There won't be a OnePlus 9T or OnePlus 9T Pro, rumor has it

27 July 2021
That would break a years-long tradition for the company.

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  • Sathish

9t and 9t Pro

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2021People on internet say oneplus is dying while oneplus wirel... moreYou are wrong my brother was waiting for 9t for replacing his 7t

  • Anonymous

Hope Nothing comes with out with Phone and we can ditch OnePlus

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2021OnePlus used to have a huge fanbase for faster Android rele... moreYou can always buy nothing lol

Well unless they dont want to release 9T or 9T Pro with SD870 or so i thinks this can be right.

  • AnonD-836132

I think this product launch will be replaced by the launch of OnePlus Pad. Don't be fooled people 😅. They will still launch products. They will widen their catalogue. Don't expect that they will now focus more on software support. That's not gonna happen. 🤣

  • Anonym

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2021People on internet say oneplus is dying while oneplus wirel... moreSure, we all remember their motto: "mid-range killer" ... or something like that.

Given the state of Snapdragon 888 thermal performance, I wouldn't be surprised with this move. Using Snapdragon 888+ wouldn't be any different.

Oneplus is a sinking ship unless they fix their prices

  • Anonymous

People on internet say oneplus is dying while oneplus wireless z and oneplus nord were best selling products in their category. They had big growth in Europe and USA market but people whining on internet while using redmi 5 pro are right.

  • Anonym

So much doom and gloom, but in reality all that OnePlus needs is better pricing. Xiaomi sells very well, despite all the issues and crappy software some models have -- pricing is king in this battle. OnePlus used to get that.

  • Anonymous

OnePlus used to have a huge fanbase for faster Android releases and software optimization. This announcement verifies that OnePlus's failure is near.

Thanks to the departure of Carl Pei. We, all OnePlus fans, miss him.😭

I don't care about oneplus since the oneplus 8 seires.

There is a lot to improve on the current 9 series smartphones 😂 , so its probably chip shortage

  • Anonymous

How can they release a 9T with the 888 Plus and they don't have any viable alternative for a flagship device. The standard 888 is bad enough. You would probably be able to cook an egg on it!

  • Anonymous

No one would miss it

  • RS333

Shellyman Infinity, 28 Jul 2021I've said this before, and I got a lot of heat in the ... moreDon't worry, do it, won't happen this year...

  • AnonD-940827

Then we'll just wait and see what the oneoppo xt brings.

  • Anonymous

seriously oneplus ? you want to skip the 9T because of global chip shortage but you put in the damn heating and expensive Snapdragon 888 in 9 ! iam sorry but i got to say iam not convinced .

  • T M

They have given up. This is sad.