vivo X70 series to arrive on September 9, Pro+ will have a Zeiss T* camera lens

30 August 2021
There are going to be four shooters, one of them with a periscope lens.

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PhoneFreak45, 12 Oct 2021I agree with you just joking.Ok lol

    Dudenoway, 12 Oct 2021Sir I was agreeing to that guy. And by *anynomous trolls* I... moreI agree with you just joking.

      PhoneFreak45, 11 Oct 2021Sir, this a mobile information database.Sir I was agreeing to that guy. And by *anynomous trolls* I mean those people who love to troll and spread hate

        Dudenoway, 05 Sep 2021Yea well these anynomous trolls think they can just troll a... moreSir, this a mobile information database.

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          • 05 Sep 2021

          Dudenoway, 05 Sep 2021Yea well these anynomous trolls think they can just troll a... moreI totally agree!

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            • 05 Sep 2021

            What is of price the vivo x70

              AnonD-909757, 02 Sep 2021Except that : 1) You can just NOT read them. 2) I do what... moreYea well these anynomous trolls think they can just troll around and just post on the same device to try and *back up* them whenever they are losing are argument. I think explaining something ot someone whether it's long or short is ok as long as what the guy says isn't dumb and stupid and doesn't make sense. Most of these guys are toxic against someone having an opinion. And just think only thier opinion is right.

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                • 02 Sep 2021

                Anonymous, 02 Sep 2021Nice essay bro, but none of us appreciate you spamming comm... moreExcept that :
                1) You can just NOT read them.
                2) I do whatever I want as long as admins and mods aren't against it.
                3) My long comments are sometime held for review, and almost all of them are approved.
                4) Don't take your case as a generality, there is a huge difference between you and your butt-hurt clones who don't like to have someone saying some ugly truth and the vast majority who just don't care and some who do enjoy.
                5) Make an account first, and THEN you'll have the beginning of a legitimacy to tell me what I should write or not.
                6) As usual, I simply posted a short comment which was then followed by a stupid answer, if you aren't happy about me answering to them, then tell them to quit answering stupidly like that.
                7) This is funny that you mention "essay" in the case where I made a short comment that was replied with a long and unnecessary answer.
                8) I do that BECAUSE it is perfectly on the subject, where else should I talk about front camera? In article about Airpods?
                At least, I am not off-topic, YOU ARE with your comment, the rules literally specify "Please stick to tech topics here".
                9) Sorry but not sorry for not blindly following the many but rather have my own tastes and desires and to fight for them while you literally defend people who suppress everybody's freedom.
                10) Comment session is made for posting comments, so yes, I will.
                In fact, the more people like you say stuff like that or give me unnecessarily negative answers, the more I will.

                  AnonD-909757, 02 Sep 2021Looks at Apple's Airpods revenues and most OEMs that d... moreYea. Well company these days wantjudt want More and more profit. Even trillion dollar company apple is so greedy they started the removing things trend and then making excuses which are invalid. Then Samsung started the punch hole /notch trend. If those trends didn't start we would have bezels pop up no front camera etc. So i guess it's all bout profit these days you know i guess.

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                    • 02 Sep 2021

                    AnonD-909757, 02 Sep 2021Actually, the ONLY case I would prefer a pop up over no fro... moreNice essay bro, but none of us appreciate you spamming comment sections with dozens of walls of texts on every article mentioning a phone camera. Will you not?

