Nokia E66 and Nokia E71 getting near

8 May, 2008
While we all expected the official announcement of Nokia E71, we come across a dozen of good photos of both Nokia E66 and Nokia E71. We also have some extra exclusive photos of Nokia...

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  • neenor

Hey Guys. Can anybody please tell me if the E71 has a charm hole? Not the most important feature of such a brilliant phone, but one nonetheless!


  • dave the rave

ive justgot my e71 and its brill u an do most everything on this aprt from yh qwerty keyboard is hard 2 get used 2 but its brill id recmmend 1

  • Business Mobile

Both the E71 and E66 are available to preorder in the UK on

  • Prosenjitz

Waiting for E71 for so long! Now, when it is about to be released, I am worried of its price! If the price is on absurdly higher side, I'll go for 3G iphone.


when do u expect the launch of e51-camera free?

  • MJ

when the time comes to release it, it will be out dated !!

  • IncidentFlux

I've been waiting for a Nokia candybar form factor phone like this since my first Nokia 5510 with QWERTY + FM radio, finally the wait is over!

Nokia E71 @ Wikipedia

A sliding Lens Cover and a 3.5 mm Headphone Jack would've made it nearly perfect.

  • Jatin Singh

Anonymous, 27 May 2008is it touchscreen?no its not touch one

  • Jatin Singh

phone e71 fathers of all business phone
nokia dude when its coming??
i cant wait,
listen iphone, moto-q, asus, imate-ultimate--you will not got a chance to stay here in this market, just to come e71!!!!!!!!!!!
he he he he he he he he he he he he............................
the fathers of all business phone is coming------the e71 yes yes the e71 e71 e71

sorry if i disturb any one feelings...

  • Vantha

For E71 fans: you can find an initial review from the Boy Genius Report @

  • Anonymous

is it touchscreen?

  • bob

great, the e65 is a great phone. the only prob i had with it was no fullscreen viewer for the cam, i hope this has and keeps ALL the features of the 65 cos' then it will be sweet an i might not worry about the x1 then.

  • Nishan

At Last..both look very attractive..but when it's gonna be available? E71's Body looks very slim..should've been a shuter for the cam..

  • karamjeet

I am so keen on E71 and i need to know when will it be available in msia.I need to change my phone fast and please releast it asap.

  • Badom

The e71 looks good and i hope it supports N gage games?

  • Mat FR

I'm waiting for this e71. I've the e61i but it gots some issues. The e71 is slimer, better & powerful.
When does it get out?

  • Anonymous

hey the E71 looks like a stretched version of E70...hahah nice thats cool , hope it feels as good as in hand as it looks!!!!! see ya

  • Anonymous

I might buy E66 if it has infrared port.

  • Albert Tang

E66 looks not much different from the E65. I guess the usage will be much the same as well. I liked my E65, but it slows down too much once too much stuff is loaded. Wonder will the E66 have the same problem

  • jameski

if the display of E66 is only 2.4" then it's not going to be should be at least 2.6"..hopefully, it has infrared port & that blinking led found in E51..and the camera must have a flash...