vivo X70 series to arrive on September 9, Pro+ will have a Zeiss T* camera lens

30 August 2021
There are going to be four shooters, one of them with a periscope lens.

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Dometalican, 30 Aug 2021Brutally respect this comment. Stereo speakers, jack, and M... moreYea well everyone has different opinions. I guess single speaker is enough for me but it isn't for u. Atleast people like u sometimes respect someone opinions. Fair enough. Atleast there are choices for ppl who don't need stereo speaker an dpeople who need em. Otherwise yea I guess 3.5mm Jack and sd card aren't a premium feature and should be put into flagships. Idk why oems are so lazy and greedy they get profit by not putting Jack and sd card and some others stuff.

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    • 31 Aug 2021

    in there secondary display back side

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      • 31 Aug 2021

      Cyberchum, 30 Aug 2021Wait! If no-stereo speaker is a dealbreaker to you, then yo... moreI don't really understand Vivo's reluctance to put stereo speakers in their phones. I can understand if budget models don't have them, but $600 and above models like the Vivo X and Iqoo series should definitely have stereo speakers nowadays. Furthermore, the single speaker in the Vivo X60 is quite bad and not befitting its price.

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        • 31 Aug 2021

        Shadocx, 30 Aug 2021It's probably coming next year, so why are you mention... moreGood luck with that thinking

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          • 31 Aug 2021

          Is there a screen on the back??

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            • 31 Aug 2021

            Cartman8402, 30 Aug 2021Xenon was probably too expensive. LEDs do the trick too. 😉or maybe because not many use flash anymore nowadays? the resulting picture is unnatural and too bright anyway when flash is used (plus always awkward to use it outdoors). Instead companies hust incorporate bigger and bigger sensors on flagship models with very good night mode capabilities sans flash

              Cyberchum, 30 Aug 2021Oppo and Vivo are selling well, or why do you think they�... moreTrust me, I'm not a Galaxy guy at all but you have to admit that the OnePluses, Find X's, and Meizu of now are copying none other than the Galaxies with the same measley punch hole design. They're ALL using Samsung panels when LG, BOE, JDI, and Sharp are also around. BBK understandably have LOADS of these panels to share amongst their brands and sub-brands but what about Xiaomi, Meizu, and Pixel? They don't HAVE to do the same design but they do it. The only reason I can think of is that they're trying to entice people that believe Galaxies are the peak of design away from them.

              Also the thing about OnePlus, there ain't much choices in the US (where I live) and it's infuriating. With the N10 and N100/200, it's no wonder they're doing well. There's no God-Forsaken competition.

              I agree with the OS part. I'm not a programmer to know how hard it is to support apps on multiple platforms so I can't speak for programmers. I don't know if it's an issue with them considering it's a lot of work to do so without a team.

                Luigge, 30 Aug 2021ok zeiss camera... Now, what about any company to put a x... moreXenon was probably too expensive. LEDs do the trick too. 😉

                  Dometalican, 30 Aug 2021Uh...what niche devices? They all offer like 90% the same e... moreOppo and Vivo are selling well, or why do you think they're both in the top 5 movers? And OnePlus isn't doing bad. They were the fastest growing brand in the last quarter in US, if I remembered correctly.

                  Meizu is practically China-only brand, and Pixels are sold probably in less markets than I could count on one hand.

                  I really thought you were being sarcastic there, when you said you wonder; do you really wonder? Wasn't expecting that from someone who knows about the smartphone market. Okay. People buy those, because they see value in them, they perform well enough for their needs, they do well in the price-to-specs-ratio, they like UI/UX.

                  And, why Galaxies? I like Samsung, but why make them out to be this huge benchmark or doing something remarkably different or special to others? They aren't, expecially in recent years.

                  And, you're seeing little diversity, because how many ways could you actually diversify the design of a touchscreen smartphone? The front is all glass, that leaves the sides and rear. Apart from the camera island and placement, and colors, and curved or flat sides, what and what exactly could be made differently?

