Google Pixel 3 phones are bricking out of nowhere, the list is growing

06 September 2021
The issue has been going on for months now.

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Nasty ugly big notch like iphone 12

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Macaulay Culkin, 06 Sep 2021To me, the Pixel a-series is just Google reselling old tech... moreBro why don't you buy a One plus instead or may be a Motorola.
Both have near stock ui and no hardware problems like Google.

To me, the Pixel a-series is just Google reselling old tech to us for half the price. Like I found someone selling her 4a for only $200 on OfferUp last Saturday. I was ready to get it but went nah. It's only a Snapdragon 730. Why would I want that? Pixel 3 can go for $100 on OfferUp. Still more powerful CPU and GPU.

To me, Pixel 3 is closest to being the only flawless phone I've ever owned. Essential Phone is not far behind it. Only battery life is mediocre. Don't care about that. Don't care for the audio quality when video recording or the black crush either. It's rated 4.4 from Google reviews. Higher than Pixel 4 and 5.

We'll see. Maybe if I turn it on again later, it won't turn on. I'm not betting on that. Should work perfectly since I don't update it, only filled 50% of its storage capacity, and I take really good care of the battery rarely overcharging it over 90%. But Google could have a Play Store update that can ruin it in a snap. They're all crooks. Don't trust any of them.

1. Google Pixel 3
2. Essential Phone
3. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Will never buy another iPhone ever again. I hate Face ID more than iOS. Don't care of its 5-year support. My experience within Apple has mostly been negative. They eventually become rotten apples as time goes on.

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You had one job Google.

One job

Most powerful Pixel is still the 4 from 2 years ago. Remains the most powerful until the 6s are released thanks to SD855. The problem I have with it is I hate Face ID type security. The 4 was also plagued with bad battery life. If the 3's battery life was bad enough, the 4 will be worse with that 90 Hz display, bigger display, and all that Soli tech on it.

Just disappointed with Pixel flagships the last 2 years. The 4 was maligned like the LG G5. The 5 was just a side grade and is another 3 but Google is reselling them to us for $700 2 years later. The 6 are just way too big. It's bigger than 2 XL which I've been tempted to get in panda but still reluctant.

I love my 3. Still in fantastic condition. Feels so good in the hand. No battery degradation. Still runs silky smooth while on Pie. No EDL issues..yet. But in a few years, who knows? It may start to lag like my LG G5 and iPhone SE released 5 years ago are currently doing and battery life will make it unusable.

Nothing lasts forever they say. Even if you baby them like I do. Right now, I'm enjoying my Flip 3. But wait a year or so. I'll be forced to update and battery life will be horrendous. I'll start to see more lag. That's how this goes. Same type of cycles from every new phone. Love it today. Hate it eventually.

I guess my favorite gadget should be my PS Vita slim I got second-hand in 2017. Doesn't lag. No big issues after 8 years since release. Maybe only needing a reset for freezing up occasionally. Battery life has held up really well. Much better than my PSP fat did.

But the Vita is just a handheld. Not important to me daily. But I could ever sell my Vita. Invested too much money on games for it. At least $500 on digital games and $130 for the 64 GB card. Not as disposal as a smartphone where I can just re-download apps.

Pixel line has been plagued with issues throughout its history. Every single one of them it seems. Shame. I love the software experience and camera the best on them.

I would also brick myself with that ugly notch

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BJRG, 06 Sep 2021I will never ever trust smartphone hardware again that come... moreI had a Nexus 7 tablet in a drawer and when I tried to boot it up, it was stuck in the loading screen. I hadn't touched it in 3 or 4 years. I'm not surprised seeing these news at this point.

  • Fulton

Shanti Dope, 06 Sep 2021What I absolutely don't understand about Google is how... moreAgree and and had the same thought at the time (buy LG). I've been purchasing Google phones for years, from Nexus through all the Pixels including the 4A 5G currently, and am about to give up (I did have an LG ThinQ in the mix and it was a very, very good phone). The Samsung Flip3, bloatware and all, looks good and works with Google Fi, which I cannot applaud enough. I might be done with Pixels.

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Its become a tradition by now for pixel phones to have some or the other issue or bug ever often

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well played!:P

I'm planning to buy a Pixel 3 this week, after my Pixel 2XL camera is completely dead. but if this news is true... oh my god.

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Google phones themselves have the worst experience. Just imagine how stock Android phones would have been if companies just swapped the OS.

"thanks my e" is really "than my 3". The 3 as in Pixel 3.

SwiftKey is inferior on iOS than on Android. I do these typos all the time on this site on whichever iPhone I'm typing from. But on Android, I don't make these typos as frequently. It's also much easier to copy and paste on Android.

I've actually considered getting the Pixel 5 but every time I'm close to pulling the trigger, I start thinking it's just a sidegrade. True, it has double the RAM and better battery life thanks my e, but it also has an inferior SoC, design/build quality, display, and speakers than my 3.

People might say, "Well, I don't really game. I don't need a powerful GPU." The GPU plays a factor to your UI experience as Android becomes more bloated. The visual core isn't there so processing photos takes longer and starts to get annoying. The Pixel 5 won't really age well with upper midrange specs. The 765G is close to the 845 but has the weaker GPU.

Who knows? In another year, Pixel 5 will start having issues too like EDL issues or battery swelling. Google has that timer like Sony did. After warranty is done, the problems start appearing.

Apple fan will post, "I'm going back to iPhone! Five year updates!"

Go do that. The iPhone has looked the same since 2017 and iOS has looked the same since 2013. I tried enjoying iPhone again earlier this year, and like usual, I ended up selling some of my Apple products and hating it. Just updating from iOS 14.2.1 to 14.7.1 ruined my battery. And sometimes after you update, the camera quality gets ruined. You are forced to get the new one.

I just don't update. Not even most of my apps. If I do, perhaps every 2 years or so. These companies will ruin your phone the more you update them. If i see lag, I'll get an old apk to get the same smoothness back. If your battery is ruined, then more cost for you to either replace it or upgrade to another phone. Same endless cycle all over again. It never really ends. They want your money every few years. It's still a business for them.

Honestly, the only time I update is when apps or browsing becomes a problem. Browsers needs security updates Then I'll update the app or firmware. So at the very end when the device reaches its EOL is when I might update. I guess Google wants to EOL the Pixel 3 even earlier before it gets its final update with 12. Force us to get the Pixel 6.

khellandros66, 06 Sep 2021 you know if this is fixing these Pixel 3s? I had to EDL flash my mom's Mi A2 after an update bootlooped it. Good stuff. I just prep the bootloader to be unlocked on all my phones now just in case there is an issue.

Fanboy of All brands, 06 Sep 2021If there isn't any hardware issues, it is not a Pixel.... moreMy Pixels have been fine on hardware. I haven't had software bugs with Xiaomi per se. It's just MIUI is it's own beast. I'm not a fan.

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2021Planned obsolescence It certainly looks that way... Right before the Pixel 6 launch lol. But I think if this happened to your Pixel 3 you probably won't buy a Pixel 6.

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Macaulay Culkin, 06 Sep 2021I just follow these habits - 1. Don't update the fi... moreNice voodoo

I will never ever trust smartphone hardware again that comes out from Google. Every phone that came out since the Nexus 4 to the Pixel 4 has some or the other hardware issues. My Nexus 4 camera sensor literally used to vibrate whenever the camera app was launched. At some point it used to feel like the sensor is going to pop out.

What's the problem Google why are you plagued with severe hardware issues with every smartphone you come out with? Is it your excellent software that causes these hardware issues? One will wonder.