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30 July 2021
The phone series arrives with an all-new dual-matrix camera design; lacks a charger in the box.

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sixtymes, 30 Jul 2021I am not a Huawei fan due to their back door scandal, but I... moreThere was no 'Backdoor scandal'. Just allegations, backed up with practically zero evidence. Whereas Cisco Systems was proved to have backdoor access and even admitted as much. But they're American, so apparently that's OK?! Don't believe everything you read, this was nothing more than a political move to protect American business interests.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2021*larger* poco f3 + iphone copied design.This is the last thing I'd care about.

  • Anonymous

SMIRNAS, 30 Jul 2021ugly camera bump design,, and what about SoC ? still kirin 9000??*larger* poco f3 + iphone copied design.

  • Anonymous

huawei has become so cheap that they have to copy poco f3. joke of the year.

meow, 31 Jul 2021Huawei can't get the charging IC chips supply (due to ... moreThanks for the further explanation.

  • meow

Aierlan, 30 Jul 2021Actually just watched a video from tech altar. According to... moreHuawei can't get the charging IC chips supply (due to obvious reasons), and the quality of any domestic alternative cannot meet the standard - hence the company decided to exclude the charger in the packing.

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2021ugly as hellThe person who says it is, and you are no exception

captain fokou, 30 Jul 2021Because I see a lot of comments complaining about the remov... moreActually just watched a video from tech altar. According to him, it's because they couldn't get enough chips to make enough chargers to ship with the phones. Not sure if this is true but it would make sense as they ran out of chargers in China at one point during the year

  • Mike

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2021ugly as hellHave you seen the s21 ultra it deserves the award for the ugliest flagship of 2021

ugly camera bump design,, and what about SoC ? still kirin 9000??

  • Anonymous

Techboy-Dexe, 30 Jul 2021But Qualcomm is an American Company And not a very good one.

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2021Snapdragon is the most powerful and reliable CPU and GPU, s... moreThanksāœŒ

  • Anonymous

Exaggerate a bit in music and video

captain fokou, 30 Jul 2021That's the price I hope the will release it. I wanted ... moreHow are you going to overcome the lack of Google services? I had the P40 Pro for a while and managed to install Google services on it via some weird method. Without Google services a lot of apps just didn't work properly... It's a shame because the phones are truly great. Fingers crossed people will find a way to install these Google mobile services on the P50 series as well!

RukkTek, 30 Jul 2021Finaly an Huawei with Snapdragon...late, unfortunnaly, caus... moreThat's the price I hope the will release it. I wanted to buy the p50 pro but the p50 look just as good.

  • Anonymous

ugly as hell

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2021Because the US government has blocked TSMC (a chip fabricat... moreBut Qualcomm is an American Company

  • RukkTek

Finaly an Huawei with Snapdragon...late, unfortunnaly, cause now we dont have Google Play Sevices onboard.

So you win some and lose some. Typical.

But the design is ok, build quality we all know is Huawei so top notch. Other than that are pricy as fk.

They should give it an 699 euros for P50 and 899 euros for Pro so someone can buy it, otherwise other brands with Google services and higer price will sell better than this.

  • Anonymous

rizki1, 30 Jul 2021how many flagship disappointments this year? xperia 1 iii, ... moreXiaomi has a problem with their miui development, several phone get a bug related to hardware like ghost touch or other bug, this is bad while other brand doesn't seem to have this problem with their owned hardware

Samsung? You buy 150 USD M01 or 1500 USD Z Fold 2 and still get Ads inside samsung official apps, which is very bad that you already paid 2x xiaomi prices

Apple? Ultra expensive with some limited hardware and software, not all android gplay app are also sold in appstore especially in development country

Oppo or Vivo? No innovation just marketing gimmick with their every half annual release, price like samsung somehow below somehow above

Realme? Just like xiaomi, has some ads in ui too, price below oppo, but don't expect it will have premium design or aftersales like oppo because this is for mid low class

So which phone is the best? NOTHING, just what you can stand up with their weaknesses

  • Anonymous

Techboy-Dexe, 30 Jul 2021S9meone corret me If I'm wrong but why is Huawei using... moreSnapdragon is the most powerful and reliable CPU and GPU, since once made by AMD, put the Snapdragon will raise the sales evetough only 4G capable, and since manufactured by Non US factory, so it is possible to put snapdragon

Who doesn't love snapdragon? People mostly buy snappy than MTK Kirin or even Exynos, due to high performance CPU GPU