TCL unveils Alcatel 1 (2021) and 1L Pro Android Go edition phones, a new kids watch

25 June 2021
The Alcatel 1 (2021) will be available in August for €59. The 1L Pro is a lot pricier at $127, it's coming in September.

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That Android go Phone is pure e-waste.
What's next?
A dual Core at 1.0 Ghz, only 3G, 4GB ROM, 512 MB RAM (and being generous from Alcatel) and going sub HD at just 55 dollars in Africa?

Preach. To me it seems like they making android phones using cheaper and cheaper materials...with worst specs and only 4 to 10 dollars cheaper...when they should just stick with a price point and improve specs as much as they could.

wearable display! used to fly a lot years ago and wished for something like this all over youtube on VR headset videos, kinda like earphones for the eyes. now that I rarely fly, this has to to be cheap enough for phone use while on the bed.

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android go phones are too expensive for what they are... just get a 3 year old samsung or lg or oneplus or xiaomi flagship... would be much much better...

Peter-B, 25 Jun 2021Progress! (yep, the phones seem identical, but I wasn'... morehaha wow it's real -

I mean... One thing is not having high expectations but other thing is changing a color on a 3 year old phone and call it a day. LOL!

  • AnonD-940827

The watch is still illegal in most of Europe, because of the camera. So good luck on that market.

That wearable display is exciting

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2021According to your database, the Alcatel 1 is the same from ... moreProgress!
(yep, the phones seem identical, but I wasn't expecting miracles for €60).

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According to your database, the Alcatel 1 is the same from that was released in 2018, with a different back texture and newer Android.

around 3hrs for just a 2000mAh to get fully charged...

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Price of 59€ is great. If is good optimised for go edition, especially lite google, . mozila, youtube... It will be great choice like second phone or phone for kids and parents.

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Very very interested in the outdoor router. Most routers are not waterproof and cannot be mounted outside.

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What a waste. Stay away.

No one buys Alcatel in 2021. They died 10 years ago.