Weekly poll: the OnePlus Nord 2 promises the flagship experience on a budget, can it deliver?

25 July 2021
A flagship killer would be return to form for OnePlus.

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Anonymous, 25 Jul 2021Long essay, which fails already in the beginning. GSMAREN... moreYou're a oneplus fan Isit? the poco is 100X better as it has better performance, better software, better build, better almost everything Except cameras. The cameras are 3/5 for me

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3.5 mm jack I can understand but what's the deal about the sd card slot. Phones these days have a lot of gb already what's the point of the slot

I like the Poco F3 better. The only positive thing about the OnePlus Nord 2 5G is the 6.43" screen size.

Nord 2 is lacking couple of bits and pieces to be a full fledged flagship killer:
- official IP68
- metal frame
- better USB
- card slot and 3.5 mm jack would be a nice bonus
- AF on selfie camera would be nice too
- they also could get rid of that useless 2 MP camera (and use similar camera setup as Zenfone 8)

With the price around 500 euro that would be a real flagship killer.

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Yes it delivers in performance, main camera performance and fast charging.

Misses out in screen and other departments

Aspros, 25 Jul 2021The review was very biased. GSM arena favors oneplus. In G... moreThat's personal preference, i mean yes the Poco have better screen, but that doesn't mean the Nord have a BAD screen, it's just not as good as the Poco and few other competition, yet it delivering flagship quality camera(for the primary but still, that's what Pixel a series and iPhone Se line up offer and ppl love those)
Yet OnePlus still manage to not cut on experience, and raw power for the price

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Aspros, 25 Jul 2021The review was very biased. GSM arena favors oneplus. In G... moreLong essay, which fails already in the beginning.
GSMARENA is so biased towards OnePlus that the Nord2 got 4.1 stars, while the Poco has 4.2 stars. Guess what, around the world the Poco's cameras are described as mediocre in multiple reviews, but only here are they somewhat praised. Multiple reports talk about Poco screen dimming issue, but even if they fixed it, MIUI is prone to introducing more bugs, or fail to even fix bugs that are known for a long time. And let's not talk about the glorios proximity sensor. Speed on paper and specs on paper are not everything.

The review was very biased. GSM arena favors oneplus.
In Greece Nord 2 costs 430euros. With 300 euros ine can buy its direct competitor Poco F3
Poco has a better screen, the most important thing on a smartphone. It has better luminosity, its bigger, brighter, faster in 120hz, with a better bezel ratio and also a MEMC
The camera lacks OIS but its very good, it has better aperture and since it has a snapdragon CPU you can get better results from g-cams. And the secondary cams are also better.
The battery may charge slower, but will last longer, but the differences are so small, it wont matter in real life conditions, just for bragging.
The IP protection is worth smth, but wont save your phone, neither give you any warranty returns.
GSM arena are dead wrong on the poco launcher, its crazy fast and very light, it can really compete with one plus, but one plus users can download it and use it themselves anyway.
Apart from the screen the only real difference lies on performance, esp graphics performance. Since GSM arena favors one plus the avoided to show direct benchmark comparison results, but the difference is there, its huge, its big enough to make a difference in real life too.
Poco phones have replaced one plus on what they used to be, they are cheaper, faster and deliver better results than one would expect from their hardware. They are extremely optimised, the best VFM option there is atm

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Take my money

IpsDisplay, 25 Jul 2021It honestly does deliver, camera quality is very good, nice... moreI would love to see a Poco X3 Pro plus/max with a Qualcomm 870 5g chip inside priced around £250 with the IPS LCD screen from the X3 NFC and pro models. That would be my dream phone as I love the X3 NFC I have now. 5g is literally the only missing feature on this phone.

Anonymous, 25 Jul 2021hardly a budget phone.. way too expensiveIt's not a budget device it's a flagship killer

As usual under OnePlus article, most of the comment section is full of BS, I'm not gonna waste my time replying, they will recognize themselves.

  • Sdw

So what is the "better deal" for 400$ than OPN2?

zaryan, 25 Jul 2021Sadly the o2os on this is basically color os with stock and... moreOnePlus, Realme and Oppo's software are all Color OS under the hood now, they unified the software code between all BBK subsidiaries, and you know, Color OS isn't bad any means, even GSMARENA is fond of this Android skin.
I mean, OnePlus just announced that they will give 3 OS updates and 4 year of security patches for the flagships, I think that's a move that maybe will deliver faster updates for all brands under BBK umbrella.

This is definitely better than any recent Samsung midrange phone, apart from the software support.

Even if this phone is not a superb deal, its way better than the other Nord phones Oneplus have released.

If they manage to make some kind of discounts next months I'm probably grabbing one .

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hardly a budget phone.. way too expensive

Sadly the o2os on this is basically color os with stock android icon pack so i would pick realme offerings and i personally don't like miui so Xiaomi is also a no for me

Kraken, 25 Jul 2021Nope, it doesn't have Sony imx 766 with ois and miui i... moreAt least miui is stable from a development point of view

Now with this oppo merge , the quality of oxygen os is up in the air...

All we have is their "word" that everything will remain the same.. I wouldn't trust a business in that regards
They've already been caught with anti consumer moves

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YUKI93, 25 Jul 2021If I want any current smartphone with the Dimensity 1200 ch... more100% agree with you mate!
The X7 Max is simply a better deal in India, especially right now (during sale) as the 12/256 variant is available for 28k which is same as Nord2's 6/128 variant.
If 1+ included the 3.5mm HP jack and USB 3.0 (since they certainly won't put a mSD slot) and the camera output was anything deserving of the sensor they put in, it'd have been a no-brainer, but right now the X7 Max is simply a better value.