                  I'd like for more competent OSs. Fresh takes. To me, that's where there's real room for diversification. Breaking the Apple-Android duopoly would be very difficult, however. And no, Harmony doesn't offer any different feel to android, at least currently. It's so similar that what is said about it being android might be true, at least in its current state. OEMs try to offer some diversifications with their different UIs. But that's just it.

                  Diversifications just about died with hardware keyboards and candy bar phones. Kudos to LG for trying a different form factor with the wing. But, as nice and appealing as it was, it wasn't very practical. Similar could be said about Xiaomi and the Mix Alpha.

                  But this is about having models without selfie cam. Let's not digress much. That's the diversification you need? Well, convince OEMs to buy into that. I'm sure they'd not mind doing it if it there'd be significant return. You, yourself, would probably not do it if the sales projections aren't positive.

                    ok zeiss camera...
                    Now, what about any company to put a xenón flash like Nokia 1020 or x8/808 etc...?

                      Cyberchum, 30 Aug 2021Point out where I said or implied that there should be no d... moreUh...what niche devices? They all offer like 90% the same exact hardware as each other as well as look the same. Who said they're selling? I don't see Meizu anywhere near the top. Oppo isn't even doing so hot so I'm not sure where you're going with that.

                      As for the first question, I get it, owning a business means you want to make profit but by copying everything the opponents are doing? That's just silly and lazy. Reviewers aren't helping either considering the downfall of LG (I mean, lack of marketing as well as making 20,000 versions of the same phone killed them but they didn't help nevertheless).

                        Cyberchum, 30 Aug 2021Wait! If no-stereo speaker is a dealbreaker to you, then yo... moreI said 'respect' because he respected how I believe Vivo should have them; that doesn't mean 'agree'. Because opinions differ from person to person.

                          Dometalican, 30 Aug 2021Brutally respect this comment. Stereo speakers, jack, and M... moreWait! If no-stereo speaker is a dealbreaker to you, then you actually disagreed with the comment you replied. The commenter had the opinion that no-stereo speaker is not a dealbreaker. But that a phone should have it simply because a lot of people request for it. Comprehension.

                            Dometalican, 30 Aug 2021So...your point is there should be no diversity/risks due t... morePoint out where I said or implied that there should be no diversity. Take all the time you need, I'll wait.

                            Oh, so those brands you mentioned make niche devices, which is why they are selling well? Well then, by that, there are lots of niche devices available on sale. End of argument. Lol.

                            One suggestion: before jumping into arguments, grasp the basis of the argument first. Would really help!

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                              • 30 Aug 2021

                              What a handsome phone, the cameras are really prominent, so I guess the competition is on the cameras. Bigger lenses, more lights coming in, more exposure. Well, if the phones can fit in a DSLR, an action camera, a periscope and everything else. I wish they will be made affordable to the public. Otherwise it is so costly to upgrade. Also if the case is leather, it might not be waterproof.

                                Cyberchum, 30 Aug 2021Because you hate punch holes and in-display camera, and are... moreSo...your point is there should be no diversity/risks due to them not selling? I always wonder how OnePlus, Meizu, Vivo, Pixel, and Oppo convince buyers to buy their phones instead of the Galaxies when they look exactly the same and offer no innovation whatsoever...

                                  Dudenoway, 30 Aug 2021Tbh ip rating and no stereo speaker aren't dealbreaker... moreBrutally respect this comment. Stereo speakers, jack, and MicroSD cards are dealbreakers for me (maybe could live without the jack if it offered a second Type C port a la Legion Duel 2/ROG phone 3). That's why I wish for phone diversity like we had about 10 years ago.

                                    Cyberchum, 30 Aug 2021"QUITE COMMON REQUEST." Phones without selfie cam... moreBecause you hate punch holes and in-display camera, and aren't seeing your darling pop-ups making a comeback (I have nothing, whatsoever, against pop-ups, but I'm not a manufacturer), you're now for no selfie camera models. See how it's driving you all over? I don't have the data, but I'd be eager to wager that > 90% of buyers would want selfie cams. I, myself, rarely use mine, but they come in handy every now and then, and wouldn't choose to not have it.

