Qualcomm announces Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders with Snapdragon 888 and 6.78-inch 144Hz AMOLED screen

08 July 2021
The phone will come with a pair of Qualcomm-tuned earbuds, bumper case, and the phone is curated with all of Qualcomm’s technologies.

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I don't get it. The phone has a pretty average camera setup, a pretty average battery, a ubiquitous chip, huge bezels and it's selling for $1400? Are customers paying for the charger and wireless earphones?

  • Noel

Just like some OEMs have started dialing back from curved screens..a dial back from these narrow elongated 20:9 aspect ratio screens to at least back to 18:9 aspect ratio is warranted. It is about time to get back to phone with a decent width instead of remote control-like phones.

  • Noel

I am excited by all the advances we now have in smartphone tech and want my next phone to incorporate most of this technology. But i still have one sore spot...All or almost all of these phones come with 19.5:9 to 20:9 aspect ratios.
I will love to have some of these Flagship or Mid-range phones to come with 18:9 aspect ratio
even though my preference will be to have a few good !6:9 or 17:9 aspect ratios screen devices. Phones are too narrow these days..there should be a width balance and 18:9AR will be a good midpoint from 16:9AR--20:9AR.
PLSSSSSS OEMs how about one of you deliver...[[a very good 18:9AR amoled screen with 90+Hz Refresh rate, very good Cameras, top or midrange Qualcomm Chipset, 6/8GB RAM 128/256GB storage with SD card slot and yes a Bigger 5000+mAh Battery with fast charge]]

  • GL

Junapos, 09 Jul 2021Failed again in the battery department.SD888 is a 5nm soc.. 4k mah is more than enough compared to a 7nm SOC on 5k mah

DMX, 08 Jul 2021It is not for me but it is definitely not for anyone, hahah... moredevelopers and OEMs are part of "anyone", in case you're thinking that they're not.

  • Anonymous

If you want to sell something ridiculous that will be a complete failure 10 out of 10 times, make it limited edition, exclusive, insider, whatever edition, slap a horrendous price tag and you will get a line of rich people, who have no clue how money are earned, killing themselves for your utter out of stock garbage.

  • Anonymous

DMX, 08 Jul 2021Wait, wait a minute, $ 1,500 to be a guinea pig 1 2 rear f... moreRear finger print sensor is far better than under display, no matter if it's ultra sonic or that intense light system used by garbage phones.

  • Anonymous

IpsDisplay, 08 Jul 2021Of course the battery is gonna be 4000mah No one take ba... moreWhy would they when the only thing people are talking about is the ridiculous super mega ultra fast solar flare capturing charging capabilities of those chinese phones.
This is what the people want obviously.

  • Anonymous

Whoever at both sides either qcom or Asus who okayed this are already a bunch of idiots. People who'd actually wanna "believe" and waste 1.5grand on this only to resell it later would be confirmed imbeciles... then again never say never... let's wait for that news when a "special one" actually pays 3k for this bad joke of a supposedly "reference flagship".

Looks awesome without notch and curved display

Guys calm down, the price is this much because 2 big Tech names are trying to make profit from it, it has nothing to do with the tech or features in the device itself. They both need to make good money from it because it's not like the sub branding techniques of 1+/oppo or Xiaomi/Redmi, this is more of 2 Lion share model.

Nothing too exceptional has been listed as the phone features anyways, so goodluck to them.

  • Dickey

TOM, 09 Jul 2021It's Basically ROG phone 5 with Small batteryYep the same

Basically an overpriced version of ROG Phone 5 with 33% smaller battery, a telephoto lens and a missing headphone jack. No thanks, Qualcomm can go try fooling someone else.

  • Anonymous

This is not a phone, this is an advertisement...
And it doesn't even have the newest processor.

I'm coming back to this article for the third time and still can't believe this device is so incredibly expensive. What is this supposed to be? Qualcomm is pushing boundaries of stupid? Bezels, small battery, not the fastest charging, fingerprint scanner on the back (what?) and snapdragon 888 that's used in many flagships already? What is the purpose of this device? I'm just so confused...

  • Mr battery drainer

Junapos, 09 Jul 2021Failed again in the battery department.The only downside is the battery

Failed again in the battery department.

While reading the article, I was considering making an ID on Snapdragon insiders, then I read the price tag and came back to my senses on time. :D

And anyways, this seems like an attempt to prove the 888, with the bad press its getting in reference to heating and battery life. Let's hope the entire industry benefits from this.
Qualcomm seems to be giving the message, "we'll show them how its done".

  • TOM

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2021Seriously? It instantly spell ROG phone.It's Basically ROG phone 5 with Small battery

MrGuru0730, 08 Jul 2021Unfortunately, in screen fingerprint readers suck still. Re... moreThe rear fps can also be used for gestures that are not possible with under-screen or side ones. The only caveat is the phone has to be picked up for unlocking. The device can include both front and back for convenience, similar to Mate RS.