HMD Product Manager says new Nokia flagship is coming on November 11

05 July 2021
That's Singles' Day (11.11) in China, a big annual shopping event and a good time to launch a new product - unless the flagship gets delayed, again.

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  • Mr.Polska

Gonna release in 2022 with a Snapdragon 665 most likely

  • XRT10

No need for flagship promises , and like seriously they still have balls to announce a flagship that too at the very end of this year when SD888 Will already get old enough to be replaced, they will surely pick that up

  • Anonymous

Socalteknique , 05 Jul 2021A little too late. Nokia focused on releasing cheap junk in... moreI dont know where you see cheap junk from HMD. All i have seen from them is low end and old hardware for exceptionally high price.

i saw something on the new flagship the other day. It sounded and looked a beast but unfortunately it had or is going to have super curved display sides. Deal breaker. Pity about that. Flat would be so much better.

Joke of the year !!!

  • Socalteknique

A little too late. Nokia focused on releasing cheap junk instead of listening to it's fan base. We want a flagship now.

  • Anonymous

Nokia is done

Nokia phones last longer than their innovation.

  • kek

AnonD-1003038, 05 Jul 2021Every single Nokia flagship under HMD was late, used outdat... more*under Juho's management.

Nokia 8 was released before that guy entered and it was a solid flagship. It used AOSP + Gapps, no Android One shit.

  • miki

HMD outsources everything, they even don't do software and just adopt the horrible Android One.

They should make multiple Flagships focusing on different aspects and getting the 9.1, 9.2 and 9.3 names.
For example, the 9.3 would be the top one with amazing camera, crazy display and all that, the 9.2 would have crazy camera like the 9 Pureview, while the 9.1 would be more the equivalent of the Sony Xperia 5 Mk3 rather than the Xperia 1 Mk3, with still high-end hardware but nothing too fancy.

They damage much more their brand reputation by not being able to produce a new flagship than by producing a non-original and "like the others" one.

I think they still try to make something crazy like the 9 Pureview was, but keep meeting dead-ends.
And since they said they were trying to put underdisplay camera which no one except ZTE have been able to make, and no one have made one with a convincing quality yet, I think they'll still meet deadline without products...

They've become a meme more than anything now, they'll be the next to go out after LG if they keep it up.

In 2020, Nokia (HMD ?) outsourced over 80% of theirs designs

If despite that they can't manage to design ONE good flagship on their
own then it means that Nokia is definitely dead and HMD is an highly despicable company
using the glorious Finnish name on generic pieces of junk.

  • AnonD-1003038

Every single Nokia flagship under HMD was late, used outdated chipset, was too expensive for what it was and had underwhelming software support. They could continue tradition of old Nokia and instead they just used the name and nothing else. It's like they don't understand Nokia's fame will dry out pretty quickly if they'll continue treating it like this and in the end no one will buy it even for the name.

Anonymous, 05 Jul 2021Yucheng? I thought Nokia was a Finnish company?No,it's not Finnish,it's still going,LOL 😂

RN, 05 Jul 2021We need proves, not just promises, Nokia.Well said! They have promised their 9.2/9.3 flagship, and nothing was made!

November 2025 with sd855

11th November 2023..? 🤣

  • Anonymous

Will have bad software support even the promised 2 big android updates and 3 years of security updates is not enough for flagship and hmd is not very good at delivering updates.

  • Anonymous

Is HMD a Chinese brand? They always prefer to release their phone in China first.

We need proves, not just promises, Nokia.