Qualcomm announces Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders with Snapdragon 888 and 6.78-inch 144Hz AMOLED screen

08 July 2021
The phone will come with a pair of Qualcomm-tuned earbuds, bumper case, and the phone is curated with all of Qualcomm’s technologies.

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SHAZAMM, 10 Jul 2021Listen..i think what most people are misinderstanding about... moreThere are other phones with the same spec costing less while having a under display fingerprint scanner below a 144Hz display. And there are flexible 144Hz OLEDs so there is no excuse to not do it other than to cut cost which obviously isn't passed on to the customer

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    • IYIRaza
    • 7kb
    • 11 Jul 2021

    Nice colours phone but phone design not good. Plus phone camera pixel very low along with zoom also.
    Amount very High your phone....why should we go your product. I will try some other company mobile.

    Thanks you

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      • Anonymous
      • rAP
      • 10 Jul 2021

      Ali, 10 Jul 2021Come on be like you not a Asus is it Snapdragon,,,,, design... moreYes designe is not good in this time Market demand designe, camer should be good

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        • Ali
        • rKP
        • 10 Jul 2021

        Come on be like you not a Asus is it Snapdragon,,,,, design not looking good

          RealLifePhones, 09 Jul 2021this is a $1500 phone so there must be the SD 888+ in it an... moreListen..i think what most people are misinderstanding about this approach is that it is speed in all ways qualcomm could achieve. The display is 144hz..not 120hz...its 16 Gigs of the fastest ram LPDDR5 not version 4 or 3 which is used in most phones and 512G of UFS3.1 memory, fastest memory available.

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            • Sammy
            • rJ7
            • 10 Jul 2021

            MrGuru0730, 09 Jul 2021What is this supposed to be? Qualcomm trying to show of... moreCome on man its not what you are 🤔
            It's a Snapdragon insider designed bt asus

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              • Rawky
              • g}w
              • 10 Jul 2021

              ROG is that You.

                Qualcomm QCP-1960 was my 2nd cell phone ever. So Qualcomm has made phones before.

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                  • Maaz
                  • Kxb
                  • 09 Jul 2021

                  It will fit in which price segment??

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                    • Mk
                    • Nue
                    • 09 Jul 2021

                    I wish Jerry rig everything could lay his hand on this device

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                      • d0x360
                      • RqR
                      • 09 Jul 2021

                      Anonymous, 09 Jul 20215g network support Not really a big deal considering 5g coverage and wifi hotspots basically everywhere. Plus 4g is fast enough for almost anything.

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                        • YTZ
                        • 09 Jul 2021

                        ADMIN, 09 Jul 2021NOBruh, don't like high speeds? Or stuck on the dead conspiracy theory over 5G?

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                          • 7k6
                          • 09 Jul 2021

                          Anonymous, 09 Jul 20215g network support NO

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                            • Hkw
                            • 09 Jul 2021

                            5g network support

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                              • t@g
                              • 09 Jul 2021

                              If i were a Samsung, i would choose side fingerprint rather than in display, despite of the qualcomm's problem (which is nonsense because the amoled is still from samsung), still there is no doubt that real fingerprint hardware is more reliable and faster than in display hardware

                                Peter UK, 09 Jul 2021I'm coming back to this article for the third time and... moreWhat is this supposed to be?

                                Qualcomm trying to show off a phone with all of it's own chips. I don't think there is a phone today that uses entirely Qualcomm chipsets (modem, processor, Wifi/BT, charging, etc.). Will it succeed? Only time will tell

                                Qualcomm is pushing boundaries of stupid? Bezels, small battery, not the fastest charging, fingerprint scanner on the back (what?) and snapdragon 888 that's used in many flagships already?

                                888+ was just announced. I doubt they have completed testing on that chip, so yes, 888 is the latest available. Some people prefer a small bezel to a dot in their screen. It does feature quick charge 5, the fastest available charging on the market. In screen FPS still suck big time.

                                What is the purpose of this device? Yeah, idk. However, it does come with a quick charger and $300 bluetooth earbuds. Apple's last iPhone (iPhone 12) was MSRP $1000 and didn't even come with a charger!! Don't pretend like people won't pay for it..... I wouldn't, but there is definitely a market.

                                  Anonymous, 09 Jul 2021If you want to sell something ridiculous that will be a com... moreYou seem to contradict yourself

                                  "If you want to sell something ridiculous that will be a complete failure..."

                                  "...you will get a line of rich people, who have no clue how money..."

                                  The phone comes with $300 b/t headphones and a fast charger. The iphone 12 was MSRP at $1000 with not even a charger!! Look, the price point isn't for me either, but lets not all pretend like that the market isn't there.

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                                    • rocky
                                    • DkC
                                    • 09 Jul 2021


                                      this is a $1500 phone so there must be the SD 888+ in it and if you need a flexible OLED to fit the fingerprint underneath it don't cheap out (again) and use a flexible OLED then.

                                        AshkanArabim, 09 Jul 2021I don't get it. The phone has a pretty average camera ... more$1500*