Samsung Exynos 850 version of Galaxy A12 reportedly on the way

14 July 2021
A new variant of the entry-level Samsung phone would be powered by Samsung’s own silicon.

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  • Anonymous

studioarkania, 14 Jul 2021i got a 4/128 version, good choice for it's class. Bu... moreI think you'll find Samsung has "censored" the compass

No need for useless 2 mp cameras

  • Anomymous

Slow but good!
POG Samsung!

  • Anonymous

Still waiting for the day to actually see any Exynos 980/1080 phones outside china

i got a 4/128 version, good choice for it's class.
But please Samsung, i strongly suggest you put back the compass censor on it.
if it is for saving reason, i can not understand how much saving samsung would gain by taking out that basic censor..seriously? :)

  • arkania

dear Samsung,
everything is just perfect to its class. good job.
But, please put back the compass sensor into this A12 :)

i have no idea how much samsung can save by taking out this very basic sensor...

  • YoloBS

good if its gonna be a android go phone i guess

  • Anonymous

So this is basically Galaxy M12 which was launched in Vietnam, India and Bangladesh


but why ?

Exynos 850 is junk and it's not much better than p35. Should have put atleast sd 662 or mtk helio g90 or g80

looking at that camera setup makes me want to slap that fella who engineered this monstrosity.

  • gfsopmjd65

good, yeah it's slow but at least more power efficient than MediaTek P35

  • Arod

ok thats good
better than that crappy helio p35