Helio G96 chipset unveiled with 108MP camera and 120 Hz display support, G88 follows

15 July 2021
The two are not strict upgrades over the G95 and G85, but they do have better display and camera support.

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Anonymous 2.0, 18 Jul 2021Is it power hungry or efficient? 😂helio g96 is more efficient than helio g90t and g95 because it has weaker gpu. But not as efficient as snapdragon

All the Helio lineup should have supported UFS 2.2 also. Dimensity should be WiFi 6 and UFS 3.1. The Helio G96 should have had 3 or 4 G57 cores and G88 2 G57 cores.

  • Anonymous 2.0

Is it power hungry or efficient? 😂

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gd7543yd, 16 Jul 2021forget already about Helio series, it's energy ineffic... moreFunny story there is only ONE efficient SoC from the Helio G series and is the Helio G90 and 95.

Then Mediatek KILLED the line HARD with those abominations.

So... they downgraded it's specs and "upgraded" it's marketing specs? Don't buy a phone with a "108MP camera" and "120Hz display" if it phone can't process all those pixels and actually run most apps at that framerate.

OhNom, 16 Jul 2021You clearly get for the ISP you pay at your processor, or w... moreThere are are phones these days which provide flagship level ISP at mid range price

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it's not highend!

If MediaTek engineers were clever they would have made the G96 with 4 Mali G57 cores and G88 with 2 Mali G57 cores. UFS 2.2 should have been standard for both as well as Bluetooth 5.2

  • gd7543yd

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2021ever heard about redmi note 8 , realme 6?Yes, Realme 6 having trashy video quality and bad dynamic range in photos. Redmi Note 8 2021 is worse in terms of video quality and video compared to original Redmi Note 8 with Snapdragon.

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YUKI93, 16 Jul 2021So basically, the G95 still has better GPU performance than... moreYeah the g95 is still better for gaming and gpu intensive works.120hz in midrange matters but at the cost of downgradrd gpu never.The could have just take the g95 and add the new features that would have been much better

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Anonymous, 15 Jul 2021UFS2.2 from samsung has almost 900Mb/s speed. It is mor... moreUfs 2.2 giving 900 mbps? Lol read speed or write speed?
Even S21 Ultra with ufs 3.1 doesn't surpass 1000mbps write speeds.
All flagships with ufs 3.1 reach 700-900mbps sequential write speed.
The Chinese brands like Vivo and others give highest scores among ufs 3.1 storage paired with flagship soc.

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2021More than enough?? Lol have you used might mode?? What abo... moreYou clearly get for the ISP you pay at your processor, or what do you expect? Have the latest generation in a mid-range processor? Be more realistic, for the price you pay, it is considerably good

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OhNom, 16 Jul 2021You know that actually UFS2.2 is more than enough for 108Mp... moreMore than enough?? Lol have you used might mode??
What about mid range ISP??

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Agimat2019, 16 Jul 2021What nanometer (nm) is this chipset?12nm for both G96 and G88

  • Agimat2019

What nanometer (nm) is this chipset?

In 2021 Q3, G96 downgrade GPU & G88 emcc memomry(no ufs). What a logic Mediatek!

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gd7543yd, 16 Jul 2021forget already about Helio series, it's energy ineffic... moreever heard about redmi note 8 , realme 6?

  • gd7543yd

forget already about Helio series, it's energy inefficient, overheating and has bad image processing, smartphones with Helio G and P SoC's have bad dynamic range in photos and worse video quality if you compare them to smartphones with Qualcomm chips in the same price range. Redmi Note 8/8T with Snapdragon 665 does better photos and videos than Redmi Note 9 with G85

  • Abi

Just another company trying to deceive prospective customers. Nothing new.

iPhone XS user, 16 Jul 2021I think we all know that this is going to be the ancient 12... more12nm is not ancient and yes it is old but ur iphone 11 has ancient 5w charging according to ur name.