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                      Cyberchum, 30 Aug 2021Because you hate punch holes and in-display camera, and are... moreActually, the ONLY case I would prefer a pop up over no front camera at all would be if said pop up was to come with 3D face recognition sensors, like the Oppo Find X which is literally the first I added to my "favorite devices" here after the OP-6t that I own, OP-7(t) Pro as I initially intended to upgrade to one of them, Nokia 9 Pureview as it was still not released and promised a lot with its multiple camera, and the Mi 9t Pro who was feature wise a great phone for its price.
                      And also exactly why the 3D model of a phone I made that has a pop up has so many sensors on its pop up :

                      And I also made it for another reason, proving that there is a way to make a pop up which is waterproof, with virtually no moving parts except the pop up itself, takes up almost no extra space than the pop up itself, and is fast to actuate.
                      Not because I am obsess with the pop up, but actually because the amount of LIES and UNJUSTIFIED HATE it receive is almost supernatural, I defend EVERY NICHE, non-popular, rare, etc features.
                      But since so many people do hate the pop up, well, I talk about it the most, that's kind of a no-brainer as to why.

                      But in the end, I'd rather take a phone without front camera than a phone with a pop up without 3D face recognition.
                      You know what is my actual dream device?
                      One with a tech called virtual retinal display on the back, which basically is, in the non-glasses version, a special type of projector that directly project the display into your eyes, allowing for glass-less 3D hologram to be seen, taking advantage of advanced sensors on the back, such as ToF & Structured Light hybrid, eye & hand tracker that also double as retinal/iris scanner.
                      You would basically see what Tony Start in the Iron Man movies see :

                      And except brain-machine interface, that I don't want to because of how a privacy nightmare our society already is, this is the most high-tech thing you could have, and it offers so many possibilities.
                      And the not known "screenless display" market is rising on a monthly basis, making this a possibility.
                      This is worth ANY front camera, including pop up and certainly it is better than punch holes and notches.

                      The only alternatives would be an arm mounted device like Star Citizen's Mobiglass :
                      Or smart contact lenses, but both have cons, mainly the contact lens who sound like a great idea until someone try to actually put contact lenses on and still need complex tech like body heat's powered stuff and is another privacy nightmare.

                      Cover a bezel/notch, yes, a punch hole? It is hard, and you still have a wasted display area, but underdisplay camera is even worse and people don't even see it coming.

                      There are a LOT of common requests that OEMs don't want AT ALL to make, the fricking 3.5mm Jack is a HUGE example of that, big enough for a company to brag about actually still having one.
                      And outside tech enthusiasts, smaller phones IS a common request among regular users, most consider modern smartphones to be too big.
                      You have no idea of the cost and complexity of a smartphone, if a kickstarter project was enough to fund that, there would be a lot of new smartphone brands already, mainly considering that what sell the most is actually the brand name.
                      Out of all the products you can make from 0, the smartphone is probably one of the rare exception in the list along with CPU/GPU and other ultra complex stuff or that require a massive initial investment or to already have the infrastructures.

                      The point is that there is still MORE THAN ENOUGH people that demand for this to make it profitable, mainly knowing how modular a smartphone could be, it would be EASY for an OEM to just swap components, or, in this case, not include one.
                      And again, EVERY OTHER MARKETS cover niches, including some which are much, much, much rarer than anything you've heard in smartphone related requests, and still make profits out of it, and we talk about products you have to build from scratch, here you have 99.9% of the product already, in fact, you have 101% of it, and you just need to not include that extra 1%, even making literally 10 phones like that would STILL be profitable because there is basically no extra cost related to that except a minor software change.
                      And again, there are company literally living out of products that sell in such few numbers and still are profitable despite having only so much they can re-use from their previous products.
                      In comparison, phones without front camera are EXTREMELY commonly demanded.

                      But, again, the smartphone market doesn't work AT ALL depending on what people ask for, EXACTLY because such conversation have to happen in the first place.
                      Imagine if in the car markets the ONLY available vehicle would be either cheap SUV, average Berline or expensive Sport cars, all with the same size, same fuel, all using only a limited amount of engines, all having the same option package and the sport car lacking any driving aids because Ford had "courage" and everyone followed.
                      Thankfully, when someone says that they like Hatchbacks, in this market there isn't anyone to say that no one ask for it or that it is a bad idea, that they are ugly, and what not, in fact they don't need to as there isn't the issue to begin with to have a stupid lack of diversity.
                      In fact, the smartphone market decisions are so unrelated to user's demand that, after everyone removed the Jack following Apple, if tomorrow Apple was to put the Jack back and remove it 3 years latter, everyone else would follow regardless what customers want, and it is the SAME with EVERY aspect of the phones.

