WhatsApp gets €225M fine in Ireland for breaking data protection rules

02 September 2021
The company plans to appeal the decision, unsurprisingly.

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Ireland's Data Protection Commission should have tripled that amount.

guy, 03 Sep 2021I know privacy is a pretty big deal, but I think that these... moreBud. If u realize HOW MUCH of data they collect. Then u will be simply shocked and left unbelievable. Go read my comment under ur own comment to see an example. The data they collect and earn by collecting it is literally worth billions of euros. And 250m euro is peanuts for them. They are literally like worth 500+b euro.

So in 2024 we will see that record being beat because of the privacy changes this year?! Really wish more people would use signal so that I could finally switch over for good and uninstall the last facebook app on my phone.

  • G.S.Rana Pakistan

It is a good desetioon of DCP Iriland. Every country shood be taken action about the leeke deta.

  • Anonymous

Privacy is luxury in current Era
Hope that someone slap google with fine too

CompactPhones5ever, 03 Sep 2021There was an Instagram update couple of months ago which ex... more"Anyone who still uses Facebook-owned apps in 2021 is a fool."

Well that's the thing, 99% of people still do. In fact, they don't even slightly care about T&C or privacy concerns or anything. As long as they keep using it, that's all that matters. Even online businesses use WhatsApp Business as their top preferred choice.

  • Raghstpart

and wheres that money went? not for us users i suppose

I stop using Facebook and WhatsApp since sep 2018, following 2021 New Year Slap Present from Facebook, my other WhatsApp I killed it totally and I stop using Instagram on all my mobile phone.

That Privacy I don't like to be crossed and they did it this year. Good for them, I lost my trust in Facebook and I hope they bankrupt.. I hope more countries drop sue for this Privacy Issue

Hope they pay for they crimes.
Sometimes i wish a facebook and all its related apps will never exist.
All our privacy is gone now.

There was an Instagram update couple of months ago which explicitly stated that they can use the front camera whenever they want without letting the user know.

Anyone who still uses Facebook-owned apps in 2021 is a fool.

  • Carol

Barry Egan, 03 Sep 2021its time to ban this cr@p from both playstore and appstore 👎👎Not that i do not agree with you, but in Play store are way worse apps, also google it self is actually worse. I'd rather see them Politicians forcing google and everybody else come clean or be banned, but that ain't gonna happen.

  • Carol

YAP Rony, 03 Sep 2021What can Ireland do if WhatsApp doesn't pay?Bann their servers in the region, or bann Facebook all arround. And probably put some scapegoats in Jail.

  • Carol

FloatingPoint, 03 Sep 2021What has Facebook actually done as a company for Humanity?Sold their lives.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1016461, 03 Sep 2021WOW Who said this?IF I'm not wrong, Richard Serra, Video Artist and Sculptor

  • Anonymous

I wish every single person on earth switched to signal app

  • AnonD-1016461

I really like Whatsapp says we don't pay you to see what will Ireland do?
Like ban WhatsApp? It won't last a week

250 million is like peanuts for them. The amount of data they possess is actually scary. You can't even talk about anything without immediately receiving ads for the same for a week after the conversation.

  • Alucardnos

Dudenoway, 03 Sep 2021Why not 200b euro fine. Cuz WhatsApp literally knows every ... moreWhen you launch whatapp you can see Facebook logo at the bottom. People need to stop using apps from major companies and instead try using something different

  • guy

I know privacy is a pretty big deal, but I think that these fines are disproportionate (I mean €225M!). Especially considering all the advantages. Like how WhatsApp made life easier back when it was new(when the other option was to text), how even businesses use it and that it's free. WhatsApp really benefits all who use it.
Granted, Facebook isn't really known to handle user data well. And you may not like Facebook or WhatsApp as an organization.
Well fine them, okay. But don't take advantage of the situation. An alternative may be to create laws requiring them to reveal certain aspects of what data they collect, and to make this data accessible upon user request. But I don't think these hefty fines are the way to go.

DMX, 03 Sep 2021This is what Huawey likes jajajajaja What audacity t... moreAhh yes u also believe that huawei spy and sells the data. Fun fact us was caught doing the same thing as what they was accusing huawei off. Also they never had any proof that huawei did anythinf