New report casts doubt on WhatsApp's privacy practices

08 September 2021
This time it's about the end-to-end encryption.

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DMX, 08 Sep 2021I have nothing to hide, let them spy all they want, I only ... moreThe issue with "I have nothing to hide" is that you actually don't know what you have to hide.

What if tomorrow you had the harsh reality hitting you with an identity thief (which is EXTREMELY COMMON) having regrouped enough data about you, that by themselves were totally innocent.
Now you have to spend years and a fortune trying to disprove everything this person does hiding as you, always have an alibi ready, get ready to endup in jail at any time, find ways to make up for the crazy debts you are into...

What if the company in which you work suddenly make Amazon looks like a worker's paradise and in the sake of profits make your life a true hell with unjustifiably low wage for your overtimes that are required in your 0 security environment, which DO happen way more than it should, and you have enough, but when you start to try and act against it, your company brutally remind you they have access to a lot of information about you, which is how they knew it, and that they can break your life as easily as sending an email?
This is also sadly common.

Or what if something totally innocent and ethical was suddenly considered illegal, for no reasons other than a shady company trying to squeeze profits by forcing a certain bias that allow them to get the monopoly on a market, which DOES often happen too, something you are into but not enough people are that people would rise against it becoming illegal, well...
It can be something as simple as listening to certain type of media/music, or using certain type of products, maybe even for medical reasons, a little like how certain things like Insulin are ridiculously expensive in the USA.
Sorry for you then, I just hope it won't be something you can't live without.

Because in those two last scenarios, you now have something to hide, without having done anything illegal, while in fact having been a victim who probably absolutely didn't deserve this bad thing...

Now think about all the whistleblowers that warned us about dangerous, unethical and horrible things, the reason there are so few is simply because we do lack privacy too much already.
Look at Daniel Hale who recently got into jail for just having said the truth having innocent being killed.
There might be corporations that slowly kill many people by using awful products in the name of profits, that you might be part of right now, none of those in the know being able to tell it because they are simply silenced right before.
And while in a less developed country they won't really be worried about what people know, like Nestle who caused the death of MILLIONS by using extremely unethical methods in poor countries, 1.5 millions of babies YEARLY, to be precise.
Exactly like how big companies prefer just continuously paying fines than changing products that are outside health regulation norms because it is more profitable.
So that's not a conspiracy theory, that's a thing happening right now, and that's exactly why you need privacy, one of the many reasons anyway.
And why you can suddenly have something to hide.

BTW, what if you were the guy who happen to stumble across a legit proof that a big corporation is doing something inhumane, would you let take the risk and warn people, or keep it to yourself?

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just ask navika ! she is expert in reading whatsapp messeage in tv screen .

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i uninstalled whatsapp today

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Anonymous, 08 Sep 2021What happens if somonne else who you don't even know s... moreThere's always a risk that illegal material could be planted on your phone if 3rd parties/governments have access to the app or phone. I'm definitely moving away from anything that is Apple, Google, Facebook or Qualcomm.

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Anything related to facebook and Mark Zuckerberg is not worthy and have privacy problems.
Nothing new. Its only good i am not support this person his company and their bad habbits.

YUKI93, 08 Sep 2021The harsh reality we have to accept is that non-tech people... moreIf casuals were to know the real danger of lack of privacy and how much information are already leaking out, they would quickly care about it.
Only ignorant don't care about it, and there is a clear huge lack of education about this...

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MagicMonkeyBoy, 08 Sep 2021No need to worry about that... Companies such as Israel... moreOhh boy you really believe that the spyware is only on iOS and Android OS is safe from it?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'll bet you didn't read much. There's literally many case Android phones get hijacked by Pegasus.

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AnonD-1016461, 08 Sep 2021I hope my comment won't get deleted Sometimes it'... moreWhat happens if somonne else who you don't even know sends you dodgy content? You've done absolutely nothing wrong but are now considered a potential threat. There was actually a case, I wish I could remember the details, and when they reported being sent something illegal they were arrested for it being on their phone. So the moral of the story is don't report being sent dodgy content because you might end up being arrested for it!

DMX, 08 Sep 2021I have nothing to hide, let them spy all they want, I only ... moreDon't come here and cry if the scammers and hackers got all of your personal information regarding bank accounts and home addresses. :v

The harsh reality we have to accept is that non-tech people, including people who do businesses, wouldn't even slightly care about this kind of thing. As long as they can keep using it, that's all that matters. I told my friends and my families that I use Telegram as my preferred messaging app. How many of them do use Telegram for real? Three. That's it, THREE. The rest just doesn't bother.

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This is a technique they use to store or read everybody's messages. They choose some key words that everybody uses from time to time (bomb, gun, shoot, etc) and then they read all your messages, the excuse being that key word that anybody ends up using at some point.

It's run by FaceBoot. Why would you expect them to respect your privacy?

The only reason i use WhatsApp is because most of my contacts use it. And i only use it for casual conversations & photo sharing. No private or business communications on it.

I am shocked, if I forward some message to their team they can read it?! That's huge security fail, next time you will tell me friend I send photo to, can see that photo.

nothing such as Free Product in this Capitalistic world,,
unless you're the product

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DMX, 08 Sep 2021I have nothing to hide, let them spy all they want, I only ... moreInl would definitely love to see your credit card and password and all things on amazon

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DMX, 08 Sep 2021I have nothing to hide, let them spy all they want, I only ... moreWrong attitude!

Now, back to the article, there's nothing on Facebook companies/apps related to privacy of the individual, but privacy about breaking the privacy.

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DMX, 08 Sep 2021I have nothing to hide, let them spy all they want, I only ... moreHey can you give me your home address and your credit card information? I just need to check a couple of things, I'm sure you wouldn't mind. Thanks.

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DMX, 08 Sep 2021I have nothing to hide, let them spy all they want, I only ... more"I have nothing to hide" is the worst argument to be had. You don't need to haver anything to hide, Facebook has no right to snoop on your stuff, ESPECIALLY when they claim end to end encryption whose sole purpose is impossibility to intercept communications on any level.

I have nothing to hide, let them spy all they want, I only say that on Facebook there is no free will and there is no freedom of expression