                                    I understand the case for security for pop-ups, but you could always cover your bezel/notch/punch-hole selfie cams. Some in-display cam implementations could also take care of that; and with that, offer an unblemished full screen experience as any pop-up could offer, without the extra mechanical parts and bulk. And risk of water ingression, too.

                                    It's totally okay to want phones without selfie cams, but with it being a common request as you claim, and OEMs strangely not wanting to make them, despite the good enough market; start a kick-starter project, and you're bound to gain enough backers to make it a reality, especially when it would sell really well, as you claimed, yet again.

                                      I am Vivo X60 pro user for now .But i am Samsung fan and most of phone i ever use was Samsung.What i found out that after i had change to vivo as per below.

                                      1.Samsung UI was better as i can change many setting and modify my layout as per my liking.I began missing my Samsung UI.Vivo have some restriction doing this.
                                      2.Vivo camera with gimbal one of the best feature that I cannot get in Samsung.The camera unbeatable in terms of gimbal stabilization.This the main point purchase this ViVO x60 pro.Hoping Samsung can have real gimbal function like this.
                                      3.The major drawback of VIVO, they have China version and global version.Most of the time buying casing or screen protector from Lazada, Shoppe or any online seller will end up with wrong casing.Becouse of seller always send china version instead global. Why VIVO cannot stick with same version around the globe?or come out different name for China and Global version.
                                      This will be my last phone on VIVO.
                                      I have no issues like whenever using Samsung.

                                        AnonD-909757, 30 Aug 2021Exactly what I said... Do you realize that EVERY FRICKIN... more"QUITE COMMON REQUEST." Phones without selfie cam are common requests? Fetch me the data, please. I'll wait. Or you want me to take your word for it? Sorry, I'm not a Trumper.

                                        "It WOULD sell, it WOULD." I think that "COULD" was the word you were looking for. Again, if you claim that they would, I'd like to see what led you to say that. Samsung Galaxy S10e must have sold well, which was why there was an S20e, and why there is an S21e. Must be why Samsung didn't make the FEs, instead. I heard that Asus Zenfone 8 is posting flying off shelves, and that Sony's compact series is going as strong as ever.

                                        "No, they sell well ENOUGH." According to who? You?

                                        "Which is EXACTLY why Apple make their phones, such as the SE, smaller than other Android phones." Must be why it took just a year for the OG SE to get a successor. Oh, sorry! I forgot that Apple releases successors once every four (4) years. Apple must had hated that iPhone 12 mini was selling "well enough" that they decided to end it's production.




                                        But even if they fared well, iPhones sell for a lot of reasons. Being the cheapest obtainable with a bitten fruit logo on the back, one would actually expect it to move large numbers for a solid reason that has nothing to do with compactness.

                                        Agree, there are less niche smartphones available now, unlike in the good old days when Nokia was leading the pack, but that's either for lack of creativity, fear of low revenues due to poor sales, or both. But there are some every now and then. Claiming that the LG Wing wasn't a niche device just because it doesn't fit into the picture you've painted in your mind is nothing short of ludicrous. There are also the bendables, the dual screens/folds, the stone-encrusteds, the security-orienteds etc. That you don't fancy them doesn't make them any less niche devices. They made decisions to make those, because they saw some sort of promises. They'd make the one you want once they see sort sort of promise, too. They'd not turn the chance to increase the revenue, but also would want to suffer losses. They aren't armchair decisions-makers like you.

                                        Single-minded people? Go stand in front of a large mirror. This was like "I have poor argument, let me turn to talk-downs." Hello, you'd be better-served by superior logic than this. Not saying that I wouldn't use such words/phrases, but I'd only do that when I was on a logic plateau, not lowland.

                                        And sorry, no amount of flawed apple-vs-orange comparisons and baseless claims is going to change your vacuous argument!