Weekly poll: how do the Huawei P50 and P50 Pro stack up against the competition?

01 August 2021
The embattled company is not giving up and is still making flagships - but it has had to limit its ambition for this generation.

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  • Anonymous

If the main camera sensor uses a Quad Pixel autofocus sensor instead of a Quad Bayer sensor, then the digital zoom at 2x could be worse. Note that Huawei's previous phones used Quad Bayer dual pixel autofocus sensors (which Huawei called Octa PD because quad x dual = octa, Gsmarena incorrectly wrote omnidirectional autofocus) , but it is possible that now Huawei has chosen a Quad Pixel sensor. Quad Pixel sensors have a microlens above four subpixels, just like dual pixel sensors, which have a microlens above two subpixels. So Quad Pixel sensors are fundamentally different, when compared with Quad Bayer sensors. Getting high resolution images from a Quad Pixel sensor should be more difficult or maybe even impossible, that's why dual pixel phones don't output 24 megapixel images.

AnonD-994853, 02 Aug 2021Well it has all FOV or cameras are available for RAW. but n... moreQuite sad since few gen before ordinary verson was with a jack...

  • Joeven Yacub

TL;DR, huawei lost its charm, reputation and competitiveness when they lost the full & complete Android experience. Love it or hate it, we all depend on Google one way or another, no one can't deny that.

So for huawei to resort in forked Android with their own special sauces in the form of harmonyOS and appgallery, they just sealed their fate that brought down the likes of Nokia and BlackBerry, and third-party app stores like Samsung's own which went nowhere near as vastly-populated as Google and even Apple.

Harmony OS is just no option for any well thinking european. Otherwise the Huawei P50 looks to have solid hardware but alas.

  • Anonymous

Huawei is really a good company but sadly top tech reviewers completely ditched it mostly because they revolve around apple and samsung. In my view they should review these phones from Huawei i understand their audience does not have this phone in demand, plus i think companies like apple, google has influence in them like if they share Huawei phone they will face some difficulties. being a tech channel they should be covering this phone. we need a real competitor. Huawei will come back up again in few years they starting to make their everything by them selves. It is Sad policy of some country saying this that ohhh scaryyyy security issues with no evidence. if you cannot beat/ compete with them shut them up, make it difficult for the business. Until now it all blaming game with no evidence it is sad people believe in such manipulation.

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2021By the way, gsmarena has listed wrong camera sensor specs a... moreThey have revealed which sensor they used, it's the omnivision OV50A

captain fokou, 03 Aug 2021That's were the BW sensor comes in. Still no match as RYYB in low light. But I'll take monochrome over it. Dead on accurate colors + multi spectrum sensor with great micro contrast on color images helped by it.

The sad part Huawei have to sacrifice the UWA by making it inferior, smaller than before because of the additional big monochrome sensor.

  • Anonymous

By the way, gsmarena has listed wrong camera sensor specs about the P50 Pro. Huawei hasn't revealed the sensor size, but multiple users have revealed the exif data: the entrance pupil diameter and focal length are nearly identical to the P20 Pro specs: The main camera has a 50mm² sensor, that's called 1/1.5" type. At 27mm the area is between 35 and 40mm², at 27mm it captures nearly as much light per time as the P20 Pro. That's why the monochrome camera is back.

Shui8, 03 Aug 2021Spot on. Advantage of ditching RYYB - color accuracy. Sk... moreThat's were the BW sensor comes in.

[deleted post]Spot on.

Advantage of ditching RYYB - color accuracy. Skin tones sample on DxO shows great results. Must take a toll in low light performance though.

Anonymous, 02 Aug 2021Will you still be able to use Gmail without Google services... moreYes, you can continue using your Gmail account, using stock Email app.

  • Divastouch

Thankfully Amazon sells these phones. Ill always be a Fan. Everything is Made in China so why Ban anything?!?! Jealousy, prejudice, discrimination & hate all needs to STOP

  • Divastouch

Huawei will always be the Best of phones, the prejudice has to stop bc just about everything u own is made in CHINA

Anonymous, 02 Aug 2021SMIC's 7nm process? I'd still buy it even if infe... moreLast I heard is that 4nm & 3nm on the way.

  • Alpha

I would rather burn my money than touch a Chinese phone lol..

Dudenoway, 03 Aug 2021Gmail? Who tf even needs gmail YouTube? YouTube vanced exi... morePeople are just lazy

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2021Looks like you can not read. I said it hardly matters to me... moreYou said that it's essential to many people

Anonymous, 02 Aug 2021The lack of 5G hardly matters to me but to lot of people it... more5g is not essential to anyone before 2024

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2021Exactly. Not only there would be no Gmail and YouTube but ... moreGmail? Who tf even needs gmail
YouTube? YouTube vanced exist
And banking apps? 90% of them work without google
And there are like infinity people who are degoogled.

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2021Bought a Mate 40 instead, I simply can't understand th... moreAgain u don't know sht about anything. Isn't it obvs that they don't have components to make a 5g chip since us banned them. Like srsly u live under a rock