Samsung Galaxy A21 Simple SCV49 unveiled in Japan, a simple but durable phone

27 August 2021
The phone is IP68/IPX5 rated, has a lanyard eyelet and a simple to use interface with big icons.

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  • Anonymous

What, exactly, makes this durable? There's nothing in the article to indicate as such. Did the author just decide to throw in adjectives to make the headline sound better?

Kings, 27 Aug 20213600mah in 2021 WTFconsidering the size, pretty much reasonable. 5.8" in 19.5:9 is quite compact.

  • Kings

3600mah in 2021 WTF

  • Anonymous

kek, 27 Aug 2021First, before hating on this device, please note the follow... moreCouldn't agree more with you. The lanyard is very rare (is very good to have one) and the phone is water resistant! Did it mentioned 5.8 inch screen?? 🤩🤩🤩 My kind of screen size 🥰🥰

  • Anonymous

The name reminds me of Simple Simon in Tropic Thunder, lol.

Not sure about the name of the model, but it seems like Samsung is gunning against the Sony Xperia Ace 2. I wonder how the Exynos chipset in this model compares against the Helio P35.

  • kek

Bruhman, 27 Aug 2021Still, the A21 is a decent phone so when I heard the name A... moreGood for your mom that she got used to smartphones pretty easily. She probably will make the best use out of that S20.

But sadly, that's generally not the case for most folks, especially in countries like Japan, where there was a boom, but the older population couldn't catch up sometimes. I agree, though, that the name is confusing and misleading, too.

  • Bruhman

kek, 27 Aug 2021First, before hating on this device, please note the follow... moreStill, the A21 is a decent phone so when I heard the name A21 in it I was expecting a decent phone but nope. Samsung Galaxy Simple would be a much better name. Also these Japanese carries are stereotyping so much. My Mum (who is 98) has a Galaxy S20+. Y'know, not all old people are stuck in Nokia's days of glory.

  • kek

First, before hating on this device, please note the following:

*This was a custom ordered device by Japanese carriers
*Smartphones in Japan are way more expensive than in your local market, so dont be surprised by this price tag
*This is meant for old people (you know, people like your grandmother, grandfather that only needs a cellphones for calls and simple photos, not for taking night photos at some concert lol)

So, dont get overworked over this. It's not like Samsung is suddenly putting these specs on the A52 or something like that.

With that out of the way, let me say one thing that caught my attention: the UI used in here looks good. Perhaps it's one of those cases where less is more.

The lanyard hole is also a plus in my opinion. I dont even know why they dont put those anymore, seeing as more phone are made of plastic frame nowadays.

  • Bruhman

Bruh, more useless crap by Samsung! I was surprised by the A12 Nacho and this stupid A21 Simple SCV49. What the fucck are random letters and numbers at the end? A21 Simple is fine but A21 Simple SCV49...

  • Zero

They call an A21 a phone with specs of A11...
Also an Active Phone is better... Even the XCover 4s is far better.

  • Alex

Whaaatt, why does Japan get all of the cool stuffs like water resistance??

This phone looks like it's a special order by the Japanese carriers.

Wts is this name

Or you can buy A22 for few bucks more