New report casts doubt on WhatsApp's privacy practices

08 September 2021
This time it's about the end-to-end encryption.

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  • Anonymous

Demongornot, 12 Sep 2021Thanks you. And the issue isn't even that cybernetisa... moretotally agree, simple, mass production, enforcing the society, world wide forced data collection, like phones ... even ... without realize, ordering pizza using lie detector

back then ... only rich people has tv and mobile phone
now ... we are so hooked up with electricity and internet ... tvs and mobile phones are portable and hand-held even by children ... and equipped with multiple camera

as you have well describes ... maybe ... putting bio sensor in the phone will function as lie detector, and smartwatches as well ... maybe tws as well ... glasses, helmet, all wearable ... so complicated ... just for the sake of ... control

purchase-able, mass production, society not realized being closely monitored and shaped by force

Star Trek Insurrection ... we must return to nature

wish you all stay healthy, live long, and prosper

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2021bravo, great description, totally agree human machine in... moreThanks you.
And the issue isn't even that cybernetisation will be forced, that will come latter.

In fact, non-intrusive methods will quickly become a thing, there won't be the need for any implants, something as simple as an open "helmet" you just place your head into, that will look like salon's hood hair dryer, and look into a special camera/projector.
Implantless mind readers are already well mastered in labs, and with the advancement of deep learning, a breakthrough might come quite soon to allow an affordable/mass production products.

But for sure, computer-brain interface will be used as a 100% reliable lie detector, and because of this, it will quickly be adopted by many things, first, court and law enforcement, then banks and insurances, after that, to rent an apartment or a house, to buy a car, check you are above a certain age to go to certain websites, play certain games, listen to certain music, watch certain video, read certain things, or watch certain movies, etc.
It can quickly become oppressive, with certain people not allowed certain content.

But between the backdoors that will both make it a privacy hell and a big security risk when hackers will find a way to exploit them.
There is so many things that make having good privacy practice, not for the user point of view, but enforcing that corporations and governments respect it, extremely important down the line, and it might be a reality in just 20 years or even less.

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Demongornot, 12 Sep 2021I know it was already a thing, the issue is that it become ... morebravo, great description, totally agree

human machine interface will cross boundaries, cybernetic enhancements will be forced ... in marketing term ... cool ... we can only hope that human is still human ... and power still has manners

"you have every justification to do it, but you choose not to do it, that is power"
- Oscar Schindler
Schindler's List
... the list is life ...

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2021please, try to watch this old Hollywood movie, about jack r... moreI know it was already a thing, the issue is that it become worse and worse.
And soon, brain-computer interface will become a thing, which is NOT science fiction, and which is when everybody will cry when they'll realize that with such tech being basically forced to everyone a way or another, that with privacy basically gone, the world would turn from a dystopia to a heck-of-a-bad-authoritarian-dystopia-hell.

Let's hope you understand the difference between knowing that John rented an adult movie, and Robert being "re-educated" because he had a glimpse of thinking about his freedom in a way that is considered a national security threat.

  • GM

I think Signal is best

  • Anonymous

Demongornot, 09 Sep 2021Yup, and that's the same reasons as those on here we s... moreplease, try to watch this old Hollywood movie, about jack ryan character, Harrison Ford, Clear and Present Danger, even in analog era, data collection has made possible ... for the marketing campaign sake ... national security

wishing you all stay healthy, live long, and prosper

  • Anonymous

facebook and whatsapp just trying to be honest, other social apps prefer not to tell in the eula, and maybe ... we are looking at the wrong cause ... anybody ever thinking that maybe ... just maybe ... the keyboard apps is the cause of fundamental privacy issue ... way before the social apps

back then about 1980s era ... there are many key-logger apps, very small size hiding in ram ... hahahaha ...

You just decieve yourself when you talk about privacy in a Facebook-owned app. Green app!

  • Investo

RealLifePhones, 09 Sep 2021Telegram is the worst and definitely not better than Signal... moreBullshit. You can enable E2E in Telegram if you don't need multiple devices to be in sync.

James, 08 Sep 2021Telegram is the best. Telegram is the worst and definitely not better than Signal (don't know about Element). Messages are stored in the Cloud without encryption so the same level of privacy as Facebook Messenger.

YUKI93, 09 Sep 2021That's exactly the problem, they don't care about... moreYup, and that's the same reasons as those on here we say privacy is useless, lack of education about it.

As a big privacy advocate, it might sound crazily counterintuitive, but I seriously think the best solution for any privacy related problem would be the day we would have one master, global, super smart general purpose AI, that no one exert an exclusive control over, who will literally watch us all and have exclusive access to all data and surveillance means, and ONLY, and I insist on ONLY give off data if there is a real justification behind it.

Sure, it would be the nightmare for anyone who have the habit of making illegal things, but for any minorities, oppressed groups, or simply freelance or professional individual.
A programmer who is making a highly desired code, or a scientist who is working on something that can be worth a fortune, both can and already have in many cases lost everything because of how bad privacy is nowadays.

With this, well, you have all the pros of surveillance without any of its downsides, and anyone who has any kind of idea that is worth a lot can sleep like a baby with the certainty that his/her work won't be spying upon and stolen.

At that point, privacy would be both totally dead and totally guarantee at the same time, ion the best of both world scenario.
But until we can do that, privacy is still one of the biggest tech related concern one should have.

Anders, 09 Sep 2021Telegram doesn't even have end to end encryption at al... moreWell, exactly like Dudenoway said, I'd consider my privacy safer on Telegram without end-to-end encryption than on WhatsApp where you know Facebook (the biggest privacy offender known to mankind) is listening to whatever they want.
To be honest, I largely prefer Discord as it allow for many unique features, but it doesn't mean I would trust it, in fact, if I have anything sensible to say, it will be face to face, without any electronic device near, not even turned off, as we know there are "features" that make phones "pretend" they are off.

James, 08 Sep 2021Telegram is the best. Telegram doesn't even have end to end encryption at all on standard chats only in private chats. It's overrated

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2021That's because some people think hate speech and sprea... moreMean words is Free Speech. If not everyone has Free Speech, then it isn't Free Speech, it's controlled speech

Demongornot, 08 Sep 2021If casuals were to know the real danger of lack of privacy ... moreThat's exactly the problem, they don't care about it. They always think that we are overthinking about it.

Mettrich, 08 Sep 2021Why is everyone so alarmed about this? The report feature i... moreNo it's not about end to end encryption rhta matters its that thier literally lying about thier privacy policy. They actually don't just check all that stuff. It sjust an excuse and to trick into new people into thinking it safe and secure. It's actually very dangerous cuz of identity thief. It's also people there arent actually watched while reading messages to make sure nothing wrong is there when thye literally spy on them.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2021The authorized fact checker according to twitter and fb are... moreThat's because some people think hate speech and spreading lies and misinformation is free speech. I support platforms that take an active approach against the spread of racism, lies and misinformation.

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Anonymous, 08 Sep 2021That AI check is not something only WhatsApp does, a lot of... moreThe authorized fact checker according to twitter and fb are the biggest culprit in suppressing free speech

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i uninstalled WHATSAPP today ..


Here we go again. Whatsapp encryption really? I haven't accepted their new Privacy policy waiting for them to kick me out of their platform. They have so far limited usability in terms of receiving timely notification. They constantly bug me to accept their new Privacy policy which I just ignore let's see how far this goes on until that time they decide to kick me which they can't because my data is used by Facebook analytics and sold. I'm basically their product which makes them money. How would you kill your product that generates you money 😂