Huawei P50 series coming on July 29 with huge ultrawide sensor

22 June 2021
Most of the P50 series will be 4G only.

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  • AnonD-986036

YUKI93, 22 Jun 20211/1.18" ultrawide sensor? That is larger than the main... moreSignificantly larger than any smartphone ultrawide sensor out there. But almost similar in size to the main cam of Mi 11 Ultra

Finally a phone with an integrated Cook top. Now i can cook my food, while being on the move.

  • Anonymous

1 inch camera sensor. That's amazing. Huawei has some best cameras right now the us doesn't want huawei to eat the sales of their iPony that's why they ban Huawei but Huawei is the best, in terms of true innovation like this. 1 inch sensor in smartphone will be a great technological advancement. Hope it is affordable.

1/1.18" ultrawide sensor? That is larger than the main camera sensor of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro/Ultra and the Nokia 808 PureView! It sure does sound interesting, but I wonder how many megapixels it would be. The same 40MP as before or a bigger 50MP or maybe even 20MP like the Mate 40 Pro+ ultrawide camera? Really looking forward to the official launch.

AnonD-986036, 22 Jun 2021Hope i get to try huge sensor and huge pixel size with good... moreUnfortunately, it will be expensive. Their costs will be a lot higher due to the restrictions and the demand will be far greater than supply so it will definitely be relatively expensive. It will also be extremely difficult to buy for the official recommended retail price due to the lack of supply

  • AnonD-986036

Hope i get to try huge sensor and huge pixel size with good processing.

Xiaomi got the sensor right, but sadly the software cannot keep up with it to make incredible consistency in the results.

S21 Ultra main camera is good, but in lowlight especially video or auto mode photos, images are bad, noisy, soft and dark.

Iphone 12 Pro Max main cam lacks larger sensor capabilities even though the software is very capable.

Vivo X60 Pro Plus is very close to perfect, but colours sometimes are oversaturated.

Now, it is up to Huawei with good software processing and large capable image sensors and lenses. As their past phones like P40 Pro are excellent, but mate 40 pro sadly lacks OIS, lowlight results are sometimes blurry and soft. So P50 better impress me with lower price as Huawei phones these days are overpriced.

Beast of a device very tempted.

  • Anonymous

Too late
Samsung already took a large market share with s21 variants

Aierlan, 22 Jun 2021The 1/1.18inch sensor is reportedly the main sensor an imx7... moreSucks hard though.. Whatever allegations they face they are class above all else when it comes to Networking and Mobile Hardware.. They have Not done worse than their white collared guys in another continent.. Hope i get to taste their p50 Pro+ or next mate series pro+(if it ever happens)

The 1/1.18inch sensor is reportedly the main sensor an imx707 according to Chinese media. They may not have been able to get the imx800 before the US hardware ban

This will be a fantastic device, can not wait to try It.
Photo departement never let's you down at Huawei and the rest will be rock-solid!!