Panasonic announces 2-in-1 Toughbook G2 with 18.5h battery life and modular accessories

23 July 2021
The ruggedized handheld computer is intended for the needs of the manufacturing, military, and field services industries.

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  • CCE

It can only be tough if its is ATEX Eexd certified.

16 or 32 GB ram sounds good but what about graphic cards and many else like camera. Thery said it have thermal camera option as add on but what about normal camera.
How fast is HDD what other conectors and which devices this thing will and can support etc.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2021Does Linux even support touchscreens?Yes it does

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2021Does Linux even support touchscreens?In principle, yes. The ease of getting it to work probably varies between distributions and hardware, as usual. But for example the touchscreen on my X270 Thinkpad worked immediately in Linux Mint.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2021It's just a PC in tablet form, so I'm sure you ca... moreDoes Linux even support touchscreens?

YUKI93, 23 Jul 2021Available to corporate customers. That's quite a bumme... moreThey always write that. You'll have to look around a bit, there will be plenty of resellers who sell to the public.

Available to corporate customers. That's quite a bummer, I like it a lot.

  • Anonymous

I love how it looks, and the cost is completely justifiable. You buy this to get through years of tough work in extreme environments. It's for men with rough pickups mostly, not families with comfortable sedans.
Good job on the modular and practical design.

  • Anonymous

Goodfellow, 23 Jul 2021Can linux or lineage OS be installed. If yes, then this is ... moreIt's just a PC in tablet form, so I'm sure you can treat it like a normal laptop and even have double-boot Linux and Windows.

A friend of mine who is onboard supervisor engineer for large boats love these.
It damn durable, his "normal laptop" got destroyed when the boat goes through a storm from sheer vibration and shocks. So he prefer these.

So yeah either extreme enviroment or for workers in places that if your shoes doesn't have toe cap your are not allowed to enter.

  • cyber

this one means business,and costs

Inb4 ppl starts complaining because of the price :3

  • Goodfellow

Can linux or lineage OS be installed. If yes, then this is a really cool product.

Neat, maybe I will finally replace my old CF-19. I wonder how it stays up in laptop position - the tablet itself is 1.19kg, the keyboard merely 0.91kg. I guess you have to be careful not to lean the screen back too far?

Love the rear view with the screen up - no logo, no "sleek" whatever, just hatches, vents and screws, all black. :)

Edited to add: Ah, the keyboard has en extensible handle, and it will double as a support in the back to prevent tipping over in laptop mode.