New report casts doubt on WhatsApp's privacy practices

08 September 2021
This time it's about the end-to-end encryption.

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Mikeromeoz, 08 Sep 2021"Facebook notes that these practices are based on user... moreI hope my comment won't get deleted
Sometimes it's national security
Sometimes child abuse
Sometimes women rights and supporting LGBT people
They always find a spot that society will stop thinking by mind and they get sensitive and emotional about it
Now go out and say apple is basically destroying our privacy 8/10 people say your pedo , because if you aren't why are you concerned about this?
people are learning to not think and stick to social winds
Now I bet you 100$ that if Facebook cames with the statement that we're doing this for black people people will blindly support it
(I'm not racist, pedo,broke or something if you're angry about my comment than probably somewhere were right)

"Facebook notes that these practices are based on users' feedback..."

Which users? Apple planned something similar 'to deter child abuse' (in paraphrase) and they got a massive backlash for it.

No need to worry about that... Companies such as Israel's NSO flagship Pegasus Spyware makes apples iOS melt like a hot knife on butter. Truth is folks. Every government is spying in real-time on all of your data. It is all stored too. It's for what they call national security. Meaning that if a group of you decide to all come together. And try to change the governments current status quo by becoming a popular group of influential people. Governments would see that as a national security principle. Because your able to influence and even potentially as far as change a current governments grip over a nation.

So intelligence is always keeping a close eye on grass roots movements incase they get too big and popular.

And then there are extremes such as religious ideologies that will eventually take over western governments for example. Those are the biggest elements that are difficult for western governments. Then there are the far right which oppose such opposite extremes. The governments try to tame those as they may cause an awkward footing for western governments.

Democracy is not really democracy anymore. Not when everyone is spied on.

If you don't believe me... A member of my family used to do counter intelligence for a western government. Effectively spying on spies...

The public simply are dumbed down... And have no idea at all...

Your all governemt property. Your all owned.

Spy everywhere 😰