Microsoft Surface Go 3 specs leak ahead of September 22 event

03 September 2021
The tablet is said to retain its predecessor's form factor.

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Forget upcoming Alderlake, this is not even 11th gen Intel.
Don't be surprised if this came with GTX 1050 Ti

  • some random people

Ivo., 04 Sep 2021If it doesn't have an OLED display, forget about it!u know, oled doesn't really matter for window laptop or tablet or hybrid of two. even some of the highest-end window laptops stil consist on using IPS panel

  • Anonymous

Tano27, 03 Sep 2021It does not matter if the device is intended for a low-cost... moreAt this point I am convinced that their product line(s) are merely a front to something nefarious they run behind the scenes.

Their profits are breaking record after record all the while their products and services are at all time low in quality and any quality line they may have they cut it, almost intentionally.

I am afraid that some big fat scandal centered around Microsoft is found out in the following few years and it tanks the economies worse that Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme. Heck it will make Madoff look like a child's play. Troubling indeed, the culture of that company was always a problem but now it is having fangs seeing how they are No2 in the world despite completely missing the Internet and smartphone / smart devices train.

We are in for a ride I am afraid... Such a sneaky company...

YOLOBS, 04 Sep 2021microsoft surface go 3 with snapdragon 7c plz .Windows OS/apps are still not good with 64 bit ARM CPUs. Interestingly, MS came first with Pro X Windows system with an ARM CPU, but surprisingly it's Apple that embraced an ARM CPU later updated the Mac product line with ARM CPUs (M1; M2 on the way).

No wonder Windows phone OS failed despite huge potential! It's MS that's good in innovation, but is no good in marketing or sustaining a product liked by most of us.

  • zaher

mmm, 04 Sep 2021So the Surface Pro is dead now? I was looking to replace... morenew surface pro will be released for sure look at the teaser of the invite it shows a surface pro x like device maybe that's the new surface pro 8 or a new surface pro x 2.
we'll see

Rico Mico, 03 Sep 2021I didn't understand 4 GB RAM on the surface pro, didn&... moreYou can comfortably run Linux especially Ubuntu with 4 GB RAM. But I agree that 4 GB is laughable in a Windows system today especially if somebody is planning to upgrade it to Windows 11. Windows 10 with 4 GB RAM is still usable with SSD, but if one has a plan to open 10 tabs in the browser, along with MS Office apps and Adobe Photoshop, then one should be prepared to go for a coffee before the next click.
With 4 GB RAM and NVMe SSD (Ryzen 3 3250U CPU), I have seen zero problems in Windows 10 with Edge browser open with 3 tabs, MS Word and Excel, and Adobe PDF (3 tabs).

This is's still using a CPU based on Skylake microarchitecture.

  • mmm

So the Surface Pro is dead now?

I was looking to replace mine. I guess I should look elsewhere.


microsoft surface go 3 with snapdragon 7c plz .

If it doesn't have an OLED display, forget about it!

  • armdiot

They should have seriously considered a beefed up version of an arm chip, something like the chip they used in samsung galaxy book go instead of choosing this dinosaurs. Extremely disappointing. What have you done microsoft? How long should we wait for a windows arm tablet that is affordable and comes with all the plus points of arm specially for a portable device like a tablet.

  • Trip

4 Gigs in 2021?

I don't seem to get this. What's the USP of the Surface Go? It's an entry tablet with a keyboard (purchased separately), that runs Windows? Is that it?

Sadly I'm getting ready for 12.4" up from 10.1 and if its 15"device I might consider 16", its just the way it is now, screen space is important and basically never enough.

  • GreekGeek

I really don't get it , how much more expensive is the installation of 4 more gigabyte of ram ... Like 15 dollars ?

I didn't understand 4 GB RAM on the surface pro, didn't understand in the first go and on the Go 3 it's simply laughable.

iPadOS or iOS or Android work great with lower amounts of RAM, but on any other desktop OS it's again...laughable. I have the Go 2 Core-M 8 GB of RAM and it's great, I would only change for a Go 3 based on a Xe graphics or Steam Deck AMD identical chip, LP-DDR4 and 8 GB of RAM. As it won't happen ever or soon, I save money.

eyangdcraft, 03 Sep 2021is it possible ?There is already the Surface Pro X with Snapdragon SQ1 and SQ2 ARM CPU, so the chance is there.

  • Tano27

It does not matter if the device is intended for a low-cost segment, it is not possible that the Redmond company is still selling its hardware products with only 4gb of ram.
It is an offense to their customers and a shame that there are still such devices with such poor ram capacity.
Not to mention its processor, which at this point in the game are no match for the competition.

  • Anonymous

DDR3 and 4GB... Then for the price of the 8GB you can get an Asus/Lenovo/Acer with a 5k ryzen that will run laps around it. 2 in 1 as well. And next year with Ryzen 6k Rembrandt out, if they keep with intel they will be worthless in the midrange segment.

the tech nerd, 03 Sep 2021Due to the import taxes unlike mobiles most companies don&#... moreYou then don't know how many laptops are being sold in India! It's Microsoft's failure indeed not being able to position Surface Go in India; import duty applies to all, it can't simply affect the sales of a typical product line! Dell, HP, Lenovo, ASUS, Acer sell very well in India, the first 3 being leaders.

If a Surface is available and supported, I wonder why one should consider something else unless budget is all that matters, and/or one doesn't like the form factor at all.