Nothing ear (1) will feature ANC and cost €99

06 July 2021
There will be three microphones to enable great ANC performance.

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Nothing but it looks like a turbocharger

I don't think I'll buy it, since I already have headphones I'm happy with, but the transparent design does look really cool. It's noticeably different than most other earbuds, which tend to look similar to each other.

it looks like a turbo

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Maybe they want to be the Beats competitor. Entering in the market in a fashion way... And if people believe... Start the Never Settle in prices!!! We already know how it works.

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Anonymous, 06 Jul 2021not true. Sure you won't get the absolute best out of ... moreNot talking about the DAC. The amp stage of a mobile phone headphone jack is not powerful enough to drive most overheads to adequate listening levels. You are welcome to buy the most expensive overheads you can afford and try it but anything 32 ohm or over is really pushing it.

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This will sell nothing

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Not bad. Also consider Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2. After using it I'm very impressed. Great in all aspects.

i see "nothing" as baby steps of similar brand "marley". niche, uniquely designed, high quality audio products but, still sort of affordable. they will never gonna dominate the market however, they will have a fan group.

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CompactPhones5ever, 06 Jul 2021"transparent design is one of the hardest things to ac... moreI believe what they mean is that it is difficult to make a transparent product look good. The one you referenced does not.

And they haven't really made any products yet, so please try and hold your final judgement until the product is actually announced later this month.

"transparent design is one of the hardest things to accomplish" - the f*ck does that even mean? Chinese manufacturers have been making transparent earphones since always, instead of full color cover you make the plastic transparent, e.g. "CCA CA2" on Aliexpress - boom there you go, these cost 7 dollars.

They made one product so far and I already hate this brand.

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Marketing. That is what he offers. Follow the Nothing blind trend. And use their other purchased brand to convice fools that is Essential buy his products. lol

But i prefer learn about the things and purchase the best quality/price with the most useful hardware and software features. Which is always better than buy "Nothing".

This guy says that Tech has become boring in the last couple of years. And with his new venture, he is going to change the definition of sound, in a well established TWS market against the likes the Sony, Sennheiser, Jabra's, etc. How ironic!

These companies are the kings when it comes to sound tuning. I wonder what special nothing is going to do.

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I will wait for others to review on it before buying.

Had experience with bad earbuds.

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Anonymous, 06 Jul 2021"look" over functionality. Shows how low your ... moreagreed the whole TWS trend is just illogical~

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DMX, 06 Jul 2021 Block out those earplugs, they look like sanitary napkins... moreFor premium headphones with good ANC and sound, go for Sony and Sennheiser. For budget ANC headphones, go for Anker Soundcore Life Q35 or Q30 or TaoTronics BH055. I personally use Anker Soundcore Life Q30 and the sound is good for budget ANC headphones.

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Anonymous, 06 Jul 2021Phone won't be able to drive many overheads and are re... morenot true. Sure you won't get the absolute best out of a phone, but more often than not they have decent enough DAC's
again, they won't deliver the full experience, but still a great one

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Anonymous, 06 Jul 2021People look decidedly anti-social when wearing hugh overhea... more"look" over functionality.

Shows how low your thinking levels are.

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Duck of death, 06 Jul 2021The DT770 Pros does have a 32 ohm option. You won't ge... morePeople look decidedly anti-social when wearing hugh overheads on public transport. I've never liked them and stick to in-ears.

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[deleted post]HD58X ftw for easy to drive headphones that sound better than anything in their price range, especially those junk BT ones.
I think you might even be able to drive the HE400(i)/4xx if u have an LG, but not sure what a phone w/o a HP jack would be able to do.

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2021You'll need something with low impedance and high sens... moreThe DT770 Pros does have a 32 ohm option. You won't get the clarity of the 250 ohm edition, but they'll definitely sound better than the average headphone.
The next issue is to find the headphone jack on a phone. Plus the fact that the DT770's have soldered on chonky 1.6m cable. The final issue is that you'll look like a right t-t wearing huge over-ear headphones on the go. :)