There won't be a OnePlus 9T or OnePlus 9T Pro, rumor has it

27 July 2021
That would break a years-long tradition for the company.

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  • Anonymous

Hope Nothing comes with out with Phone and we can ditch OnePlus

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2021OnePlus used to have a huge fanbase for faster Android rele... moreYou can always buy nothing lol

Well unless they dont want to release 9T or 9T Pro with SD870 or so i thinks this can be right.

I think this product launch will be replaced by the launch of OnePlus Pad. Don't be fooled people 😅. They will still launch products. They will widen their catalogue. Don't expect that they will now focus more on software support. That's not gonna happen. 🤣

  • Anonym

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2021People on internet say oneplus is dying while oneplus wirel... moreSure, we all remember their motto: "mid-range killer" ... or something like that.

Given the state of Snapdragon 888 thermal performance, I wouldn't be surprised with this move. Using Snapdragon 888+ wouldn't be any different.

Oneplus is a sinking ship unless they fix their prices

  • Anonymous

People on internet say oneplus is dying while oneplus wireless z and oneplus nord were best selling products in their category. They had big growth in Europe and USA market but people whining on internet while using redmi 5 pro are right.

  • Anonym

So much doom and gloom, but in reality all that OnePlus needs is better pricing. Xiaomi sells very well, despite all the issues and crappy software some models have -- pricing is king in this battle. OnePlus used to get that.

  • Anonymous

OnePlus used to have a huge fanbase for faster Android releases and software optimization. This announcement verifies that OnePlus's failure is near.

Thanks to the departure of Carl Pei. We, all OnePlus fans, miss him.😭

I don't care about oneplus since the oneplus 8 seires.

There is a lot to improve on the current 9 series smartphones 😂 , so its probably chip shortage

  • Anonymous

How can they release a 9T with the 888 Plus and they don't have any viable alternative for a flagship device. The standard 888 is bad enough. You would probably be able to cook an egg on it!

  • Anonymous

No one would miss it

  • RS333

Shellyman Infinity, 28 Jul 2021I've said this before, and I got a lot of heat in the ... moreDon't worry, do it, won't happen this year...

Then we'll just wait and see what the oneoppo xt brings.

  • Anonymous

seriously oneplus ? you want to skip the 9T because of global chip shortage but you put in the damn heating and expensive Snapdragon 888 in 9 ! iam sorry but i got to say iam not convinced .

  • T M

They have given up. This is sad.

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2021Hopefully this is oneplus getting its house in order. With ... moreFirst nord was better when software was working fine. Everything is related to software. If software is working fine even nord is fine. OG Nord with Pixel Experience rom works way better than stock ROM of One Plus 7T/8T(Camera is still subpar). So no point in getting such costly device. It just now upto One Plus to release great value for money devices with snapdragon chipsets under 450USD-550USD so that people can flash rom and enjoy the device to the fullest. Maybe they have use best hardware possible at that price and leave everything on software side to developers. Never leave this price bracket and you are fine with sales and you will remain in market. One Plus 9 Pro with 1000 USD won't make you great at all.

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2021I'm not surprised as they have ended several "tra... moreSame camera output through GCam can be achieved by the Redmi Note 7 Pro. So why to spend so much of money on One Plus 7T? Competition has gone ahead and deliver great cameras at lower price. Second thing is software support or Oxygen OS which was exclusive to One Plus devices. That's not the case anymore. One Plus 5T was last best device with best Oxygen OS version. Even till Oxygen OS 10.3.4 was best version One Plus 7T had. After that, almost every One Plus device except One plus 9 Pro has gone downwards in terms of software updates or there are lots of bugs. Great for flashing roms but device price is also so high, that it makes no sense. Redmi Note series runs great with ported Oxygen OS than One Plus software. So no point in spending so much if we are not getting good software support. One Plus is worth only for 450USD-650USD.