ZTE Axon 30 5G in for review

22 August 2021
The under-display camera technology has gotten way better.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Aug 2021Selfies look awfulIts so so so much better than the 1st gen UDC tho.

asani, 22 Aug 2021i am highly disappointed with this phone,how on earth witho... moreIt does have gorilla glass according to ZTE's website. Not sure what version though.

  • asani

i am highly disappointed with this phone,how on earth without gorilla glass.i need an explanation

Cannot wait to see the selfie photo quality from the new second-gen under-display front camera.

  • Anonymous

Bring back the pop-up selfie

The Portrait selfie mode is just bad, even in 2015 there weren't like this. But hey, it's not really for portrait people and I get it, I'd rather prefer a good immersive experience all day round since there is still the back :p

This is hilarious!

  • Anonymous

Selfies look awful

We should all appreciate the 20 version for being the first UD camera mass produced. I still like the first. It's original. If I wasnt such a gamer. I would buy even the 20 edition just for the ground breaking UD camera. And being the first of its kind mass produced.

Without the first... We wouldn't be where we are now. With 2nd generation versions already...

UD cameras are here to stay. Seriously impressed. Soon. The rear cameras will be UD on the rear side and will be even more attractive on the rear of the phone with an almost cameraless appearance.

How amazing. Erm... Apple? Where has there innovation gone? Oh... The notch... Again... 2022... Oh dear...