Google announces Pixel 5a 5G with IP67 and 4680mAh battery for $449

17 August 2021
Available starting August 26 in the US and Japan.

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Anonymous, 18 Aug 2021There are way better device than a52sI don't consider Chinese phones. After import fees they cost around the same as A52s 5G. After considering their warranty (in short: not reliable), I'd rather pay a bit more and get a polished experience with a decent warranty.

The only reasonably polished competitor I know of is Apple, but their phones are more expensive. And Google phones aren't sold in Europe.

Why the ugly notch and why the pointless rear fingerprint scanner. And when Pixel 6 will have modern under display fingerprint scanner, the ugly notch is still there. In phone business, Google have no innovation at all, just old and ugly tech.

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Anonymous, 17 Aug 2021Covered in plastic againReally? In pixel 5 metal body was wrapped in plastic to support wireless charging. This one doesn't have one and it has different size , thus isn't 5 with disabled features either. So I hope , plastc wrap isn't a thing on this one.

Pixel 3 remains one of the best Pixels. I wish to god that with the new chipset in the 6 and hardware that they would have released a version choice of around the same size. There's no 5 and the 5a is a downgrade. Geez, ill hold onto the 3 another year

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2021Shocking to see youtubers calling this phone as best mid ra... moreMajority of them are from USA. They don't have much choice in that price range there.

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299€ and maybe.

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Troll Killer Junior, 18 Aug 2021I really don't care about screen refresh rates. But no... moreIn case you forgot, there is still ongoing component shortages due to COVID-19. And hardware in phones is still very capable...I am using the original Pixel

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Strawhat, 18 Aug 2021Hahaha true! $10k without charger! Comes in bubble wrap to ... morevery true ☺️

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Anonymous, 18 Aug 2021What a stupid comment. How is the rear fingerprint reader ... moreoutdated by design, what he meant

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BrandyAU, 18 Aug 2021To be honest the under display reader on my S10 works flawl... moreIf that's the case then I dare you to grab your phone out of your pocket and have it unlocked by the time it's in front of your face in one fluid motion. UD readers are a two-hand affair and an ergonomic nightmare.

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Vic, 18 Aug 2021Just another phone from Google nobody is going to buy. Not ... moreWhat a stupid comment. How is the rear fingerprint reader outdated if it's still twice as reliable as the under display reader?

I really don't care about screen refresh rates. But not updating the chipset makes this phone obsolete before it ships. Almost the entire point of yearly phone upgrades is for the new chipsets, for the speed and efficiency. I wish they would just put a Snapdragon 888 in this. That, plus aluminum unibody (I hate glass backs), plus 3.5mm jack would almost make this phone perfect. The only thing really missing would be a new in-house chipset, like in the Pixel 6, so that there could be longer security updates.

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Yuri84, 18 Aug 2021Samsung A52s 5G seems like a better choice now. Not sure ho... moreThere are way better device than a52s

Cost way too much realme master and master explorer cost aproximetely same and are way better in every aspect.

For around this price, there's a lot of good alternatives like the A52s 5G, Mi 11i, Nord 2 5G or even the Moto Edge 20 for a bit more. Some of these have much better specs and equally good Android skins.
Google only has a positive in software support with pure Android version, that's very little. Fingerprint in the back, 60hz screen, gorilla glass 3, 18W fast charge?...c'mon Google keep up with the tech...

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Front camera worse than pixel 3xl... Resolution not better than pixel 3xl..... Why want to release mobile like this????

  • Asscariz

Prototype, 17 Aug 2021How to make other countries not want to buy your phone? W... moreExactly. Luckily got seller brought in set from Jp. Need to use adapter for the charger to work.

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H0T-SpIDeR, 18 Aug 2021Buy the samsung a52s 5g It's better, cheaper(i think)... moreand then after a year, screen problem, happened to my S20 1 year and a week later it just suddenly have a flickering issues, white screen after an update, I can no longer have it repair to the service center as it lapsed the 1 year warranty..
I will wait for the release of this one

Samsung A52s 5G seems like a better choice now. Not sure how cameras compare, though.

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