharging customers for subpar product. Mi 11 Ultra is the only flagship worth paying 1000 Euros for

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Jun 2021Mix was copy of Sharp phone. Has never been first of anything. And yes, it proves you never held them, otherwise you'd know the difference. Without that, yes, both are square, right you are