The Huawei P50 series will be available globally, company confirms

21 July 2021
The P50 flagships will be unveiled next week with HarmonyOS 2.0. 

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  • victor
  • Gxq
  • 30 Jul 2021

HarmonyOS is not Android. even Huawei is saying that. and you won't be able to sideload play store on it ever because they are 2 different system. many people think its android but its not.

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    • iokup
    • 8kg
    • 29 Jul 2021

    captain fokou, 25 Jul 2021Have you ever tried hms? yes, I'm using honor 10 with hms. all right!

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      • The Don
      • fjS
      • 26 Jul 2021

      Fyah Wayne , 23 Jul 2021Does this new P50 series support Google PlaystoreNo Google play.

        I believe this year's huawei sells will rise since many people who bought the (amazing) p30 pro will upgrade to the p50 seires.

          Anonymous, 24 Jul 2021FHave you ever tried hms?

            • S
            • Shui8
            • KZK
            • 24 Jul 2021

            YUKI93, 23 Jul 2021This looks like a chance for anyone to try out HarmonyOS 2.... moreMy P40 soon will get it 😉

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              • Anonymous
              • L%M
              • 24 Jul 2021

              Dj luga, 23 Jul 2021They are still banned so no, no Google play store F

                This looks like a chance for anyone to try out HarmonyOS 2.0 in Global state.

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                  • Dj luga
                  • CDx
                  • 23 Jul 2021

                  Fyah Wayne , 23 Jul 2021Does this new P50 series support Google PlaystoreThey are still banned so no, no Google play store

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                    • Fyah Wayne
                    • rjB
                    • 23 Jul 2021

                    Does this new P50 series support Google Playstore

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                      • Bill
                      • qLU
                      • 23 Jul 2021

                      The phones out preform any phone I have ever used. The issue is att won't add them to there system so basically you have a phone that come next year won't work cause they don't allow it on there network. My mate 20x fell victim to att saying nope come next year it won't work on our network because they won't allow the vote function to work. Im using a Samsung phone now and hate it. Ithe camera sucks and my mate 20x could run circles around this thing. Owell one day I hope to revist the brand and hopefully the US networks will allow them to work. And yes people I know they work fine now on att and t-mobile they won't work when the shut down the 3g service.

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                        • HGD
                        • my5
                        • 23 Jul 2021

                        My p30 seems to have done the job for the past 2 years so no arguments about its predessessors

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                          • Alfredo
                          • 8CA
                          • 22 Jul 2021

                          P.J. Ipoh, 22 Jul 2021My Honor still the best What a great Honor!

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                            • P.J. Ipoh
                            • 3vd
                            • 22 Jul 2021

                            My Honor still the best

                              • G
                              • Greg
                              • pLN
                              • 22 Jul 2021

                              P20 pro good nice hany phone
                              p30 pro bit big but still good
                              p40 pro best phone, and u can have Google only NFC is not working

                                Jo, 22 Jul 2021My P40 is the best, HUAWEI forever!!!!No no no Jo, my P30 Pro is the best Huawei Modest!

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                                  • Gent1970
                                  • n1f
                                  • 22 Jul 2021

                                  Had my p30 pro for a few years and can't wait to get my hands on the p50 pro,there are plenty of 3rd party app sites so there shouldn't be an issue,Google are going down the apple route where as they don't allow certain apps on your phone, Samsung full of bloatware, I'm going SIM only until I get my hands on the p50 pro.

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                                    • yalim
                                    • JbX
                                    • 22 Jul 2021

                                    Buddy, 22 Jul 2021Does samsung exynos worth what they ask for? Haha.. a value... moreYes,of has been in phone business for 25 years and this made a solid brand reliability and desirability in time.they have aftersales in every city in the world.they have proper app support.and thousands of more compatible accessories.

                                      Anonymous, 21 Jul 2021For Banking and other apps it works on my P40 Pro perfectly... moreEmpty claims and wrong information about terrible experience with apps. Pretty sure most of these negative commenters haven't laid a hand on a Huawei device. After one whole year of usage I find the experience excellent. I wouldn't wana got to Google anymore!

                                        TeddY, 22 Jul 2021So still no Google services and old chip without 5G for a F... more you called 5nm chipset old, can you hear your self..