Rumor: OnePlus 9 RT is in the works, an upgraded 9R with the 50MP IMX766 sensor

19 August 2021
This sensor is used in the ultra wide camera on the 9 and 9 Pro and as the main sensor on the Nord 2.

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Can't wait to see the oneplus 9RTX. I will finally be able to play minecraft rtx on my phone.

The Android Freak, 19 Aug 2021I hope one of the nords have snapdragon 778G.You are a couple of months late. Nord 2 has already been launched with dimensity 1200.

Hello Life, 19 Aug 2021Why wasnt oppo, vivo, realme and don't know what other... moreWith the RT they will have launched 4 oneplus phones and 3 nord ones but since oneplus treats nord like a sub brand I would argue there are only 4 onepluses in 2021. The s21 series also will have 4 models after the fe gets launched so I don't see the reason you are complaining. It's not like they are launching a new phone every 10 days, *cough* xiaomi *couch*.

Can't wait for the SRT version 😍😍😍

Why wasnt oppo, vivo, realme and don't know what others were enough for bbk to launch 100 phones every month.. they dragged oneplus into this. Uptill oneplus 5 and 5t it was so good. Till 7T also.. it was fine.. but then came nord, then came weird updates like 8 and 8t.. if thats not enough now its 9r.. 9r t.. like they are selling phones for every price gap. It doesn't keep the nrand special. Samsung does it differently and that's why their S series feels so special.

Basically a Nord 2 with Snapdragon 870 chipset.

  • Guest from the best

9R is nice, but lacking OIS on main camera unit declines my interest at all, and more affordable with price 8T looks much more interesting. So the question is: will it have OIS?

What I really wish is that they use this imx766 sensor as wide and ultrawide.
I swear, I'd buy it eyes closed!

  • Andres

Wtf is that name...Oneplus has gone crazy with their phone names

I hope one of the nords have snapdragon 778G.

Good for people who were hesitating between the 9R and the Nord 2.

Nice. Sounds interesting.

  • Anonymous

OnePlus 9 Raytracing 😂😆😆

  • Anonymous

This is please release oneplus nord T plus N4357

  • SrR

This is just a disguised update that actually brings Oxycolor OS 11.3 to the device. Get the device on your own risk. Never looking back to the devices of One+

  • Gunjan

Setting icon look worse on OnePlus