Google Pixel 5a in for review

18 August 2021
Yes, the Google Pixel 5a is basically a slightly larger Pixel 5 made a little cheaper.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2021such a shame that the days of compact phones is overThey do exist tho. Apple still makes them for their customers unlike android manufacturers that just care for their own profits, and make what sells the most. As much as I dislike apple, I have to give credit to them here that they do continue to support their users that do not require a big phone, even if that small phone doesn't sell very well but still they make it. Android manufacturers just don't care

Great phone, the increase battery capacity it is a nice upgrade. The downside are Low refresh rate and availability too

  • Anonymous

such a shame that the days of compact phones is over

I like this phone. It's kind of sober and bland but I like it. Too bad it's not coming to Belgium nor the Netherlands so purchasing it will be hard. That's something I never understood...the strategy from Google. How can you sell a phone if you limit the number of countries you release it to. Weird.

  • Anonymous

Interesting how they merged the Pixel 4a 5G and the Pixel 5 into this device. It looks decent.

In for review..still no spec page for this device.. awesome 😎

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Outdated 60 hz and sd 765g ...meh..lazy google

  • Vango

It'll be a battery beast - most reviewers are stating easy 1.5-2 days of moderate usage. That just doesn't happen on a relatively decent sized phone.

I hope they put in the tensor chip and 8gb Ram, 90Hz display and slightly faster 25-30W charging in the 6a. Everything else is okay to me. And release it in other countries!

If it does come to India I will absolutely get it. Dying for a compact-ish phone with 2 day battery life for years now

What a shame, there is no unlimited photo storage any more.
Edit: TBH I would not even consider a52s as an option, If I would to pick price/value phone, I would pick Realme or something like that.

  • Anonymous

Do you mean Pixel 4a 5g with bigger battery gsmarena?

  • Anonymous

Genuinely think a52s 5G with latest 778 is far better.

778 is extremely power efficient

Buy the samsung a52s 5g
It's better, cheaper(i think) and more powerful with a snapdragon 778g soc, 120 hz amoled display and stereo speakers.

  • Anonymous

Would've made more sense with these specs (except with a slightly smaller battery size) if this 5a was the same size as the original non-5G 4a. Really not much upgrade from the 4a 5G.

Pretty good phone just for daily use and for average people. But people who wants an Pixel for less than $400 will be super dissapointed and also, no more small Pixels this year. Hope Pixel 6 costs $899 and Poxdl 6 Pro at $1099 max