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                        Dudenoway, 31 Aug 2021Yea well everyone has different opinions. I guess single sp... moreLooks at Apple's Airpods revenues and most OEMs that don't include SD card slot premium Cloud storage solution costs, that's why, sadly...
                        That and brands who simply copy what the others do regardless of the initial idea/reason behind it.
                        I know profits is what a company is looking for, but when it is detrimental for the customers they simply go too far.

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                          • 02 Sep 2021

                          Cyberchum, 30 Aug 2021"QUITE COMMON REQUEST." Phones without selfie cam... moreAs I said, when you aren't blind to it, then, yes.

                          I really often see people saying they would like phones without any front camera when there are related things, like pop ups, underdisplay, or when it is a news or a tweet about how punch holes/notches are disliked, you OFTEN have many people saying they'd rather take a phone without front camera, regardless if it is with or without a secondary display on the back.

                          What does the Samsung S-**e, FE and Zenfone 8 has to do with it?
                          Haven't you understood yet that the smartphone market IS A MESS?

                          People like you can't understand that there is a HUGE difference between breaking a sale figure record and still being profitable.
                          Don't you know that this is EXACTLY HOW a product is mode and sold?
                          You just make a certain number, sometime it is enough, sometime it isn't, and you just end or continue or resume production depending on the demand?
                          Again, the mini is a poor phone to begin with, and it is STILL in the top 10 of most sold smartphones.
                          But yeah, sorry, news article writers who make stupid mistake as saying "Macro camera are useless" when using then 30Cm+ from the subject, are market analyst that perfectly know everything and certainly NEVER surf of buzz words and scary news to have more clicks...

                          "lack of creativity, fear of low revenues due to poor sales, or both."
                          No, that's because people like you write comments like you just did.
                          Because literally NO ONE asked for the LG Wing?
                          Foldables? Yes.
                          Dual display side by side? Yes.
                          People ask for them.
                          But give me a SINGLE example of someone asking for something remotely similar to the LG wing, most people didn't even consider this design at all prior to that, so it IS NOT a niche people were asking for.
                          That's funny because those phones you talk about, foldable and other, are MUCH MORE niche than a phone with no hole/notch, including those that has a second display on the back like the Nubia Z20, which, with a not too expensive phone that isn't sold by a brand no one knew and probably limited to really few markets while lacking important features like NFC, 3.5mm Jack and having those horror curved edges would EASILY sell well.
                          YOU are the one who say it won't because YOU are not interested in them, hence why "single-minded".

                          Oh yeah, your arguments are so perfects and solid that they'd make a research paper out of it, sure.

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                            Curious, 31 Aug 2021I don't really understand Vivo's reluctance to pu... moreSingle speaker for flagship is just plain wrong. Will immediately stop reading any reviews of flagship when i see single firing speakers

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                              • 01 Sep 2021

                              Oh my, the pro plus has now a 6.8 inches screen. I would have preferred a more compact 6.55 inch. It was the only main selling point of the vivo X series in my opinion. The only flagship camera phone with respectable dimensions.

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                                • 01 Sep 2021

                                Put a case :p

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                                  • 01 Sep 2021

                                  Branding means nothing,,, forget it

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                                    • 01 Sep 2021

                                    camera hump getting big and bigger might as well used the whole back to fit in a full fledge zoom

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                                      • 31 Aug 2021

                                      What is that on the back,is that a secondary screen or something? I don't like it is,is there any other option?

                                        Anonymous, 31 Aug 2021Is there a screen on the back?? Nah. It's just a cool looking back glass.