MIUI 13 is coming in August, possibly alongside the Mi Mix 4

25 June 2021
The software has entered final internal testing before it will be released to the public.

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  • Marlo
  • XUv
  • 29 Aug 2021

LCD curved what the🤔 ...hard to attach Screen Protector and Easy to Broken SP

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    • Moses
    • Nu6
    • 30 Jul 2021

    I love this phone because is better than all phone but I don't have money if farge I'm going to by😍😍

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      • aahdhsffh555
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      • 17 Jul 2021

      mi 9t pro, 29 Jun 2021just updated my phone with miui 12.5.1 (android 11) well wh... moreIn case of Xiaomi software updates i would recommend to always download full package (options called Download Latest Package) instead of incremental updates that can lead to bugs. And do a factory reset after major update.

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        • mi 9t pro
        • XDv
        • 29 Jun 2021

        just updated my phone with miui 12.5.1 (android 11) well what i can say. Bugs. A lot of bugs. You cant have access to the storage using dual apps. Auto brightness is really slow to detect the light environment. Hate the bubble overhead chat (don't know how to disable that thing) Apps becoming a bit slower compare to miui 12.0.6. (android 10). the positive thing i observed is better battery life (maybe it's me trying to find something nice to say)

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          • Sima
          • AS8
          • 28 Jun 2021

          Well thats great, maybe ill get 13, because i still havent got 12.5

            AnonD-1004713, 28 Jun 2021Nowadays the most bloatware and heavy skins out there are M... moreExactly, I can relate to each word of your post. No denying that, after getting good sales and being a huge company & selling offline, Mi are not likely to give us a non bloated UI ever.

            But I guess this is the way mostly all the companies progress.. they make a software feature and bloat heavy, we get lesser internal memory to the tune that even 13-15GB goes for the OS. And, thus we're persuaded to get a new phone. I still remember, the same Redmi Note 4 that with Snapdragon 625 that used to run PUBG in med-settings, now can't even run its simple menus and folders in smoothness..
            In the hindsight, I still get quite good performance from an older version MIUI on Redmi 2 Prime with 2 GB RAM and SD 410... and it still has call recorder, security app, screenshot, etc. but I couldn't get spare parts for it hardware wise so finally, after 7 years of use...

              Mi user from chennai, 26 Jun 2021Still i am waiting for miui 12 update. .. i am redmi y1 u... moreIf the current system works fine, don't update. If it is creating problems, head over to xda forums and try to find a stable and secure Custom ROM For your device

                The Android Freak, 26 Jun 2021I still have Redmi Note 4 running on Android 11. But the th... moreWith a major MIUI update, the company also ships firmware. These firmware dictate how stable a system will run on custom or stock UI

                  Dilz, 26 Jun 2021With so many new bugs.... I think it will kill mid range p... moreMIUI 12 killed Xiaomi

                    y, 27 Jun 2021I don't care if they are making profit or whatever, mi... moreSamsung new UI is pathetic.

                      Nick Tegrataker, 27 Jun 2021I've seen many people reporting very noticeable perfor... moreMIUI 12.5 fixed problems with MIUI 12 and Android 11.

                        Samath N8 808 owner, 27 Jun 2021If you love Xiaomi, you're branded fanboy. If you hat... moreI agree. Never be a fanboy of any company. Never.

                          Anonymous, 28 Jun 2021Miui full of bugs ... I'm migrating the redmi 9 just r... moreMIUI 12 with Android 11 sucks. Go back to previous version if you can.

                            AnonD-1004713, 28 Jun 2021Nowadays the most bloatware and heavy skins out there are M... moreI have never been a fanboy. Just buy a phone that has the best bang-for-the-buck and better long term support. It just so happens that for the past few years it was Xiaomi for me.

                            Also, I always uninstall as much bloatware as I can from Xiaomi Phone as they arrive with a PC and therefore it isn't as much a problem for me as for normal users.

                              MIUI 12 was the single greatest failure of MI. Especially if you were on Android 11. Android 11 and MIUI 12 just sucks in every day to day usage.
                              MIUI 12 caused the downfall of all Xiaomi phones. Go look at the number of problems with Redmi Note 10 series and you will understand.
                              They pushed Android 11 too quickly. They should had waited like all other MIUI versions and sent updates late but stable ones.

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                                • AnonD-1004713
                                • p6g
                                • 28 Jun 2021

                                Samath N8 808 owner, 27 Jun 2021If you love Xiaomi, you're branded fanboy. If you hat... moreNowadays the most bloatware and heavy skins out there are MiUi and One Ui. Whatever the fanboys will tell you, this is the truth.
                                Of course, if you have a good powerful phone, that will not matter, because the chipset will help you. But for budget offerings that heavy skin puts too much load on the general usage of the phone. And in many occasions will make the phone more laggy. Not unusable by any means, but more laggy.
                                The fact that some fanboys come here and say that some 200EUR models are smooth like butter, shows you how much lies they can say just for their beloved brands. Never trust an anonymous account who pretends to know anything about phones.
                                Don't trust me either. But go and buy those phones and see for yourself, who is the one lying or not.
                                PS: I owned and still owning both Xiaomi and Samsung phones. And I will continue to buy them in the future, because their prices are unbeatable right now. But the fact I own a certain brand doesn't mean I have to lie about its minuses just to put it in good light.

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                                  • CF}
                                  • 28 Jun 2021

                                  Miui full of bugs ... I'm migrating the redmi 9 just ruined my day after the miui 12.0.1 android 11 update ,the phone vibrates at higher intensity for 15 seconds before powering on ...the phone can't charge while its off ,if u connect the charger it automatically powers the device on by it self..i regret wasting my money buying this .. atleast Samsung doesn't have this bugs

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • AKj
                                    • 28 Jun 2021

                                    Samath N8 808 owner, 27 Jun 2021If you love Xiaomi, you're branded fanboy. If you hat... moreYou should say miui not xiaomi because not everybody uses stock miui.

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                                      • later or never
                                      • nUk
                                      • 27 Jun 2021

                                      Where is Redmi 10, what happened to it?

                                        If you love Xiaomi, you're branded fanboy.
                                        If you hate Xiaomi, you're a blind hater.

                                        Let me tell you, I've used over 5 different MIUI phones and owned 2 of them. I used to like barebones older versions of MIUI, but right now its just heavy bloat.
                                        I suspect even removing all its apps will ensure that the phone doesn't dial home... I seriously doubt.

                                        Right now I have a LG G8x and I miss many features but there's far lesser bloat and suspecting apps.