BlackBerry smartphones could be making a new comeback thanks to Onward Mobility

26 July 2021
The company is launching a “Pre-Commitment Program” for “innovative BlackBerry 5G smartphones”.

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  • Spartan Rookie

I was typing on an android device and wrongly tapped the submit button.

  • Spartan Rookie

Keyboards are for niche markets. BlackBerry should and must go full screen to compete better in the market. BlackBerry Hub offers a much better experience and seamless integration into business and everyday communication/message tools (email, chats, messenger etc) that is much needed in an app filled world. Being able to consolidate and keep up with messages at a glance has always been a unique differentiator in BlackBerry devices. Yes a keyboard would be nice but its time to shed light on the BlackBerry no nonsense architecture such as no bloated software, privacy to an extent or the choice of it, and the Hub's customisation features that are quite unrealised by many. Plus, being able to prioritise messages accordingly to help you filter out chat noise is what customisation should really be for.

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2021You are so few that will buy that kind of phone that will r... moreSo many "options" ? You call having hundreds of slabs that all bring the same overall experience having "options" ?

The current smartphone market is the equivalent of if every single vehicle on the road was a Corolla or Camry.

It's boring.

  • Hilgard

Hemant, 28 Jul 2021I think blackberry is now out of fashion specially keyboard... moreBlackBerry is timeless and will never go out of fashion 🖤 It's the Rolls Royce of smartphones 🖤

  • Anonymous

Cant wait for BB OS

  • Joe

If FIH is manufacturing it, does this mean it will be a piece of eWaste when BB dumps support?

  • loyo

I think it's already dead even before launching. Too much competitions in the smartphone market. And Blackberry will be selling its phone with a usual high price tag.

  • Frank

Used a BB Classic up until a few weeks ago when AT&T decided to kick me off their network due to the 3G/4G/5G reshuffle, claiming they will send me a "free phone" to replace it. Well their "free phone" turned out to be an iPhone, and it wasn't really free. They lock you in to finance the phone for 3 years and then refund your monthly payment. So if you ditch AT&T, which I will do very soon, you have to pay the balance. Isn't that nice? I tried it for a few weeks and can't stand the free iPhone they sent me. I constantly miss calendar reminders and miss my BB Classic already! If Onward Mobility's timing was better, they could have cornered the market for holdouts using older BBs, who are being thrown off networks as part of the big 2021-2022 3G/4G/5G reshuffle. So let's get moving, Onward Mobility and save me from putting up with this toy called an iPhone. My other option is a Unihertz Titan Pocket, which isn't due out until at least September. Again, just a little too late. Which ever two comes out with a pocket sized keyboard phone first will win my business, if I can survive with the iPhone until then!

  • Rotich

Best news! When is the launch!?

  • Hemant

I think blackberry is now out of fashion specially keyboard which take part of space which can be screen.u don't need keyboard all the time .but screen yes

  • Anonymous

Unihertz Titan Pocket is way better

  • PVJ64

Ho Blck-be, where are you,we are waiting for you.common back do you now good things

  • Anonymous

Eagerly waiting for the new device with keyboarf

  • Anonymous


  • Unknown


  • Ikke

Rhe last 3 or 4 phones of blackberry wasnt very good (specs and quality), so the new one maybe have some good specs but in quality i dont imagine very much, hope im wrong!

  • Djyoti

I really got excited to hear this news.

  • Moore

I can't wait please

  • Anonymous

Love my Passports, and don't want a non- BB phone.

  • Another BB nut

Jakab, 27 Jul 2021Hell yeah all for this my 9900 was a perfect companion for ... moreMy situation exactly: working on my Classic - still! If Onward is expecting (?!?) potential customers input, we might be 6 month away from releasing it! Or, perhaps is just another trick done by Johnny (Chen).