Motorola Edge 20 appears in renders with punch hole display and triple camera

23 July 2021
It will come with the Snapdragon 778G SoC, 108MP primary camera, and a 120Hz screen.

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  • Anonymous

How many GB space

  • Anonymous

5000 mah battery with amoled screen fast charging support is better and I refer

Not Happy , 24 Jul 2021Anonymous bots? A few years back you could get 8k phone ... moreOh when they will put 8k u will Complain NO SD CARD NO SD CARD 8K TAKES TO MUCH STORage. Meanwhile ppl who have 4k chillin and u going crazy. It's not all about resolution just like mp. It's about the sensor quality the processing the isp and many more factors. Anything above 4k only brings little to no detail just like using normal camera mode and using high res mode.

  • Anonymous

Goblin, 24 Jul 2021When next will they release a phone with shatter shield? No... moreI think they dropped that...It´s too expensive o manufacturers and gorilla glass victus is now mainstream.

Also to replace a new screen (shattershield) costs a fortune.

  • Anonymous

MENE, 25 Jul 2021This is not motorola Edge 20. this is motorola Flat 20. mot... moreThe truth is many people compained about the waterfall cuvr display. So they fix it to reach more people.

Personally i love the waterfall display, i have the original Edge. But i agree that the majory don´t, and afterall it´s all about sales.

  • Kami

Price plz?

  • Anonymous

Beatty I expect 6000mh

Davy Jones, 25 Jul 2021😀😀Good People like you are hard to come by on this site 😜

Christabel, 25 Jul 2021I wish I has a finger print or does it? you reading skills are awful

  • Christabel

I wish I has a finger print or does it?

  • MENE

This is not motorola Edge 20. this is motorola Flat 20. motorola is always doing the same thing with their other series like moto e, moto g. moto x and moto Z. "one step forward and two steps backwards". There is no exception with this edge series as well.

Ugery, 24 Jul 2021No sir don't feel bad ❤️😀😀

  • sunny28

why not providing 3.5 mm jack?
.? if anyone wants to use wireless then too jack is necessary

  • Ugery

Davy Jones, 24 Jul 2021I am sad to see brands putting no effort in design language... moreNo sir don't feel bad ❤️

  • Goblin

When next will they release a phone with shatter shield? Not sure I can do without a phone that doesn't have this feature .

  • Sano

I thing phone with this nothing special speciation can't afford lack of 3,5mm...

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 23 Jul 2021Considering the Edge+ OLED screen debacle, I'm not sur... moreWhat issues did the original have then?

  • Anonymous

So this phone is newer than the old Edge, but yet worse.

Wow.... what a fail.

Aierlan, 23 Jul 2021Yeah, not really surprising as many of them are designed an... moreI am sad to see brands putting no effort in design language these days

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2021Hm2 is better than hmx. Hmx tops out at 6k while Hm2 can d... morePersonally, I'd prefer the Hmx. I think there is a reason Xiaomi has chosen the Hmx for their more premium phones. The hm2 is also used on the k40pro+/mi11i. It also performs not as well as the mi11 at least according to DXO mark. Looking at replacement costs for parts on Xiaomi's website the HM2 is also much cheaper. I used it myself as well for a short time and my biggest complaint is the very slow shutter speed with this sensor which results in lots of blurry pics if there is any motion at all from the subjects. You can also download the samples here on this site or on dxomark to see the shutter speed for your self in the file info. Still everyone has there own preferences but given the choice overall I'd prefer the mi11 camerawise over the k40 pro+ for example.