Flashback: Sony Ericsson P910 used an odd flavor of touch Symbian and wanted to do it all

15 August 2021
Nokia's dominance during the early smartphone years means that Series 60 is remembered fairly well - but how many of you remember UIQ?

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  • Anonymous
  • KZ8
  • 07 Aug 2023


    Flagship phone of those era, i loved the speaker clarity of this phone. You will be missed.

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      • Anonymous
      • X{x
      • 03 Sep 2021

      I used p990 in 2009

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        • Anonymous
        • PUh
        • 21 Aug 2021

        I use p900 2006

          Trooper, 15 Aug 2021Did you ever own one of these (a Sony Ericsson P910) ?.Not really i think i had a Nokia 6600 in that time

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            • Anonymous
            • DkT
            • 20 Aug 2021

            Siyaza, 18 Aug 2021Sony Ericsson was very nice ,I wish they could bring it bac... moreXiaomi - Phones are not so great & they just fulfill the basic needs of a Smartphone!
            It adds Masala by highlighting its over loaded Specs but specifically it doesn't meet those expectations!
            Finally Made in China product & there are lot of such other players in the market!

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              • Raufjan
              • uRB
              • 19 Aug 2021

              I also use p900 p910 p990

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                • Siyaza
                • f31
                • 18 Aug 2021

                Sony Ericsson was very nice ,I wish they could bring it back
                to the market but I also think Xiaomi Will make it so nice.

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                  • ne tiron
                  • 0we
                  • 18 Aug 2021

                  i have used, P910, P990 and P1.
                  and i remember all of them with great pleasure.
                  after that i used many other phones, sony or not sony.
                  and i dont remember any of them specifically.

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                    • KMO
                    • gkB
                    • 17 Aug 2021

                    This was when using mobile phones were fun. Today phones are too boring.

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                      • ME
                      • ncr
                      • 17 Aug 2021

                      Still have a working SE P1i .

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                        • Pdajah
                        • nEU
                        • 17 Aug 2021

                        I still have my P800, P900, P910, P990 and P1. These were great devices for their time.

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                          • kek
                          • GBh
                          • 17 Aug 2021

                          For the time when it came out, it surely was a novelty.

                          And sure, Symbian was rough in several places, but it still managed to be adapted to several form factors with ease.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 3Hc
                            • 17 Aug 2021

                            Can't get over the fact that this phone is very small compared to today's smartphones.
                            Back then it was the biggest you can get and hardly fit in you pocket. Did pockets got bigger too???

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                              • alucardnos
                              • nmG
                              • 16 Aug 2021

                              i still own a working p900. very good phone at that time with a bad camera, compared to other models at the same price.

                                I feel like half of the article is the author complaining about the difficulties of using fingers to interact with the UI designed for a stylus. Of course, it's not convenient, why would it be otherwise?

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                                  • rds
                                  • U{p
                                  • 16 Aug 2021

                                  AnonD-977150, 16 Aug 2021When phones were more interesting with out the box ideas an... morei still have this handset with me

                                    Anonymous, 15 Aug 2021Why another flashback on a Sony phone?Why not? Was a great phone. Never owned one, true. But my close friend had it, so I know what I am talking about.

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                                      • AnonD-977150
                                      • nG0
                                      • 16 Aug 2021

                                      When phones were more interesting with out the box ideas and innovation, now we have boring slabs and everything looks the same.

                                      Sony Ericsson good partnership made some fantastic phones.

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                                        • Jay
                                        • RxE
                                        • 16 Aug 2021

                                        I missed using stylus and qwerty actually, it was cool, academic-like and geeky during that era. Psion, Palm, Handspring, Pocket PC, and this touch Symbian... u were amazed by their innovation. Nowsaday, all devices are amazing, but you are not amazed by them.