Samsung joins the wireless file transfer standard started by Xiaomi, Oppo and vivo

18 June 2021
The Mutual Transfer Alliance has standardized a cross-brand way to share files between phones and laptops.

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potato4k, 19 Jun 2021Why? Google already pushed out Nearby share, even down to A... moreGoogle is not available in China. Samsung has no choice but to join them. And Nearby Share is a bit much more hassle to use than manufacturer sharing apps.

Google isn't available in China... And in my experience Nearby Share is so slow, slower than the Mi Share standard. So this makes sense. And how things work in here is very simple.

iPusak Gaoq, 19 Jun 2021Simple...transfer standards means all apps are cross compat... moreNo that I understood that these 3 chinese companies and now Samsung can send files to each other's phones...
But what about LG's File Sharing? and various other specific manufacturer's file sharing systems, how compatible they are to each other...?

That's what I wanted the knowledge article to focus on.

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erodhika94, 18 Jun 2021Then don't buy their smartphone and don't use pho... moreSamsung phones aren't made in China, at least not the good quality ones.

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Ooooh this is huge. Let's see where it goes!

  • Alboooz

I just tried the Quick Share between my note9 and my win10 tabletPC, it woks like ftp but it's slow, i can operate from phone on PC but not from PC on phone and all the activities work over internet OneDrive, and this is prove how hunger this companies are for our data to grab ultimately a copy from our privacy, so wi-fi direct and USB is only best solution for large file transfer.

Ayaz PhoneGlide, 19 Jun 2021This is a great news for a standardized sharing experience ... moreThey communicate directly to each other through their wifi communications, no need to be connected to a wifi hotspot.

  • Billy The Kid

Wifi Direct
Android Beam
Quick Share
Easy Share
Mi Share
Oppo Share

What's next ? Such useful feature should have been adopted a long time ago !

  • TeddY

Before, i used Wifi Direct to transfert files between my Samsung phones, it was fast and easy. Now they dropped it but they still have Quickshare which is different and less easy to use. And now Google is promoting NearbyShare which is a real mess, using both Bluetooth and Wifi Direct. So now they already want to use a new system MTA...what a mess, Wifi Direct was so easy...

This is a great news for a standardized sharing experience across different brands of devices. I don’t think this is like AirDrop where it works locally. This one needs a wireless network?

Samath N8 808 owner, 19 Jun 2021@ GSMArena staff : Seeing as to how confused everyone is re... moreSimple...transfer standards means all apps are cross compatible and can be use without any problem...Xiaomi have Mi Share, OPPO have OPPO Share while VIVO have Easy all these 3 can connect to each other without have to install 3rd party apps....

Why? Google already pushed out Nearby share, even down to Android 6. That works with all Android handsets, no need for stupid alliances. Why do we need another one? This is wasting time. These OEMs should put the efforts into updating their handsets instead.

  • NO Ss

I use SMB and solid file manager to transfer files over Wi-Fi from pc to phone or vice versa.
And then there's nearby Share .
Why can't they just use what's baked into android than using some app that also is loaded with shitton load of ads!?

@ GSMArena staff : Seeing as to how confused everyone is regarding file sharing standards (it includes me too), how about we have a knowledge article on the same, like you have on high res audio and all ?

Even my LG G8x has some file sharing system in toggles in the notification shade.

I wonder what standard it uses, because I never used it.

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Woohoo, 18 Jun 2021100% agree. I don't understand why USB 3.0 is still r... moresome flagships don't even have it :)
*cough* xiaomi *cough*

  • Spike

Yah about the Windows app, that can never connect!

Anonymous, 18 Jun 2021I mean why bother, now that Nearby Share is a thing?Yeah I think so I mean nearby share is automatically avaliable on virtually any Android devices even the old one (I have a Fujitsu devices with android 7) and it works flawlessly. I have multiple brands smartphones with various version of Android and it's all compatible, why bother using a another standards

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Woohoo, 18 Jun 2021100% agree. I don't understand why USB 3.0 is still r... morei guess because they have nothing new to show otherwise

I'm still using Bluetooth for transferring. It's work good with small txt, document files.