Realme X7 Max 5G gets dynamic RAM expansion and June security patch with new update

09 July 2021
It also includes a few optimizations and bug fixes.

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Dudenoway, 11 Jul 2021Yes it's basically uses ur storage and like if u choos... moreOk

USER REALME, 11 Jul 2021broo my realme c3 32gb need more space..pleaseUse sd card and put ur heavy files in sd card. Make sure to use a good quality card and choose how much storage sd card u want. U can choose 1tb sd card too but those are expensive


broo my realme c3 32gb need more space..please

Jhay Jhay, 11 Jul 2021Dynamic ram expansion?Does it work like the normal ram?Yes it's basically uses ur storage and like if u choose 3gb it will tka e3gb of storage and use ufs storage as ram. It will basically act as normal ram execot it won't be as fast and its use full in low ram devices

Dynamic ram expansion?Does it work like the normal ram?

For the ppl who sya this gimmick and is bad. It is there and u are not forced to use this. If u don't want to use it don't. If u ever ran out of ram then u cna use it. Mostly that's gonna happen on 3gb or less ram but still

  • Wakcheng

And then later some manufacturer will advertise 24 GB ram with small footnotes actual 128MB and the rest is from the drive... with a slogan it just works.. With caveats.. and the caveats got caveats

  • Guruji

SMIRNAS, 09 Jul 2021curious. how effective this Virtual RAM on smartphone usag... moreReally not make an impact in performance of devices

  • Anonymous

Will Realme X50 pro Get this update.?

  • Anonymous

The hell is Realme doing with their updates?

  • Anonymous

New marketing gimmick virtual ram..its not bad at all,but its not a game changer either...most phones 6gb and above rams handle well enough rather needs to be on budget low ram devices

  • Vishal Singh

They have very pathetic service in regard to UI 2.0 update, even after a year of launching we are still awaiting for update. They just keep launching phones weekly with different name with same specs.. but forget to listen to their customers. selling millions of phone and giving early access to 500 people. I mean how disgusting low is that. pathetic service.

  • Dan

Realme is so slow on the updates. Realme 5, 5 Pro, XT... We are still waiting for Android 11. Sigh* So disappointing. Even security updates are so slow.

how effective this Virtual RAM on smartphone usage???

need someone to make detail and easy to understand video about this hot topic

  • Anonymous

Realme and updates= pathetically slow. My Realme 8 Pro is still on February security patch

  • Anonymous

Its helpful on low Ram devices...but yeah brands will now advertise this not saying this is bad but this isnt a decision making feature either to buy phone

  • Realme GT

Just to add, the Realme GT 5G also got the DRE update (along some other optimizations).

Dynamic RAM is a very specific thing. This is but a swap file.

  • Harris Papanik

realme is GOING UP! remember..realme is gonna be in the top 4 of smartphone manufacturers!.. until the end of 2021..

  • Anonymous

dre by dr. dre