Qualcomm unveils aptX Lossless for Bluetooth devices

02 September 2021
The first products supporting aptX Lossless will come out later this year.

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Asimali700, 03 Sep 2021We do care about Bluetooth LATENCY first, not QUALITY.I, for one, want both quality and latency.

So I don't use bluetooth. I use wired headphones that cost a fraction of wireless headphones and get sound quality of 3 times more expensive wireless headphones, if not 5 times. All with zero latency.

  • Anonymous

Apple user, 05 Sep 2021Will this function be compatible with iPhones in the future... moreIt has nothing to do with a CPU chip on a phone. Does BT speakers, headphones and other gear also have CPU inside them?

  • Apple user

Will this function be compatible with iPhones in the future or is it only reserved for phones with Snapdragon chipset?

  • Anonymous

SMIRNAS, 03 Sep 2021Great job snapdragon! btw, what about Latency?? RealTim... moreGet wired of you are gaming

  • RJ

[deleted post]I like Airpods.... My Beats Studio Buds look a bit more fashionable but Airpods are amazing. I love the chipset inside the Airpods, too. Tell me why I can’t search on my Pixel? Like there is no search...lol. Why cant I say Hey Google and send texts on my Fossil Gen 5 watch. Why does Google stop updating phones so early and my 1 year old Fossil Carlyle gen 5 won’t even be updated to WearOs3. What a waste of money. I have 5 sim cards and I run all operating systems including Windows. Apple really is the best.....lol. When is comes to continuity, rationality, ease of use, just flat out better in every way.

  • RJ

sumdumguy, 03 Sep 2021Just when Bluetooth audio stops to suck, Google ditched Qua... moreVery good point.....

  • Guy Gampell

SMIRNAS, 03 Sep 2021Great job snapdragon! btw, what about Latency?? RealTim... moreaptx Adaptive automatically chases in to a low latency mode when you are gaming or watching videos, just as it automatically chases a higher bit rate towards ultimately lossless when listening to 44.1kHZ files, it also scales up to 96kHz (not lossless) when you are listening to hi res files.

  • sumdumguy

Just when Bluetooth audio stops to suck, Google ditched Qualcomm. Frickin fantastic move, uncle G 🤦

  • AnonD-1003038

Main issue I have with all these codecs is that you just don't know what is being used. I mostly use earbuds with Windows 10 computers and all you know is that sound comes through. What codec is used, no one knows. SoundPeats support aptX, but I don't know what Windows 10 uses then. Same for phones. There is just no selection for it as far as I know. And that's a bit annoying. You just hope for the best and that's not exactly reassuring.

  • Anonymous

Redmi Beat drop, new TWS with this technolgy is out now.

We do care about Bluetooth LATENCY first, not QUALITY.

Apple uses AAC which is amongst the worst CODEC's around currently. Lossy and highly compressed. Even vanilla AptX is way better.

AAC is like SBC, and possibly worse.

  • AnonD-1003038

[deleted post]Congrats, you're comparing in-ear sealed ear buds with open earbuds. Shows how clueless you are.

Great job snapdragon!
btw, what about Latency??

RealTime Gaming need instantaneous connection

  • Blackkk Mamba

[deleted post]Being a retailer, I have used almost all TWS out there....
I'd rate AirPods sound quality as 6/10.
Stop acting like it's any good. Sure they might be the most popular earbuds, but there are far from the best sounding ones on the market.

  • Norwegian Gangster

AnonD-1003038, 02 Sep 2021Only people who never ever actually used AirPods constantly... moreOnly people who never ever actually used anything other than AirPods constantly brag how AirPods are providing good audio quality. Reality is, they aren't.

  • Anonymous

Apple users can only dream about something like this

The problem with Sony is they want Walkman to be separated product from Xperia.
They need to put mid-range walkman hardware into Xperia and then we got competition for the now dead LG Vxx-series and ASUS ROG phones.
I wonder how this APTX-Lossless will compare to LDAC?
LDAC is great and all but it have shit connection and consume battery way more than its peers. If it have the same quality but with better connection and easier on battery, it will be great product.

  • Anonymous

I'll believe it when I hear it.

  • Scot

YUKI93, 02 Sep 2021I still take the 3.5mm jack over Bluetooth all day long whe... moreWas like you. Had a sweet pair of wired vsonic earbuds, for me a perfect sound. Now use Apple AirPod Pros, the convenience of no wires plus the other trickery the Pros can do (spatial audio etc) makes them such an enjoyable experience.