MIUI 13 is coming in August, possibly alongside the Mi Mix 4

25 June 2021
The software has entered final internal testing before it will be released to the public.

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  • 25 Jun 2021

AnonD-986036, 25 Jun 2021I love MIUI, it is the best software in my opinion, it is t... moreOnly Poco F3 and Redmi note 10 Pro Max have bugs with latest miui update.
Rest of the phones who have got miui 12.5 are operating flawlessly.

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    • 25 Jun 2021

    Phone is just buttery smooth with miui 12.5 on my Mi 11 Pro.
    True flagship experience at just €650. I doubt any other phone can be that good at this price.

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      • 25 Jun 2021

      I love MIUI, it is the best software in my opinion, it is truly "My UI", there's endless amounts of features and options. The customization level is insane. I never got bored with MIUI. Even my 2018 Poco F1 is running MIUI 12 January Security Patch at Android 11. So updates is fine. Hope MIUI 13 can make it lighter and provide more features and customizations. As well as more updates. Also, many peoplw complains about bugs, but based on my 3 year experience with Poco F1, i never encountered any issues, bugs, lags, or stutters. Right now, i am using Oneplus Themes in systems, icons, and lock style. And Mi Mix Alpha charging style. Looks awesome

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        • 25 Jun 2021

        redmi5a, 25 Jun 2021New bugs yayXiaomi has really the worst UI. My Mi 10 5G had bugs, today after 12.5 they remove some bugs but they give me another bigger new bugs.

          New bugs yay

            MIUI 12.5 is the best Android skin right now.
            It has everything that I was missing on Oxygen OS

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              • 25 Jun 2021

              Sounds nice, this time it really should be somthing good, like Huawei OS EMUI ended up to be 👌🏻

                That is good and all, until u see the guy's name... Big Lee

                Bruce Lee better be fretting rn