BlackBerry smartphones could be making a new comeback thanks to Onward Mobility

26 July 2021
The company is launching a “Pre-Commitment Program” for “innovative BlackBerry 5G smartphones”.

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  • Khan

Bring with reasonable price tag so that it is accessable to everyone

After the recent "Pegasus" fiasco, the need for a Blackberry is more than ever.
Although, I am not sure whether it would handle it.

  • Anonymous

I think the device is gonna be like Key/Key2.

  • CrownWings

Make the marketing stronger to achieve with competitor..

  • Anonymous

Give people android and powerful hardware. With reasonable price of course. Good luck.

I would like to see a Priv 2! That phone was awesome!

My BlackBerry Bold 9900 still works great. I only use it for note taking, music, and watching videos. Great size. Has removable battery and the original battery still works well after 10 years.

  • Anonymous

Lol every few years blackberry comes from burrows and hide back

I missed that real physical keyboard.
Nothing compared to that experience.
I do hope that the listen to the customers.