Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic leaks in all its glory, rotating bezel in tow

01 July 2021
It will run Samsung and Google's new wearable platform.

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  • Jeda

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2021I'd be honest... I am terribly disappointed how this l... moreHow many Samsung watches do you own?
None. Have you, or have you ever intended to buy one?
No. So piss off and go flog yourself over your extremely limited apple watch experience.

A classic design doesn't need to be reinvented.
Any Samsung watch with the rotating bezel looks fantastic.
I have my Gear S3F, and my 45mm galaxy watch 3 in silver and they both look amazing.

  • Anonymous

Which is better watch 3 Or watch 4 ?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2021I'd be honest... I am terribly disappointed how this l... moreIt looks great

  • Anonymous

I'd be honest... I am terribly disappointed how this looks. Doesn't look classy at all. Was hoping it will improve upon the Galaxy Watch 3.

  • Anonymous

corrector, 02 Jul 2021Metal is always in fashion.Disagree

  • spooner

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2021Big, thick, heavy, chunky is not interesting. Samsung need... moreNah if you've tried a Samsung model without a bezel and it just uses the touchscreen it's a much more cumbersome experience, it doesn't respond anywhere near as well as a physical bezel

  • Anonymous

Big, thick, heavy, chunky is not interesting. Samsung need to eliminate the bezels down to 2mm or so and the rotating ring is unnecessary; you can also just run your finger around the perimeter of the watch face instead of having a mechanical movement which makes the watch heavier and increases the already mega-bezel. Someone is NOT watching what customers want; only making small incremental changes (which are not even enhancements) to the product. I will go elsewhere for my next smartwatch.

I have to say it does look great. But I got Active 2 for christmas and it does everything I need so I'll stick to it for at least a couple more years.

  • Thomas

They ripped off the LG Watch Sport.

  • corrector

Meronator, 01 Jul 2021Metal? This isnt the 80's broMetal is always in fashion.

  • pt020

Will skip .. looks like a cheap watch with no style.

  • Anonymous

I hope it will have big battery like gen 1 46mm galaxy watch

  • Meronator

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2021why no metal links? i hate plastic arm bands.... look cheapMetal? This isnt the 80's bro

  • Anonymous

why no metal links? i hate plastic arm bands.... look cheap

I was already afraid the best thing about Galaxy Watches was taken away again. The Classic looks the best by far and so will be the UX.

looks really classy

"Google's new iteration of Wear OS"

Correction: "Samsung and Google's new OS". We saw that Google is not able to produce a decent wearable OS just by themselves while Tizen was doing quite well.

  • PiCosm

Excellent! The best smart watch ever made is/was the Samsung Gear S3 Fontier that this Watch4 Classic variant looks similar to. Frontier looked awesome. Delight to use thanks to the chunky rotating dial and responsive touch screen. Fast. Reliable. Great selection of custom faces. Clear voice quality when making or receiving calls through it. Only negative was limited apps, although I only used it for notifications, spiffy watch faces and occasionally taking calls, such as when driving or away from phone when at home. Watch4 looks like the best of both worlds. Let's hope it's as reliable and responsive as Tizen.

  • Anonymous

This is what you call a good looking watch. Unlike ugly square shaped apple watch

Aluminium is the new Titanium ? Given the sale price ... If I'm going to change, I'm gonna go Active :P

It's sleeker!