Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro won't have a charger in the box

17 August 2021
Google is happy to follow Apple and Samsung's lead.

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  • blue.sun

It is funny. All the time I see people crying for 3,5 mm jack, yet outside all I see is wireless headphones. I haven't seen wires for months. And the included cheap earphones? Someone really uses that? No, it is just another garbage that goes to the waste bin after some time.
All the time people complain about not having chargers in the box, but I never see anyone carying it with them. Outside they use powerbanks or charging stations in stores, ports in cars... or for travel they take small and light chargers, not the mighty and powerful ones. And adding to that, they still complain, how fast charging reduces battery life.
I see people crying for not included back covers, but I never see the clear ones, which were typically included. Probably because it is boring, having just transparent cover.
The manufacturers should just also reduce the size of the box, which is still too large and with many useless papers in it. Why waste paper? If the phone was packed in the box of it's own size, plus some tiny space for protection, I would be happy.

  • Szymon

If they would give a choice at time if buying phone to have charger in box or not that would be alright i think, otherwise no, no, no, no, no

  • Anonymous

X41, 18 Aug 2021I hate apple for removing 3.5mm jack and charging brick ... moreMost likely useless footsteps. And it was not Apple who the 3.5 jack at first. Nonetheless Apple is shamelessly copying android features for years. Lol

  • Anonymous

onesujeet, 18 Aug 2021Most people already have a smartphone so stop giving phones... moreGood one.

Who really cares of a Pixel phone, only quite good thing is the camera. But many other phones can offer a really good camera to AND lots of other goods things, which lack in Google phones.

  • Anonymous

X41, 18 Aug 2021I hate apple for removing 3.5mm jack and charging brick ... moreI never buy any Apple product. But removing 3.5 jack isn't that bad. We have cool wireless earbuds now.

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2021Sony, Motorola, Vivo, Oppo, realme, htc offer the charger. ... moreXiaomi, my new MI 11 ultra have the 67w charger in the box to.

Thank the greedy people at Apple for this, and the death of the headphone jack, one of the most useful and universal connecters ever made.

  • Anonymous

It's weird how Google sells their pixel phones internationally for average prices while their older phones quickly drop in prices but they horribly overprice the same phones for here and hardly reduce the price even after years. They really banking on brand value ig cause their phone hardware is often sub par

  • Anonymous

Thanks apple

  • Anonymous

Wow. Either phone makers should stop fooling people or they should have a universal charger.

  • kenosis

I bought Sharp aquos Xx3 in late 2016. Charger and cable was not included. There was only phone, Manual and TV-Phone cable. I am not sure when Sharp has started it. I am sure that Apple is not the first one not to include charger and cable.

In my country Google won't even give the phone.

I hate apple for removing 3.5mm jack and charging brick

And Android manufacturer for always following apple footstep.

But i love my iphone 12 pro max.

Amma headout.....😆

This could be an motivation for Chinese manufacturers to stop pushing fast charging tech and to not include chargers in box

Macaulay Culkin, 18 Aug 2021It's using an unreleased Exynos but I wouldn't ba... moreYou call the 888 future proof? In terms of power yes, but the heat will destroy your phone's battery and components before it ages

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2021People stop buying flagships. Expensive and you don't ... moremid-range is the name of the game currently, in the smartphone space. The upper mid-range ones being the choice for most people looking for flagship experience

  • Anonymous

People stop buying flagships. Expensive and you don't even get the charger. A top midranger will do the job just fine. I'm happy with my Nord CE. And I can charge it with 30w.

  • AnonD-1003038

Good thing all the Chinese makers compete for who has a faster charger, because it's all proprietary tech and they need to include their fast charger if they want to show off the fast charging, meaning charger will always be included.

  • sumdumguy

Is it at least going to be a fast charging brick? Hint: 18W is not fast by my count...